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Please read this thoroughly before you start asking any questions.
3rd Oct, 2003 - 1:35am / Post ID: #

World of Medieval Copyright, Rules and Explanation - Page 2

The Game Master says...

Party Order

Leaders have come and gone and all have to admit one thing... being the leader is not easy at all. If you want to be leader, be prepared to 'lead'. This position is not for wimps! Afterall you are the one that has to motivate the scared magician, coax the thief to open the chest and stop the warriors from fighting before their time. Yep, no easy task and you may need the Wizards of Id just to pull you through, but don't worry... here is a guide.

Good Part Order

Good party order involves a few things; reading, understanding and compiling are the order of the day for the 'Party Order' thread. Here is what you do as leader of the party:

A. Read the current story post carefully
B. Post a probable plan rather than just saying, 'What you guys want to do?'
C. Read the responses of players
D. Make sure you understand their responses by replying and/or repeating it in your own words to be sure (this is all done in the 'Camp' thread)
E. Compile everyone's final decision and post it in the Party Order thread (see below for more on compiling)


Good compiling does not mean copying all the responses of a player and then putting it in the Party Order thread - that is a no, no! Compiling effectively means gathering the 'specific' actions a player will perform and then merging those actions with what the rest of the group wants to do. For instance:

A player might write the following threads...

POST 1: John is angry, he stands up, goes over to the bar and starts complaining. By the way, any of you guys know how much a sword costs?

POST 2: I want to buy a drink and look around the bar for any new faces while complaining to the bar tender about my ale being sour. I want to get a sword in the market

Now good compiling will mean that the party leader will take the info and place it in the Party Order thread as...

John is angry, he stands up, goes over to the bar and starts complaining about his drink being sour while looking for new faces. After this he wants to go to the market and buy a sword.

Now let's say there is another player called, 'Jan' in the group who wants to eat a meal while John is buying his sword. You would then say...

John is angry, he stands up, goes over to the bar and starts complaining about his drink being sour while looking for new faces. After this he wants to go to the market and buy a sword while Jan remains in the bar eating a meal.

The objective is to just tell the GM what each player is actually doing and not so much what they are thinking, planning, etc. Rememeber, the GM does not read the thread called, 'The Camp'. The GM's only concern is Party Order. I am sure all of this has inspired some questions so here goes:

Q. Some players are very colorful in their language, should I include it in Party Order?
A. Yes, so long as it has to do with an actuall decision and not ramblings.

Q. Some players do not agree, what shall I post as the final order?
A. That is why you are the leader ;) You could also try the 'We Cannot Get Along' notes above. Usually a simple vote might do.

Q. I forgot to post something that a player wants for his character, what should I do?
A. If it is under half an hour then just edit your post. If it is beyond that then just hope the player is very forgiving ;)

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3rd Oct, 2003 - 9:23pm / Post ID: #

Explanation Rules Copyright Medieval World

The Game Master says...


When your character grows in skills, strength and knowledge it will be because of experience and/or training. However, it more likely to be from experience since your character may not have enough time to 'take a class' or receive instruction from a grand master. You may be wondering how the GM decides how experienced your character is. This is done based on the following actions;

a. Solving a problem, riddle or mystery
b. Defeating or subduing a monster/enemy, but you get more points for subduing
c. Leading the party effectively (this gives the leader a chance to earn more points than other players)
d. building relationships and honor in communities
e. Fulfilling a request, quest or some other hired job
f. Finding great treasure

Q. How do you know how much experience I got?
A. The GM calculates this and awards you at the end of an adventure or when you go some place to regenerate and rest.

Q. Do I get the same experience for defeating a big monster verses a small monster?
A. No you get more experience from tougher opponents. 'Big' does not necessarily mean more powerful.

22nd Oct, 2003 - 8:30pm / Post ID: #

World of Medieval Copyright, Rules and Explanation RPG PBP Medieval World

The Game Master says...

Experience part II

Due to the great urge members have in knowing what experience they now have or will have for doing certain things I have made the following examples:

1. All characters start out at level zero with zero experience points. You can only gain experience through doing things unless some kind of magic intervenes (but highly unlikely)

2. For a character of any class to go up in experience you must pass a certain amount of experience points. This is done simply:
To get to level One: 1000
To get to level Two: 2000
To get to level Three: 3000
What this means is if you reach level one then you will need 2000 more experience points to reach level two. By the time you reach level two you would have accumilated 3000 experience points in all (1000 + 2000).

3. You get the most experience for doing things wisely, not for getting the party killed! The best way to get experience is to solve mysteries, puzzles, riddles, find treasure, befriend a community, become a hero and last but not least kill a huge enemy or monester. Here is an example of gaining experience:
1. If you kill a wolf you get 100 experience points
2. If you find 100 gold pieces then you get 1 experience point for each gold piece, thus you get 100 experience points
3. If you solve a small time adventure you may get 500 - 1000 experience points.

19th Dec, 2003 - 11:31pm / Post ID: #

Page 2 Explanation Rules Copyright Medieval World

The Game Master says...

Multiple IPs and RPGing

To prevent multiple characters from entering into an RPG game please take the following into consideration:

1. No more than 2 (two) users can play from one IP in any RPG game. This caters only for family memebers within the same home.

2. To increase more players you can make a donation for each new player from the same IP.

3. One player can only play in one RPG at the same time. If you wish to play in more, make a donation.

4. If 2 (two) users from the same IP wish to play an RPG, then it must be within the same game and not two different RPGs.

1st Mar, 2004 - 2:33am / Post ID: #

Explanation Rules Copyright Medieval World

The Game Master says...

Just Leaving a Game

This has been expressed elsewhere in this board, but I thought it deserved mentioning again...

It takes a lot of work to prepare an adventure, make the story line, decide the personalities and stats of all the characters that you will meet and battle as well as treasure that you might find, not to mention that the GM has to remember all your characters, know their personalities and positions in the game, etc. Hours are spent doing this! Really, you could not pay the GM to have an adventure created, it is done simply because the GM likes doing it for you, but this does not mean that he will do it just because he has time to waste. So please note the following:

1. If you join a game... stay UNTIL your character dies or returns to the Village
2. If you must leave and cannot come back to the forum for a few days then DO contact the GM with an explanation including who will run your character, etc.
3. If you fail to inform the GM that you will not be around for more than a week then the following happens:
a. Your character is taken over by the GM
b. You loose RPGer status
c. You will need to make a donation to come back and play (to show you are serious)

If you create a character for the FIRST time and then DO NOT show up for a game your RPG status will be lost and you will need to make a donation to regain RPG status. The reason for this is users post saying they want to play, the GM takes precious time to create their character and then they simply do not show up. This is a free service, if you cannot appreciate it then you will need to pay to play - simple as that.

Q. Why so harsh?
A. Like I said, you cannot pay me to do this, it is free, but because it is free doesn't mean you have to take likely the time of the GM or players who get bored waiting for you to show up anytime you like.

Q. But I had an emergency!
A. You have a whole WEEK to send an Email. That cannot be so difficult.

Q. I am back, can I have my character back?
A. Depends... on what was done with your character in the story and also you need to make a donation.

Q. I think the donation is just an excuse to get money from us!
A. If that were true then it would not be free in the first place. The donation is the only way I can 'see' that you are serious since I do not know you personally and you left the game without saying anything.

Q. What about if I have to go away for an extended period and my participation drops below 75%?
A. Make sure to keep your posts high BEFORE you leave so that your percentage will be high still when you come back. Look at your profile or the statistics page and you will see a 'Posts Per Day' count. Generally if this is above 4 then you are at 100%, at 3 it is at 91%, etc. Either way, make sure to inform the GM via Email or your intro thread.

1st May, 2004 - 2:58am / Post ID: #

World of Medieval Copyright, Rules and Explanation

The Game Master says...


Aura was added in April 2004 as a way of indicating the mindset of a character. Players can select their own Aura via their profile based on the following explanation:

Aura - no specific stance or coward or undecided about most decisions
Angelic - law abiding, negotiate as much as possible, saves lives
Butcher - tend to kill first and talk later
Cold - not much contribution to the party except when a gain is available
Dark - evil in everyway, makes diabolical plans
Patriot - supports party decisions even til death
Quiet - is not a leader, but a follower, will run if danger is high
Weird - choices made are unpredictable at best

Q. What is the purpose of this?
A. It is a helpful indicator of your style of play, this way other users know what to expect from your character - it is NOT a reflection of you as a person (remember: separation of character and user)

Q. None of the Aura options suit my style of play, what should I do?
One of them do! They are designed as a guide and not as a law your character should abide by, therefore select the one that BEST represents your style of play.

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22nd Feb, 2005 - 2:37pm / Post ID: #

World Medieval Copyright Rules Explanation - Page 2

The Game Master says...

Play Again

If your character dies and you wish to play again then the cost is 50FP. Premium and above members do not have to pay this fee. To pay this fee please select the option available via the Forum Shop.

16th Jun, 2005 - 10:25pm / Post ID: #

World Medieval Copyright Rules Explanation World Medieval PBP RPG - Page 2

The Game Master says...


Reputation is largely based on the actions of your character within Medieval and is a measure of how people in general react to you. At first, your reputation is based on the Soul of your character with 10-12 being average and anything below or above that having a modifier -/+ from 10. Every time you do a deed that is known (example you gave proof of it) then the word spreads and your reputation goes up or down as the case may be. You can view a detailed explanation of each number via Party Stats.

The Purpose

Reputation enables the GM to help players to take their actions more seriously and to help them understand the World of Medieval is not a video game, but an ongoing RPG experience in which the actions of your character 'today' can have consequences for good or bad down the road.

When is it Adjusted?

Whenever stats is adjusted and a deed is known by the general public then your reputation goes up or down. Keep in mind the following points:

Your Reputation can go down if...

1. You hang out with the wrong crowd
2. Do not bring back things when expected
3. Borrow all the time
4. Come back from an adventure empty handed
5. Break the law

Your Reputation goes up if...

1. You are timely and keep promises
2. Pay all your bills and do not cheat anyone
3. Fulfill any tasks given to you
4. Do good deeds by helping people
5. Showing respect to those in authority

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