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The info here might just be what you are about to ask, so please check here first!
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FAQ - World of Medieval

The Game Master says...

FAQ - World of Medieval

The best place to find answers to your questions is to read the Sticky threads which are Threads that always show at the top of this Board.

If you have additional questions ask within your Introduction Thread (The first Post you made when you joined).


Q. I am so confused. Where do I begin?
A. First of all, do you understand what Play by Post role-play gaming is? If you do not know what an Role-playing Game is then I suggest you read this: --> About Role-playing Game .

Second, you should make sure that you fulfill all the necessary to actually play this game. You can find the qualifying statements in the thread called, '[Medieval] Create Your Character Here', but to start off, you will need no less than 30 constructive Core Posts within the Community. When you have 30 CPosts, request via your Intro Thread to change your status to RPGer. You may then create your character via the 'Create Your Character Here' thread.

Third, after you have created your character and Admin has adjusted your status then you should go to the '[Medieval] Camp' where you organize yourself along with other users. There they can also help you.

Q. Where do I find the symbols for my character?
A. Go here: Source 5

Q. When does this start and finish?
A. Admin will announce the next target date for a game. The game ends when one of two things happen... 1. Everyone dies in the scenario, or 2. The scenario or objective is fulfilled.

Q. Can I use my own character image?
A. Sure, just make sure Admin approves it. We do not want anyone violating copyright laws. So make sure you can use the image that you want for your character.

Q. Where do I go to build my character?
A. Here: Source 5

Q. How do you decide who wins a battle?
A. It is a mixture of your choices, statistics and computer generated figures. Yes, I am fair and I will always give your character the benefit of the doubt unless you do something dumb like spit on a group of mean looking thugs while in a dark alley late at night. There is more explanation on this in the rules and character threads.

Q. Why can't I start a thread?
A. Users are not allowed to start new threads on this board. There should not be any reason to. The set threads for you to post to are all below the important topics of the board. If you have something semi related then you can post to the '[Medieval] Related & Unrelated' thread.

Q. I do not see much action, when did this board start?
A. Probably you have not read the Scenario threads. Although locked, you can still read the past adventures of players.

Q. When will the first scenario begin?
A. We have set the start date of: 20th February, 2003. Start to register now. (Now closed to new players, but you can follow the story in the thread called, '[Medieval] Scenario I, The Scroll'

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Medieval World FAQ

The Game Master says...

Q. How do I buy items for my character?
A. Go to the market: https://www.bordeglobal.com/board/medieval/market.shtml BUT make sure you read the thread called, '[Medieval] Equipping Your Character' for details of the process.

Q. Can I buy items while in the scenario?
A. Only if you are in a situation to do so. If you are in the Village during a scenario then you will have to request to do so from the GM by stating the items you want bought in the camp and then the Party Leader posting it as part of Party Order. If you are in the middle of a forest or cave then obviously you cannot. If you are in an unknown city the GM may give you opportunity to buy items in that unknown city (providing they sell). Please note, this is why it is so important to equip your character properly.

Q. What do you recommend I buy in the start?
A. You will not start with much gold so make sure to get the absolute necessary! Think! Now that you have given it thought.... buy in this order: food, sack or backpack, weapon, camp equipment and armor. Armor is only listed last because of your limited funds.

Q. Can my character really choose to do anything I want?
A. In a word, "Yes", but there are limits. For instance, if you choose your character to do something that is against board rules then the GM will not accept it.
Example: Player decides to go into the local town brothel and...

Q. Suppose I do not know what to do in a certain situation?
A. Well you can take suggestions from other players or you can simply say you will stand and do nothing... the GM may eventually tell you that you are getting tired from standing and want to sleep, or if the GM thinks you are just being a potato sack he may just turn the story line to ensure you are attacked by a worm of bees in a pit trap!

Q. Am I allowed to ask the GM questions about the current scenario?
A. In a word, "No", unless it is something technical like making sure I did not forget something. These questions can be sent to me via email, but do not make it a custom - thanks.

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FAQ - World of Medieval RPG PBP Medieval World

The Game Master says...

Q. You need 30 posts in order to join, is that really necessary?
A. Yes, this is a standard for joining the RPG group. Each group has a requirement. If we keep making exceptions then why bother to have a special group? The reason for this requirement is that players join a game and then fail to reply, this puts an added burden on the GM. If a member is willing to place 30 messages in the forum then they are likely to also be serious with the game.

Q. I can promise you that I will be here all the time for the game, can you bypass the 30 posts for me?
A. I am sure you can, but this is best shown by having made the necessary posts already rather than saying you will do it. Nothing personal. You can also make a donation which will get you in right away, you will also have the ability to join multiple RPGs!

Q. Also I have some other questions like what about other classes like cleric and knight and races like elf, dwarf, hobbit?
A. Maybe these things will be added in the future, but for now we want to keep everything simple. One of the features of Medieval is the ability to learn skills of other classes. So even though you may be a fighter, there maybe a chance that you can walk a rope, just not as well. As for race, everyone is human.

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Medieval World FAQ

The Game Master says...

Q. What happens if I am gone for a week and the party is in a scenario with my character and you need to continue?
A. Well hopefully you will leave very good instructions as to what your character will and will not do. In such situations the GM will make a decision for your character, but the GM is not responsible if your character dies. The GM will usually put your character in 'follow mode', meaning that your character will more or less just do what everyone else is doing. If you are gone for an extended length of time then it is likely that your character will be 'lost' or 'die' or be 'taken over' by the GM and beome part of the story. You will then have to make a new character from scratch.

Q. So do I just go and create a character?
A. Yes, but since you were not serious the first time you will need to make a donation to come back again, after all, this will show you are serious about participating this time.

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Medieval World FAQ

The Game Master says...

What is the purpose of 'Party Order' if we have to tell you what we will do in the scenarioz?
A. This helps the story flow better. Could you imagine if you were attacked 5 times in a day of game play? It would probably take a month to sort out who did what etc. This way the GM knows before hand who is in the front, rear and so on for the story to continue without pause. Of course, there are certain situations that the GM will ask what the camp is going to do.

Here is an explanation of the 'Party Order' questions;

Name of Leader:
The person that will gather all the final decisions in the camp thread and post the FINAL response/decision of the party in the party order thread.

Name of Second Leader:
In case the leader above dies or becomes lost, who will take over the role of the leader

Which scenario is this party order for?

Number of Players:
Total of all participating in this scenario

Names of Players:
Names of those participating (forum usernames please, not character names)

Who will be in the lead:
While travelling in a line or in a corridor

Who will be in the lead 2nd:
As above, the second behind lead

Who will be in the rear:
Who will be the last down the corridor, line, etc.

Who will be in the rear 2nd:
As above, second to last

Who will negotiate for the party:
If in a situation where one must act as voice for the party. who will speak first?

When in an open field what will be your formation:
If you were in the open and were being attacked, what will each character do?

When in camp who will stay awake, 1st, 2nd, etc:
Usually one character will stay awake for one hour of the night as watch. This asks who will be the first to do so, second, etc.

In a dangerous situation who will disarm traps:
If someone sees a trap in front of them, who will be called upon to remove or disable it?

Who will react first to attack:
Who will try to attack enemy suprise rather than hide :)

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FAQ - World of Medieval

The Game Master says...

Q. As leader I have to wait so long before players tell me what they want to do, do I really have to wait on them?
A. You should wait on them, but not for a long time as other players will get borded waiting. Here are some things you can do to prevent this:

1. Get everyone to agree that they will take no longer than 'x' hours to respond or you as leader will decide what they do.
2. Advise all players to make sure they ask for notification of the Scenario they are playing so that an email is automatically sent to them when the story is updated. This way they will know its time for them to discuss current events in the thread called the camp.
3. Feel free to email/IM members. You can ask them for their email if you wish if that is faster, but do respect them if they do not want to give out their email. Alternatively, they can always set their IM to notify them when they have a message in their box. This is done via editing their profile.
4. Be active yourself, nothing like waiting on the leader to post a message.
5. Simply ask delinquent players to be more timely. This can be done in the kindest, most loving way *wink*
6. Hold a chat meeting at a certain time, this will be a good way to iron out differences rather than waiting on a reply.

Q. How often do you update a Scenario?
A. This all depends on how fast party order thread is updated by the leader, but usually it is once a day, it can be more if the leader and players are posting ideas quickly.

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FAQ World Medieval

The Game Master says...

Q. This game is very addictive, it is taking up all my time even when I am away from the forum because I am busy thinking about what will happen next. What do I do?
A. :) Sounds like we are doing something right. Here is what we suggest... plan set times to log on to the forum and post your replies rather than constantly checking, drink a cold bottle of water, count from 100 to 1 backwards and the ultimate; try eatting a triple chocolate banana split! If none of the above work then just try keeping your character alive!

Q. Can I invite my friends to come play?
A. Yes! Make sure they know they have to meet the requirements and that if a game is in progress they will have to wait until it is finished.

Q. Can I create a character even if I was too late to enter a game?
A. Yes. You can create a character at anytime so long as you have fulfilled the requirements.

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FAQ World Medieval World Medieval PBP RPG

The Game Master says...

Q. When I come here I get so wrapped up in this RPG board that I do not feel like posting anywhere else. Is that okay?
A. When you come to this forum we want you to do as you feel comfortable. In the future there will be a point system that will entice you to post all over the board.

Q. What is the point system all about?
A. When you do certain things you get points for doing it that can be added toward your character or used to purchase stuff in the auctions.

Q. Sometimes I need certain equipment, when can I buy weapons when the game has already started?
A. Anytime it is physically possible to do so. If you are in a place that seels items then you tell the GM you want to buy stuff, this must all be done through Party Order in the game. Before the game you simply contact the GM.

Q. Who is the GM? What does 'GM' mean?
A. The GM is also the Administrator of this site. GM means Game Master. In the future there will be additional games - detective, realistic, etc. This all depends on the popularity of the Medieval Board.

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