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The World of Medieval is like no other. You create a character from one of three major classes and then guide him/her in a world full of adventure.
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The World of Medieval

The Game Master says...

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This section describes the fictitious physical atmosphere of Medieval, the planet which will 'house' your characters in this RPG setting.


Medieval, a distant planet from our present solar system orbits a sun similar to our own, but more planets exist in the same rotation so many look to the stars.


Medieval is 60% earth and 40% water with a climate similar to that of earth. However, because it is larger in size compared to the earth and has a faster turn, there can be freak storms now and again.

Vegetation, flora and fona are all the same with some variations of species and colors. In other words, a terran visiting Medieval would think he were on earth.

Terrain is also similar with some exaggerated points. Mountains standing 12,000 feet in the air and deep caves tunneling miles under the earth.


Although a few sublife forms are similar, one of the most noticable differences between Medieval and earth is the creatures that dwell within it. Medieval has exotic wild life and frightful humaniods and others that are still unknown to man.


Most technology goes from Stone Age to Iron Age although there are rumors of others having 'greater inventions'.


Kingdom, tribal and dictorial in nature. Some people are wonderers having no alignment to anyone.

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Medieval World The

The Game Master says...


Everyone that plays in Medieval will of course need to speak 'English'. Medieval would have as a basic language 'English' as well.

There are other languages that you may come across, mostly these languages are slight variants and dialects, but they are understandable.

Creatures carry their own language, the chance of a character knowing a creatures language is based on experience. In other words, if a story line permitted you to be in a goblin kingdom and taught the language then of course you would know it.

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The World of Medieval RPG PBP Medieval World

The Game Master says...


Medieval Map

Check The Grid Version Of This Map

The map above is of the surrounding 'world' as you know it.

Basically the Village is under the protection of Greystalk, but rarely do you see soldiers in the town as the King chooses to have them on the move. The outskirt areas beyond the boundaries of Greystalk are largely unexplored. Most that is known about them is what is gathered from scouts, trackers and one or two persons passing through town. The king wishes to explore the unknown regions, but because of far off wars he cannot spare the most valuable of his resources - 'common soldiers'. Greystalk is most respected for its' huge army of well trained soldiers. No one in their right mind would come up against the armies of Greystalk, but they do, far off kingdoms try to land by sea and attack, only to be pushed back into the ocean.

Here is common knowledge:

1. The nearest city to you is Greystalk, 350 miles away.
The King of Greystalk is known to be good, mostly because he does not ask anything of the village. If he began to ask for a tax then surely some of the older village folk would begin to get on edge.

2. East City is 450 miles away. It is known as a strange city because of its independent state (far from everything) and its strange customs. No one from East City ventures through the Village so not much is known about it.

3. Most people pass on open road as they are fearful of the unknown in the forests. Greystalk Forest is considered safe from the unknown save for wild beasts. Bandits like everywhere else hide in forested areas waiting for the helpless.

4. Death's Mouth leads to the largely unexplored land and many that travel that way do not return. Anywhere near the mountains is mostly rocky an uninhabitable. The mountains go roughly 6000' into the sky, but no one knows for sure.

5. Wasteland seems to be marshes and swamp areas occupied by bandits and lone strange men.

6. Hordeland, as legend has it, is occupied by a race of creature called, 'Orc', but no one in the village has actually seen an Orc except for passers by that tell the story.

If you have more questions about the surrounding area. Feel free to ask in the FAQ.

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Medieval World The

The Game Master says...

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A Basic Map of the Village.

STATS: 1,500 people, mostly elderly, young couples seldom stay, very traditional, and run by local Elders.

1. The Cemetery - not the typical doom and gloom expected, but well taken care of with flowers and a caretaker

2. Town Hall - local meetings and public issues are discussed here.

3. Guards Training Grounds - here is enough room for any of the King's soldiers that may want to pass through for the night. Also has a prison below ground. You have never seen it, and hope not to.

4. Chief Elder's residence - this also houses the other Elders. A bridge crosses the fresh water river, this leads to the entrance, visitors are not welcome here and it is considered private property.

5. Butcher - live and salted meat

6. Herbalist - fresh herbs as food and as a cure

7. Blacksmith & Armourer - weapons and clothing of protection

8. Leather worker

9. Farm - Animal

10. Candle & Torch maker

11. Tailor

12. Carpenter

13. Jeweler

14. Clerk/Bank/Legal

15. Bar

16. Inn


A. High Class Area, Close to the home of the Elders and fresh water these people are considered the 'pride' of the town.

B. Middle Class Area, school

C. Middle Class Area

D. Lower Class Area, school

E. Lower Class Area, Most avoid the rough looking people of this area who do not even bother to cut the weids that grow on the wooden walls of their houses.


Guard posts are usually manned by 1 or 2 local guard or King's guard. The town is more or less exposed to open attack, but so little 'drama' has happened here over the years that no one is concerned about any kind of war.


On the outskirts of the village and within communities are farms both for livestock and produce. On the streets are people tryig to sell simple things to passers by; food, drink, simple weapons and trinkets.

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