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Future Earth RPG - Arctic Rescue

SCENARIO - The actual story is updated here by the GM.
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Arctic Rescue RPG

The Game Master says...

Arctic Rescue

A private scientific remote base in the Arctic where confidential research has been going on for the past year has suddenly become silent. The base has a very modern control facility enabling months of environmental control for 10 people. Communications were regular but suddenly stopped a few days ago. A team is needed to investigate without involving the authorities.

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RPG Rescue Arctic

The Game Master says...

You decisively meet with the group concerned with finding adequate rescuers / scouts to find out what happened with their base.

They scrutinize your credentials and are impressed with your qualifications - they ask that you leave immediately with a 1,000 Cr. Deposit and another 1,500 Cr. Upon your return.

They can provide transportation to and from the arctic base. They will start operations by taking you there a day from now and then pick you back in about three days after. The initial journey will be by air and then you will use an ATV to head to the base as it is not approachable by any aircraft. All your movements must be timely because you are working under an extreme environment.

Your assignment is to bring back any survivors and ascertain the situation.

They give you some time to make a decision.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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Arctic Rescue RPG RPGs PBP Fiction Science

The Game Master says...

GM: For simplicity I will put what they say to your numbered questions as your characters ask it.

1. What was being done in the base? How many people?

"There are 4 people there conducting scientific research."

2. When last did you have contact with them?
"We usually make daily contact but we have not gotten a signal from them for about a week now."

3. What specific equipment will you be giving to us for this mission?
"We can give you some atmospheric suits and provide you with the transportation and credits, nothing more."

4. How can we be certain you will pick us back up in 3 days?
"Why wouldn't we?", they look at each other in surprise that you would ask that.

5. What does the ATV have on board?
"It is an environmental ATV capable of handling the most harsh arctic conditions, you will be safe in it. Does one of you know how to drive heavy equipment?"

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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RPG Rescue Arctic

The Game Master says...

You meet at an appointed air dock where an intercontinental cargo craft is waiting for you to board. Inside you are greeted by someone named Greg. Greg introduces himself as a research scientist. He announces that he will be accompanying you to the arctic base.

You then are strapped into seats near where the large ATV is parked in the cargo bay. The cargo craft lifts off with a powerful trust and within an hour you arrive at the coast of an arctic island. As the cargo bay doors open the first thing you notice is the intense cold.

All of you board the ATV. The ATV exists the cargo craft in an automated fashion and then the cargo craft blasts off and heads away from your location.

Within the ATV you are taken to a cabinet by Greg and shown some environmental suits with masks.

"Do you know how to use these?", Greg asks and continues.

"These control your body temperature as well as supply oxygen for up to 24 hours."

He then turns to the control dashboard of the ATV,

"So one of you can drive this beast?"

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

23rd Aug, 2012 - 11:22am / Post ID: #

RPG Rescue Arctic

The Game Master says...

You tell Greg that none of you know how to drive the 'beast'. Greg looks at you with a puzzled face,

"Strange, for some reason they told me you knew how to drive it. Nevermind, I can drive her - she can be a backside sometimes but I'll get it done."

Greg straps into the driver seat and starts up the console full of controls. The ATV rumbles and then starts to move like a tractor through the snow. Greg continues,

"It will take about an hour to get there at this speed".

As you look out the window you can see nothing but white and you wonder how Greg can navigate. You ask about the area and base.

"Well, I've been with this project for awhile. The company has been testing various biotic samples found from past explorations of the arctic. Hopefully, we can see what has happened to cause us to lose communications with them."

Greg then puts in some information into the console of the ATV.

"OK she will automatically go to the co-ordinates of the base, so anything you want to find out now do ask because once we're get there we probably won't have time for much chit chat."

GM: If you have any specific questions to ask, ask now otherwise I will just continue the Scenario.

25th Aug, 2012 - 1:18pm / Post ID: #

Arctic Rescue RPG

The Game Master says...

You ask Greg about his background and he reveals that he is a researcher with an emphasis in biology / non-indigenous or non-native species as well. When he was first stationed at the base he had to learn how to drive the ATV to get to and from the base. He has as part of his detail some research equipment, microscope, first aid and computer kits for analysis. The ATV has a couple days supply of rations, tools to fix the ATV and the environment suits he already showed you.

After some time you get to the arctic base, a dome shaped snow covered man made entrance into an underground lab below. You are surprised to see that the entrance to it is open. This is very strange given the cold wind howling all around with biting temperatures far below zero.

Greg asks if you will check it out first before he brings in his equipment?

GM: Say what you wish to do now being as detailed as possible. Do not assume I will suggest or interpret anything you are doing. This is a very formidable environment.

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Arctic Rescue RPG

The Game Master says...

Now that all of you are fitted in environment suits you make your way to the arctic base.The suits give you warmth from the subzero temperatures all around you.

You approach carefully and see that the door has been open for awhile given the snow that is blocking it from being able to close back. Frost and ice covers the frame of the door. There are boot prints going out of the door and heading away from the arctic base heading West.

You go up to the door and peer inside. It is an octagon shaped room about 25 feet across. In the center of the room is some kind of control panel but you cannot see much more unless you go inside.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

30th Aug, 2012 - 3:26pm / Post ID: #

Arctic Rescue RPG Science Fiction PBP RPGs

The Game Master says...

Uhura uses her detector to scan the room but gets a negative result for hazardous chemicals. You all enter carefully and notice some blood on the control panels that controls the room you are in and other things you are not familiar with at the moment. Other than that there seems to be no activity here.

Karol then decides to check out the foot prints leading away from the base.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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