Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?

Immigrants Love Hate Them - Politics, Business, Civil, History - Posted: 3rd Mar, 2004 - 1:56pm

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Immigration Law No, this is not just about the USA, this happens anywhere and in any country. They are in: The restaurant business. Construction. The hotel industry. Agriculture. Can any of these function without Immigrants willing to do the job?
Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them? Related Information to Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?
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Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?

Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?

No, this is not just about the USA, this happens anywhere and in any country. You see someone that is not of your 'soil' and you immediately think that they are 'taking' something away from you!

Even in Trinidad where other islanders and people from the Guyanas try to get in illegally (for what I do not know) you hear Trinidadians griping because of what they see as 'intruders' taking their jobs.

Here is a good Email quoted in part:

Let me engage in a little bit of hyperbole, except that what I am about to say really isn't much of an exaggeration. The restaurant business. Construction. The hotel industry. Agriculture. I think it's fair to say that none of those sectors of our economy could function without the workers who come into this country illegally, those who do not have the proper paperwork. In many cases, they take the jobs that other Americans won't take. It's often backbreaking work with low pay and long hours, but it's vital. Unemployment is a real problem in this country right now. Jobs are not being created fast enough. But there are not a lot of people lining up for these low-paying jobs. Would that change if the wages were higher? Maybe, but would all of us be willing to pay much more for our produce, or our meals in a restaurant, to cover those costs? Yet there is still a sense out there that "those people" are taking "our" jobs.

Like I said, we all know that it's a hot-button issue. So what to do? There's an increased concern in this age of terrorism that this country has lost control of its borders. So the President has proposed a fairly sweeping reform plan. Will it ever be implemented? It's easy to be cynical, it is an election year after all, and immigration reform has been an election-year staple for many many years. But it's clear that something needs to be done. Or does it? Do we need to change the status quo?

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Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?

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Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?
A Friend

Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them? History & Civil Business Politics

Oh Boy, this is one topic I battle with a lot. Within myself that is. I KNOW that to be hateful, hurtful, biased,& prejudiced against immigrants is wrong. In any way, shape or form, it is wrong.

The illegal Mexicans we have here on the central oregon coast is amazing. They are tree planters, mushroom pickers, nursery workers, salal and fern gatherers(florists pay decent money for salal & ferns). Mostly they live in a home with 5 or 8 men and one or two women.

Because they are illegals, they can't get work in the fish plants, or at the logging mills. Or even in the fast food places. But those that are in-between seasonal jobs and who have been locked out of their rental homes, while away the days at the Employment Office. I don't know where they spend the nights.

Even though I have never done any of the jobs that they come here to do, I still feel intimidated by them. They refuse to learn and speak english. They shoplift and think we are persecuting them when we press charges. In the newspapers they out number whites in drug arrests and duii's. Once they have sent home enough money, then more of their family members come here - illegally.

It is awful that I should allow myself to be so intimated by them and to feel that they don't belong here- that they should just go home. How childish of me. How unchristian! Yet it is there, that awful little worm of dissent working on me. Argh!!
Perhaps by admitting it publicly that will be a major first step in banishing it from me.

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Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?
A Friend

Them Hate Them Love Immigrants

I thik its a big issue, not even just black and spanish people in the U.S.A. But now were even seeing the news Aboriginal's suppodesly the first people to have Canadian land being humilated and beaten to death by people were suppose to trust to protect us, R.C.M.P. It's digusting.

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Them Hate Them Love Immigrants

Agene, I suffer from some of the same emotions as you, at times. I think it is wrong, but it is our natural tendancy. It has to do with being different, I think. I think this is the basis of all prejudice. We are more critical of those who are not the same as we are. People from other countries are not the same as we are in some way. Yet, when we take the time to get to know any of these people as individuals, we discover we have far more in common than not.

So, I really try not to let my natural tendancy towards prejudice come to the surface and control me or my thoughts. It is a constant battle (well not constant-that would be an exaggeration). I have had many good friends and still do have some good friends that are not native born to the US. This helps me to remember that it isn't o.k. to dislike someone for no other reason than where they were or were not born.

However, if someone is in this country illegally, they are a criminal. Period. In my view, in that case I owe them nothing. I don't owe them a job, an education, health care. Nothing. I try to distinguish between illegal immigrants and those here legally. I think, often people forget about this distinction and all foreign born residents suffer for it.

As far as whether or not they take jobs away from those people who were born in the country, again, I say if they are here legally, they have every right to decide what job they will take and for how much or how little they are willing to work. I may not like what it does to the basic wage for a particular job, but that is what a free society is all about. However, if they are here illegally, they should be sent back and the person(s) hiring them should be severely punished. If the penalties were greater, and enforced more uniformly and frequently, for hiring illegal immigrants, it would stop.

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Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?

Well, is a funny topic for me because since I have been married I have lived in the USA and Trinidad, therefore, I have been a foreigner in both lands. I do have to admit that I feel more comfortable here in Trinidad than I did in Maryland but I do think it is natural to dislike somebody who is different but I don't think is natural to pre-judge somebody based on whether they were born in a particular country or not. When I was in the USA several times, and people saw that I could speak english pretty well they were more open and friendly with me but I know that if I was not able to speak english, then the story would be different. It is funny if you think about it because the whole United States is a land that was built by Immigrants so I don't know why some Americans make such a fuss about it...anyhow, this is my two cents on the topic. :)

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Dio The Dark
Immigrants - Love Them Or Hate Them?
A Friend

Immigrants Love Them Hate Them

Well........I am in the back breaking work of construction,surrounded by undereducated, misinformed, misled excuses for labor EVER.Very few in my daily dealings have the compentance to sign even their names.This will come back to haunt us,and already has in some cases.

Example: An illeagal the other day was hanging all over my brothers truck,I watched him for a moment,he then walked over to my truck and proceeded to hang on it (THE NERVE), by this point I had enough. I walked into the street and said:In english "What are you doing on my truck?"Too bad he did'nt understand. He actually had the brass to cuss at me,(I know enough espanol,to know what he said)(For all he new I was trying to save his life and he wanted to talk back in his language?)Well I turned to him and threw my pizza in his face. This kind of ignorance is around every day. No respect.I have had them enter my truck and move it without permission also(I would'nt let anyone do that let alone someone who is'nt even supposed to be here).
(this took place on a construction site BTW).
I grew up on the job site(as with my father and grandfather) so I know what it was like before the explosion of illegals in cali. and this is disgusting.
To answer the question about money: The MAIN reason educated people quit is the lack of it. I am currently moving in with my brother and his family(two families) because the cost of living is so high here.
If you ask a rental manager why rent is so high they simply tell you "With all the illegal's living with 10 people to a house (then destroying it)over the years this has caused costs to go up"
What kind of answer is that? So basically we are forced to live the way they do in order to survive.That is not right in any way.
It is also a known fact that most illegals are here because they need us not the other way around.
One more example and i will quit this rant:
My son brought his report card home a couple weeks ago,glad to say he is doing good according to school standards.There was only one problem,the report card was printed in spanish.What is that? If I went to any country in the world(and I have) I would do my best to learn the native language(esp.if I was going to rip them off for who knows how long).I would'nt expect the country to change its national language to suit those who are'nt legal anyway.Just some common sense. The illegal situation here is really bad.obviously.
I will finish with saying I have tremendous respect for anyone that takes on the quest to become legal,and I support that in every way,but to remain illegal know how I feel.

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Immigrants Love Them Hate Them

There was only one problem,the report card was printed in spanish.What is that?

Now that is both humorous, and irritating. I would be interested in knowing if you were able to complain about it and if anything was done about it. Does your son go to a Hispanic school?

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Immigrants Love Them Hate Them Politics Business Civil & History

Nearly everything in Southern California is printed in both English and Spanish. We have a huge hispanic population here, maybe more than half the state. All communication from the public schools, even grocery ads we get in the newspaper and in the mail. My mother's neighborhood, in the bank all the signs are in Spanish; if you go to a restaurant you are greeted in Spanish; the clerks in the stores speak to you in Spanish. I even went to one where the clerk did not speak ANY English at all, she had to ask another customer, in Spanish, to translate for her.

I see families all the time where the children, who are receiving a free public school education, translate for their parents in almost every situation -- just recently I saw this at the library.

I have no problem with folks immigrating to find a better life. I have a real problem with folks not learning the language. Heck, if I were to visit another country on vacation, I would learn at least the basics to get by -- I can't imagine MOVING to another country without learning the language and expecting them to cater to me that way.

In my opinion, of course.

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