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Play By Post is definitely not for everyone. Some people can only play a game in person. A silly comparison but most people see this method the same way you would ask to play Monopoly by email. I like it for the most part because you can revisit old party decisions and actions. Just have not done it on this site yet because I'm too wrapped up with ROK II! *laugh*.

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Post Date: 27th Nov, 2016 - 2:23pm / Post ID: #

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I love the method (Play by post) but dread how some take so long to state their actions. What helps is joining in multiple games rather than waiting on just one. From my own experience joining too many can burn you out because you have to remember what's going on in each game and act the part. I've confused characters a couple of times.

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Its only since being on this site have I come to understand the whole concept of play by post. Before that I only knew about text Role-playing Games or text games. I have seen a tabletop game played for a bit but felt there was too much meta gaming involved and a lack of good descriptions. Maybe that was just that game. I also like the various types of games here that surround text such as Ruler of Kings, continuing the story and the regular play by post games such as Dungeons & Dragons .

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I must admit to preferring in person games. The pace is considerably faster, and there's a lot of camaraderie and humor that gets lost when communicating only via text.

It also doesn't help that I cannot communicate emotion and intent without using a single word this way.

With that stated, Play By Post has the distinct advantage of being playable almost any time, anywhere, and with anyone. The in person 5E game I run just lost 2 members, to a job change and a house move, and we've had to cancel several sessions recently just due to life catching up to players. Given how difficult it was to form a Dungeons & Dragons group in my area in the first place, I'm not confident about filling those seats. With Play By Post, that's not an issue. Players dropping out due to life's foibles is considerably rarer, and its very rare that a person can't check a thread and respond every 24 hours or so.

Post Date: 2nd Dec, 2016 - 4:27pm / Post ID: #

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Attached Image QUOTE
... Humor that gets lost when communicating only via text

I think that is only true if you don't express it. I think you can develop really good relationships if you play like you care and you state your opinions about what others are doing with their characters. Many games are played like its just between them and the Dungeon Master and they do not interact with the others in or out of the game.

Post Date: 2nd Dec, 2016 - 6:15pm / Post ID: #

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I like both. Both have pros and cons. I enjoy table top due to the much faster pace and the camaraderie there as Daishain mentioned. Play by post can get frustrating waiting for the next round or for someone to post. However, In the table top groups I have played in there are always one or two immature players who take away all immersion aspects of the game.

The big advantage for play by post is the immersion. I don't see or hear the people I roleplay with. I roleplay with one person who plays a comical gnome and another that plays a dwarf. I see and hear the characters in my mind when I read their posts. In a tabletop game I would see and hear Bob or Sarah and it would take away from that. The immersion and roleplaying is the most important part for me. I come from a World of Darkness background and that has had a big influence on me.

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In my opinion the game is much more fun when you're in person with people you know. Its so much easier to laugh and have fun. For me, its a lot easier to roleplay in conversations, and I feel like its a lot harder to have full conversations with play by play posts.

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Some of you have said the same thing that I think. If I want a quick turnover of a game then in person is best for rapid answers to questions and actions but it depends on the group. I like online versions because you can be more detailed about your character's presentation.

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