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Premium Plus Member Services
Services for Special Members - COMPARE MEMBERSHIPS!

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Who's on the Phone?

Premium Plus Member Services are special features of the forum ONLY available for Premium Plus Members. What is a Premium Plus Member? A Member who has made a donation of US$ for six months ( See Comparison Page). To make a donation simply click the 'Donation' button anywhere you see it at the top of this forum or click here. COMPARE MEMBERSHIPS! Thanks for helping us continue our work here, it is much appreciated.

Plus Features
 Play Jukebox
Midi format background music while you surf ANY site.
Membership Types

There are three kinds of memberships; Regular Members (What everyone is when they first join), Premium Plus Members (What you are looking at now) and Premium Members which offers you even less features than is shown on this page, but it also requires less than half the donation indicated on this page. So if you are in need of a budget upgrade account Click Here.

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Thinking of Upgrading?

Thinking about becoming a Premium Plus member, but not sure? Look at all the features on the left and below that you get.

  Give A Shout!
Leave a message for all to see!
  Play Streamline Radio!
Listen to your favorite radio station while you surf ANY site. Works in conjunction with Windows Media Player.
  24/7 Online Support!
We will even help you in real time!
Secret Board [+]

NEW! This board offers very interesting and in many cases very useful information on various topics not available to other members.

Webmaster Tools!

Excellent tools to help you with your web page or web site. These are automatic generators for meta tags, mail, menus, images, bars and more!

Create Word Puzzles [+]

Use this to create printable word puzzles that you can play online or give out to others

Forum Planner [+]

You can use this to keep track of appointments, contacts, things to do and more.

Add Your Goals! [+]

You can add a goal, keep track of it, update it and let others know how you are doing!

Show Ebay Page [+]

You have the ability to add a URL via your profile to point to your Ebay shop or current sale item! The URL is displayed in the form of a Ebay button in your profile and all your posts!

Web Page Wizard [+]

Now you can have your very own web page! Do not know how to create a web page? No problem, simply use the Wizard with easy selections, built in colors and backgrounds you can create a great site! Yes, you can even upload your images, check your files, rename them and much more. Before you know it you will be your very own Web Master!

Favorite Threads [+]

Premium Plus members can add a thread to their Favorites using the 'Add Fav' button anywhere they see it, this allows them to keep track of their most loved discussions and also show it off publicly if they like. This is activated via each thread.

Forum E-Cards [+]

Premium Plus members can send our custom E-cards to your Friends and Family along with a poem and picture. Choose From:
Halloween, LDS, USA, Romance, Sentimental, Birthdays and others.

Deposit Your FP [+]

Premium Plus members can now deposit their forum points in the bank and earn interest (based on community needs), but most important your FP is safe from forum agents and stealers! Isn't it grand to be a Premium Plus Member?


Not sure which membership you should take, or want to compare?

Click the pic to the right to see our Comparison Page. If you take a look at the Comparison Chart it will show you all the features at a glance so you can know what you get based on you donation.

New Premium Plus Users Get:

What is so special about being Premium Plus? Well not only do you get all the great features, but you can advertize your site, make the community your minature office and really play games as never before. What's more is you are highlighted in every aspect so this is perfect for Models, Photographers, people in business, web masters and others who just want to be in the 'Cool' category!

White Background and [Bold] below refers to extra Premium Plus features that Premium members do not have.

  • 2,800 FP to Spend
  • 2,800 Gil for Member Wars
  • Flood Search reduced to 10 seconds
  • Can Email 5 Members via the Board
  • Can open and close own topics
  • Upload 9kb Thumbnails in posts***
  • Play online background music
  • Their Intro Thread in the Rave Section
  • Their Name on the Contributor Page
  • Access to Special Features (see left column)
  • Discounts on Web / Graphics Design
  • 10% Discounts in the Shop
  • Being sending PMs right away!
  • Be Invisible online!

    And Even More:

  • Keep Up to 60 Messages in Private Message System
  • Can start own Polls!
  • Can post twice in a row!**
  • No limit on starting threads or replying to topics*
  • Broadcast your site with a banner
  • Edit restriction goes up to 24 hours!
  • 24/7 Support for most forum functions

    ** If topic is dormant
    * Topics must not be duplicated
    *** On enabled boards

    PLUS Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is the difference between the Premium Membership and Premium Plus Membership?
    A. You get more features and increased abilities above and beyond a Premium Member. These are indicated with a white background on the left or in bold above. On skins where the background is white you can look for a '+' sign.

    Q. Why should I become a premium plus member?
    A. If the services to the left appeal to you then you can select to be a premium plus member.

    Q. Why a donation?
    A. You can also donate simply because you like the high standards of our community and features. Your donation helps to pay for the countless ours of upkeep that goes into a forum like this.

    Q. Is that all the services or will you be adding more?
    A. We will add more as time and needs permit.

    Q. Can I make a donation without expecting Premium plus membership?
    A. Yes! You can make a donation of any amount - $5, $10 and so on. Anyone that donates gets their name shown on the contribution page and a link in their posts so that everyone knows you are a contributor.

    Q. Are there features available for FREE?
    A. Of course! There are loads of features already free to regular members. Just go to the Site Map and scroll down for a huge list!

    Q. How do you receive donations?
    A. Via the Contribution page. We use Pay Pal or you can send check or money order to:

    J. Borde
    P.O.BAG 290, TTPost Curepe,
    Trinidad, West Indies

    For pay pal click here to go to the contribute page and you will see our Pay Pal button.

    Some Rules
    Being a Premium plus member does not entitle you to do whatever you like on the forum, you still have to obey the rules just like everyone else. It is true that you have greater use of the features at hand such as posting twice in a row, starting any number of threads and so on, but these are to be used within reason. Members who fail to keep the rules can have their Premium plus status revoked and there is NO REFUND in this case. There is no trial periods so once a member decides to take Premium plus membership then it is done as your contribution is seen as a donation with the Premium plus membership as our way of saying 'Thank You'. Please also read our disclaimer concerning faulty hosts and saving information. We reserve the right to amend / change the terms at any time.

    Plus Member Web Pages
  • These are the web pages created by those who have a Plus Account!
  • If you would like yours to be displayed here simply Contact Us
  • PLUS!
    Members with Real Community Access!

    Other Great Features:

  • Nato Phonetic Alphabet
    Translate letters into words you can use over the phone

  • Premium & Plus Quizzes
    You can get FP for this one!

  • International Forum Directory
    You can add terms to the database

  • Star Sign & 13 Moon Calendar Sign Shown
    Different dating systems shown in profile

  • Downloads Plus
    Upload & Download files

  • Upgrades Control Panel
    Special features such as removing Banner Ads

  • WebLinks

    Unlike regular members that can just view and make comments, you get to add links!


    You can add your banner to our site and watch it go up in rating! For best results it is good to place the vote code on your pwn site so that others can vote for you. The more people that vote for you, the higher your rating on the top list!


    You get an extra chance to win FP! Select numbers and buy tickets.

    Play Chess

    Want to play a friendly game of chess against the computer? You can choose to be either black or white and there is an automatic log that records your moves.

    You can also play chess vs. another Community Member via Forum Web Chess

    Play Checkers

    You are red and the computer is black in this classic game of logic, jumping and becoming king!

    And more...
    United States Trivia
    Psychic Test
    Thought Reading
    Be A Millionaire Quiz
    The Memory Game

    How good is your memory? There are three memory card sets and the script remembers your high score!
    Blind Date for Males

    Guys - Ready to go on a blind date? Maybe there is a cool chick waiting behind screen #1 or #2 or even #3? Give it a go here.
    Blind Date for Females

    This is the section for the ladies, have fun looking for Brad Pitt, but be careful, you don't know who is behind the screen!
    Premium Plus Arcade!

    If you are an Arcade game lover then one of the great things about being a Premium Plus member is being able to play and compete in even MORE arcade games including those of the regular members and Premium Members! That gives you the edge over regular members who can only play the games in the general category.

    Phone Home!

    For Those Who Still Need Help!



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