Be A Super Hero RPG - String Of Robberies

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Super Hero RPG story

SCENARIO - The actual Be A Super Hero RPG story is updated here.
10th Mar, 2013 - 3:29pm / Post ID: #

Be A Super Hero RPG - String Of Robberies

Be A Super Hero RPG - String Of Robberies

Continuing from last Scenario...

After the failure of our young Super Heroes to get the Ring a new era of criminality has emerged with a string of very violent bank robberies being staged leaving the police almost helpless to stop. Felling the need to make amends with your own guilt you decide to look into these robberies and put a stop to them.

GM: I may revisit the Jewel Thief - Adeben's Reign Scenario again but I think some Sub-adventures are needed first. This game can start with the usual Leader Thread update.

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* Super Hero Talk - String Of Robberies RPG (Players Post Here)

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10th Apr, 2013 - 12:21am / Post ID: #

Robberies String RPG Hero Super Be

Through a series of amateur level investigations of similar crime interests - you focus on the recent robberies that eventually leads each of you towards connecting together. You have known one another from the past and hope that the current crime problem can be a way to set your super abilities right both in the eyes of the law and the public at large when you solve it (the robberies).

You search online newspapers about the robberies and come across both facts and fiction but you'll need to decipher between the two:

1. The robbers are always dressed in all black and are quite large in build
2. Some estimate the height at 6'2' - 6'4" and around 265lbs in weight.
3. They are White males that handle their operation without hesitation or panic.
4. Their first entry is usually to shoot the security guard and then simply go up to the teller for money.
5. Police find them hard to capture because they are usually out of the bank and making their escape in less than three minutes thus giving little time to capture them.
6. They always seem to know exactly when the police are the most busy
7. Some believe they are inside employees of the banks they are hitting while some think they're cops or former cops so they know what to do to prevent the police from tracing them.

In their string of robberies they've been estimated to have looted more than $1,000.000.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

14th Apr, 2013 - 12:03pm / Post ID: #

Be A Super Hero RPG - String Of Robberies Reviews & RPGs PBP Anime / Comic

While Shifter remains at the computer searching the rest of you to decide to look for a police scanner and purchase it.

Assassin then goes to a central location alone to monitor the scanner. Nothing at the moment is eventful just routine traffic stops, etc.

GM: I have updated the Equipment List page with new items. They are labelled with "New!" so you can find it easily. Those of you who have the cash can acquire it. Please say what you wish to do now.

17th Apr, 2013 - 6:33pm / Post ID: #

Robberies String RPG Hero Super Be

At the police station...

Shifter inquires about the robberies, but as a mere civilian they can tell him nothing more than what he has picked up through media sources. The police then become interested in him and why he is asking about it.

GM: I could take that action further, but I will assume for now you gave them a viable explanation but beware, asking details of a case from the police without credentials can be taken in different ways - mostly negative.

Shifter then meets back with the others.

Together as one...

After Felipe has purchased his scanner he meets back with the others. You decide your next move.

GM: Make sure to add the scanner to your inventory and deduct the cost.

21st Apr, 2013 - 3:16pm / Post ID: #

Robberies String RPG Hero Super Be

As the rest of you listen to the police scanner, that at the moment has nothing eventful, Shifter decides to acquire a map and label what he knows about the locations of the banks. The first most apparent thing is that they are banks all located in the city center. Nothing else can be ascertained from the map other than your previous knowledge about how the banks were robbed. Your biggest puzzle at the moment is how they escape and manage to elude police.

GM: -$5 for the map. Say what you wish to do now.

25th Apr, 2013 - 1:54pm / Post ID: #

Be A Super Hero RPG - String Of Robberies

Felipe, Krusten and Shifter try to figure out which banks might be a likely target, but you are not sure.

Assassin makes a quick check and finds out that there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the robbers.

As you deliberate you hear that there is fire in a building after a mugging going on two blocks from where you are now.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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Be Super Hero RPG String Robberies

GM: How shifter starts flying or what he does with his items while in flight is not clear. I will assume some things this round but the action needs more detail to it.

Shifter, using his powers, turns into an eagle and begins looking around the city. After about a minute he does notice a van driving very rapidly through the city in a reckless manner. On the opposite side of the city he can see the smoke slow bellowing into the sky.


The rest of you make your way to where the fire was reported. Krusten and Felipe arrive on the seen in fast fashion while Assassin is still a whole block away.

Krusten can hear someone asking for help in the burning building while Felipe sees some thuggish looking men running from the seen about a block ahead from where he stands.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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Be Super Hero RPG String Robberies Comic / Anime PBP RPGs & Reviews

Shifter follows the van as it screeches past other cars, runs through red lights and looks to be heading for the highway.


Assassin reaches on the scene to find Krusten bewildered by everything. The muggers by now have long gone.

Around that same time...

Felipe rushes into the building where a small fire has caused a lot of smoke to engulf what seems to be an abandoned shelter for homeless people. He barley sees someone on the ground moaning and coughing.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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