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This is what we may see in the future?
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Socialist America - Page 2

User Brw1202, you have no right to decide someone's mental state of mind based on their opinion. Refrain from this tone and read how to post a Constructive Message in the FAQ Board.

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Post Date: 12th Feb, 2005 - 10:43pm / Post ID: #

Socialist America
A Friend

America Socialist

The reply what are yo crazy, was meant to be light hearted and not a real diagnosis of someones state of mind. I believe my post was contructive, if you want to have a serious discussion of where the world or the Americas are heading then the comments should be serious and based in fact as well as opinion but mostly fact. The statement that Canada is the most stable country in the Americas and is poised somehow to takeover if the US falls is rediculous when you are talking of the cause of the fall being the drift towards socialism. Canada is closer to the socialists then anyother country in the Americas and helps to contribute to the problems of the Americas by just doing nothing as is their standard policy. Like I said the Crazy remark was a little jab in good fun. Not meant to be hurtful, or to exclude anyone but thanks for the warning...

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Socialist America History & Civil Business Politics

There seems to be some confusion over defintions in the above posts. This is my understanding....

democracy: rule by the people. Rejected by the Founders. Leads to tyranny and/or anarchy due to incompatability with natural rights of property (and thus freedom). Often called "social democracy" today by those seeking to establish it to set up tyranny (communism-socialism).

republic: a public thing, yes, but "rule by law". A true republic observes the inherent rights of the individual. No one should be above or below the law. The law should be founded in the commandments of God (Common Law). Examples inc. early U.S., Reign of Judges. May incorporate representative democracy as a process (not form) of government but there would be no voting on matters of natural law or inherent rights. The ideal form of republicanism would be founded in the principle of covenant, as the Constitution was originally viewed.

there really are only two types of government - those that protect inherent rights ("free governments") and those that violate them (tyrannies).

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Post Date: 8th Mar, 2005 - 11:33pm / Post ID: #

NOTE: News [?]

Page 2 America Socialist

Will 'Socialist America' be born out of the following?

"19 terrorists in 6 weeks have been able to command 300 million North Americans to do away with the entirety of their civil liberties that took 700 years to advance from the Magna Carta onward. The terrorists have already won the political and ideological war with one terrorist act. It is mindboggling that we are that weak as a society"
-- Rocco Galati

Post Date: 9th Mar, 2005 - 1:26am / Post ID: #

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America Socialist

This news report, is quite frankly, Barbra Streisand (BS). I just looked up who this guy is, and what the circumstances are around his statement.

1. He was the attorney for the Canadian Islamic Congress, in an address to the Justice Committee on November 6, 2001. This was in relation to a bill being discussed in Canada (a socialist country), making it possible in Canada (a socialist country) to investigate possible Islamic terrorist activities.

2. Every website that I saw this quote on was devoted to conspiracy theories.

Here is another quote of his, that came AFTER he dropped out of being the defense lawyer for some accused terrorists (remember, in the quote above, he is indicating that Canada is a police state, or well on its way to becoming one).

Galati says police have traced the call to a phone booth in Mississauga. Police placed his house under heightened alert for 911 calls, but have offered no extra protection, he said.

He said he no longer feels it's safe to handle national security cases.

"It means that we're now living in Colombia. It means that the rule of law is meaningless," he said.

So, now that he has received a death threat, the police state he was screaming about earlier is a complete anarchy. Which is it?

BTW, the question in the news report above is:
Will 'Socialist America' be born out of the following?

Police states don't lead to socialism, except for the true fascist kinds, such as fascist Italy and National Socialist (Nazi) Germany. Oh, sorry, those ARE real socialist examples. So, maybe the answer to the question is, "Yes, if these laws that were passed in Canada and the United States really DO lead to police states (which they haven't yet), then they could lead 'Socialist America'". But don't the Socialist Left keep assuring us that socialism is the best thing out? Or is it possible that in reality, socialism is just another form of tyranny?

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Socialist America
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Socialist America

I think this debate is a bit ridiculous because America is a democracy. The only way socialists will run your parliament is if the Americans vote for them, therefore wanting socialism. Toure constitution guarantees democracy.

Socialism is such a dirty word in America. From a conservative standpoint, I see why Americans feel socialism is going to take there freedom, but if you want to really understand a ideology you have to read into it with a open mind.

Conservativsm and Socialism and Liberalism and all the ideologys have completely differetn concepts of freedom, you cannot judge a ideology based off your own political allegance, you can critisize it but you cant just brand it as the WRONG way to think. This is a narrow way to think.

Do you really think Karl Marx invented communism because he wanted to make an evil society, he did it because he thought it would work.

I have a lot of critisicm for conservative thinking, but I know that they think like that because they feel it to be the best way, and I respect that.

Post Date: 12th Apr, 2005 - 7:42pm / Post ID: #

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Page 2 Socialist America

Interesting that this should come up right now. I read a column on this very subject today:

I am going to try to get the books he recommends.

It is entirely possible for a democracy to subtly become a socialist democracy. By incremental means, more and more socialist agenda items either become law through legislature, or through other, more insidious means. In the US, many of these socialist ideals have been implemented through regulation and through judicial fiat. One example of this is the Environmental Protection Agency, which has enacted all sorts of regulations, that have the force of law without having been either voted upon by the legislature, nor been approved by the executive. But the judiciary has been stacked for so long, that it gives almost a "rubber stamp" approval to these regulations.

What is abhorent to me about socialism is that it is diametrically opposed to individual liberty and property. Therefore, it is in opposition to the foundations of the United States.

The problem is that so few people realize that their liberties are under attack. When it is simply a matter of a regulatory agency protecting an endangered mouse, at the expense of a farmer's land, the vast, VAST majority of people don't even notice. But these regulatory excesses quickly expand. Next, in order to "protect" a certain type of insect, some more farmers are forbidden to plow their fields. Now they can't use the land, nor can they sell it. Then, a valley full of farmers are forbidden to use the water from a river that flows through the valley, because it MIGHT cause some salmon to be unable to mate, in one particular place. So, hundreds of farmers now lose their livelihoods.

These incremental movements through regulatory agencies, mean that the socialist agenda becomes stronger and stronger, until the central authority is giving (or withholding) permission to do all sorts of things, such as what foods are allowed to be served, what recreational activities are allowed, what sorts of exercise is required, etc. Sound familiar? It should, if you have read 1984.

I will try to get back to this subject later. There is much more to write on it.

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Post Date: 12th Apr, 2005 - 8:31pm / Post ID: #

Socialist America
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Socialist America - Page 2

Well, I can only speak for the USA as I have near to zero knowledge of how other governments work. I do know a bit about socialism and capitalism however and I will say that I don't think America will go Socialist--at least not anytime soon. The top one percent of residents of the USA possess 39 percent of the nations wealth while the bottom 40 percent possess less than one percent. Lets face it, money talks in washington and this top one percent doesn't want to lose their holdings. Their money will influence Washington for many-many years to come and the status-quo will be well preserved.
This is the website I got my statistics from:

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