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Your Own Play by Post RPG - Text Only role-play gaming in ONE thread.
Post Date: 5th Sep, 2005 - 9:48pm / Post ID: #

Start Your Own Story / Own Rpg

Start Your Own Story

Text Only Role-play Gaming in ONE Thread

Within this Board you can start a thread with your very own storyline like a novel where you describe your character and then build a storyline. Some refer to this as "Play by Post Role-playing". Others can then reply and continue the story by introducing their characters to yours within the SAME thread, then an active discussion ensues. There is no need for party order, GM intervention or any dice rolls. To enhance this, Members have the option to buy Role-playing Game Character Pictures to be used within the Storyline (Recommended).

For Role-playing Games needing MULTIPLE threads check under horizontal line within this Post.

Q. Do I need Role-playing Game status for this?
A. No, you can start right away, all we ask is that you get a Member Wars Avatar first so that you blend into the storyline.

Q. Where do I get the avatar?
A. Via the Text Role-playing Game Creator.

Q. What do I say in the story threads?
A. Whatever you would like your character to say, but keep in mind that you need to stick with the same theme that is located in the first message of every story line thread.

Text Only Role-play Gaming in MULTIPLE Threads

If you need to have Multiple Threads for your Role-playing Game (One Thread for Rules, next Thread for Character Types, etc.) then this is permitted so long as you aptly name them so they do not conflict with other Role-Playing Games. The Architect is more than willing to help you with this by possibly giving you an identifying icon and description.

Q. I will need a new Avatar set for characters, is this possible?
A. It can be based on the popularity of your Role-playing Game . The Architect is interested in helping you succeed but first you will have to show that your Role-playing Game will be an active part of the Community before he invests time in it.

Post Date: 6th Sep, 2005 - 3:39pm / Post ID: #
Dice Master
Monster Coder: JB

Rpg Story Your Start

The Dice Master says...

Q. What should I name my thread?
A. Name it something that is related to your story, the same way you would name a book.

Q. Why can I not select an avatar again after my initial selection?
A. To keep members from being confusing through changing their roles / look.

Q. Does my avatar affect my Member Wars ratings?
A. No, it is there just for cosmetics, but you can use it to build your storyline.

Q. Must my storyline be medieval centered?
A. In Member Wars any type of Theme / Genre is allowed. To help everyone understand what your Thread is about you should label it as such.

Q. Can I be telling a story in one thread and have my character enter the thread of another Member?
A. Yes, each thread is considered separate from each other, but we do ask that you maintain the same role of your character only taking the time to say how he / she would act in the author's thread.

Post Date: 29th Nov, 2009 - 7:09pm / Post ID: #
Dice Master
Monster Coder: JB

Start Your Own Story / Own Rpg RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

The Dice Master says...

Q. I'm thinking of starting up an RPG here but how will I know if anyone is going to be interested?
A. You can go to the RPG / Game Review Board and start a Thread about your pursuits. Those interested will reply / ask questions. You could of course also invite people that you know will want to play but ensure they are willing to follow our Posting Rules and Policy here.

Q. Do you provide dice rolls?
A. On the Member Wars Board there is a dice roll option that can set to some of the most common rolls needed, you can also add a notifier.

Q. How can we keep track of Player stats?
A. Everyone can do that offline or if you're RPG is a 'hit' then the Architect may code something just for your RPG to make it easier to keep it online.

Q. Can I decide the rules and what will happen in my RPG?
A. Yes, of course so long as what you ask in your rules does not conflict with our Rules or Policies here.

Q. If I ever have a Question or Request where can I ask it?
A. In this Thread: Requests.

Q. Where can I learn more about being a Game Master?
A. Look for tips here: Source 3

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