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I lay the blame for 911 at Bill Clintons feet. - Page 2 - Politics, Business, Civil, History - Posted: 12th Sep, 2007 - 10:56pm

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9/11 - September 11th - Ground Zero - Twin Towers - Let us examine photograph / film history to see if there is more than meets the eye
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The 9.11 Conspiracy
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The 9.11 Conspiracy - Page 2

The evidence is rather convincing when putting up the evidence to be examined. But I don't know that you should be saying the government did it without a little more proof than he has. The proof shows that most likely, there was a government cover up, but not necessarily that the government did it. But its very scary if its true, you have to admit that.

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Conspiracy The

When I first started doing research years ago my mentor told me, "If you believe something, you can find facts that make you right." In other words, if you ignore this little fact that couldn't possibly be true and poo-poo other facts, you can become absolutely convinced you are right.

I have stayed away from this subject for years because I haven't seen spooks in dark corners in the middle of the night since I was 9 years old. So for you people that still see spooks in the dark and love to read conspiracy theories, I finally decided to do some research and see what I could find for a rebuttal and hit pay dirt on my first "Google."

FIRST, open your mind to the possibility that you may be wrong, then go to the website below, research it thoroughly, read every line and look at every photo, then come back and tell me that an American airliner didn't hit the Pentagon.

And if you're still absolutely certain all this evidence is bogus, answer me just one question. The American citizens that were on the plane you say didn't hit the Pentagon that day, where are they? People lost loved ones that day. One female writer was talking to her husband from the plane the whole time. What happened to her? Am I to believe that if we just knew where these people are their loved ones might still find them alive being held in some foreign country? Or if they have been killed, maybe their loved ones could go find their graves and bury them properly? I've never heard a conspiracy theory to explain that one, but I have no doubt there is one. I would really like to read that one! Oh, while you're looking for the latest theory, here's a website that will tell you you don't have to worry about 5 of the victims and why.

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The 9.11 Conspiracy
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The 9.11 Conspiracy History & Civil Business Politics

The thing that makes me laugh is that they found parts of the airplane in the Pentagon. Not sure why the conspiracists fail to recognize that.

I'd post a picture, but the img tag doesn't seem to work.

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Page 2 Conspiracy The

You and I both know that if you really want to believe something, it's easy to close your mind to any facts, or photos, that you don't agree with.

"If you believe something, you can find facts that make you right." In other words, if you ignore this little fact that couldn't possibly be true and poo-poo other facts, you can become absolutely convinced you are right.

It's interesting to me that we have photos of the planes hitting the trade center and the pieces of Flight 93 they found in the field are hard to argue with, but 4 aircraft disappeared that morning and one changed from an airliner into a rocket in flight.
I have for 6 years refused to watch the film of the twin towers going down, because I get almost sick to my stomach, but this morning for some reason, I watched. I'm sorry I did. That was hours ago and I'm still as sick and angry as I was 6 years ago. Sick at the sight of the towers and angry at the idiots that are trying to bring down a President and lose a war just to gain the White House.

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The 9.11 Conspiracy
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Conspiracy The

Boy, Mousetrails, I'd be continuing this discussion right with you - endlessly. You and I see eye to eye on this one.

I am disgusted with politics.

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The 9.11 Conspiracy

Once again Moustrails you diligence in research shines through. That was an excellent web site, nice touch they had at the end by placing the oposing web site link.

I recently watch a documentry where the 747 had two planes crash in states as they "spun out " at the landing due to a mechanical problem in the rudder. These planes were slowed down for a landing and the was very little left of them. I can easily see how there was so little left of the plane after it slammed into a deisel generator and a concreate steel beam reinforced wall.

There may be issues here that need looking into but not on this point. Why every is not focused on why were warnings ignored and how to prevent this again?

Our nice media coverage again only looks for rating and show the "glamour shots" Ignore the meat and potatos.

The whole day just lays to remind me how incompetent our political leaders really are.

I have seen enough wreckage and dead bodies thus far in my life I really do not need the media adding to those numbers.

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Page 2 The 9.11 Conspiracy

A website that debunks 9/11 conspiracy theories from Popular Mechanics

We all have opinions on this, but we choose to believe the evidence (from both sides) depending on our politics.

Some people that hated the Bush Administration before 9/11 believed they were behind the attacks. There is no evidence that would convince them other wise.
Most of those who supported him, or at least opposed him without hating him believed the official story: 19 islamic extremists, under the direction of Usama Bin Laden crashed 2 planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon killing over 3000 American.

Most (definitely not all) of those who believe the 911 truther's (Fidel Castro just put in his support for the organization) and, I believe, hated the United States before 9/11. 9/11 just gave them a way to express that hatred. They believed that the United States was the evil Empire during the cold War. They believed everything that is wrong with the world was the fault of the U.S. They are generally supporters of Marxism, believing that communism would have worked if the pesky U.S. Government hadn't fought them along the way. Most (not all) were haters of the U.S. Government before the September 11 attacks and the evil act of the islamacists gave them ammunition for that hatred.

Sure, many of our leaders on both sides of the eisle, ignored warnings that the islamic fascists wanted to kill Americans. But our leaders were not the cause of the attack. That was carried out by people and people like them who had already attacked us (Attack on our soldiers in lebanon, the first world trade center, attack on our embassies in Africa, and the Cole to name a few.)

They will again attack America (as they have stated) and I for one choose to marginalize those who blame America and the Government for planning and organizing the attacks on the World Trade.

I will however support the death and destruction of organizations (Alqueda) and the downfall of regimes that support (Syria, Iran) terrorist organizations. They cannot be appeased, they cannot be negotiated with.

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The 9.11 Conspiracy - Page 2

I lay the blame for 911 at Bill Clintons feet. First, he made us ( U.S. ) look weak because he couldn't quit playing footsie with Monica long enough to be concerned with the the first bombing of the twin towers, the Cole, etc. Second, he was handed Osama on a silver platter and didn't take him. And third, he let Jamie Gorelic lay down the law keeping the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. from sharing information about Able Danger. If you're interested, Google the name Jamie Gorelic. Nothing else, no other information, just Jamie Gorelic, and be prepared to get angry all over again. And if you think for a minute there weren't a lot of people (myself included) holding their breath for 8 years while the Arkansas Gigilo played, think again. And if you want to imagine another horror story like 911, just imagine Mrs. Arkansas Gigilo sitting behind the desk in the oval office!

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