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GM Tells Story Here
28th Feb, 2008 - 5:08pm / Post ID: #

Protect Meh Sheep - Page 3

The Game Master says...

You ask several questions of the old man and he answers is each taking his time.

GM: I will just reply with a synopsis of his answer as the questions are many.

Klar and kalfie sit with the old man and ask him if his daughter is always so friendly to strange men?
Old Man: She is a young vixen, and was brought up to handle her own, she means well, I wouldn't worry about her lads.

What it was he wanted to show us so badly?
Old Man: Why this of course...

He steps over to an old drawing mounted on one side of the room you now meet. It is a clever drawing of the farm as how it must have once looked.

GM: Pay close attention to this description of what you see in the drawing.

* The drawing is well done, in fact it seems very detailed. Whomever did it was near professional.
* From the looks of the drawing it was made when the farm was at it's best and take care of, you can tell because it shows flowers and plenty of activity.
* The house's front faces West so the back door is of course to the East.
* To the North of the house about less than a 100 yards is a small barn (That is the direction the other group was heading).
* To the South is an enclosed area of sheep and one cow
* To the East near the back yard of the old man's house is chickens, a couple of pigs and some ducks moving around.
* To the West looked like it used to be a flowering garden and plot for growing food, but you only saw weeds and bush covering that area.

When did the attacks start?
Old Man: About a week ago.

How many times has this happened?
Old Man: Every night so far, so he expects it to happen tonight as well.

Where did each offense has taken place and at what time?
Old Man: Some time during the night from just after dark to early morning

What do the carcasses look like and do you have any recent kills we can view?
Old Man: They look like wolves, he did not go out to look, its too risky

What do you suspect may have been the culprit? and how many attackers did it seem to be? Any one see the attackers?
Old Man: Sounded like several wolves

What time of day, moon phase, week do the attacks seem to occur on?
Old Man: Every day at the time mentioned above

GM: You put what Daphne is doing now, but the only thing you know of Daphne is that she left to go with Beowulf and Sophia. Say what you will do now. 4:30pm.

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29th Feb, 2008 - 4:35pm / Post ID: #

Sheep Meh Protect

The Game Master says...

You ask the old man what best you can do to protect his sheep at night to which he responds,

"That be where I hope thee will answer me."

You are about to excuse yourselves to visit with the others when he adds,

"But wait lads, we have not discussed thy wages for this and what I expect"

You pause thinking all has been already discussed when he adds,

"I have a couple of sheep I can spare if ye will rid me of these wolves once and for all. It be not enough to just scare them 0ff, but to rid them from my land. What say ye?"

GM: Say what you will do now.

29th Feb, 2008 - 8:24pm / Post ID: #

Protect Meh Sheep RPG PBP Medieval World

The Game Master says...

In response to the old man's query Kalfie smiles and replies,

"Indeed I fully intend to have all their hides for a new coat this winter! That is enough payment for me."

The old man nods. Klar quickly responds,

"For me I defer my payment and do this for my own reasons."

The old man nods again then Kalfie smiles and adds,

"For the other two are not here and I dare not speak for them. I suggest you ask them when we rejoin."

The old man agrees and after inquiring about the remaining light which he says is about an hour and a half from night, you decide to make your way to where Sophia and your comrades are located. As you step out through the back door the old man gives his gratitude for your service.

You walk across the farm heading North to the barn ahead. As you approach you notice that there is quiet and then bursts of laughter. You can hear the sound of Beowulf in glee with Sophia giggling, but no sound of Daphne.

You enter the barn to see Beowulf clutching the nipples of...

Suddenly you hear a loud bellowing insult coming from one end of the room, it is Daphne scolding Beowulf who is trying to milk a cow with Sophia just above instructing him. Beowulf from the looks of things seems like a kid receiving his first toy.

Sophia looks up at Klar and Kalfie,

"Oh, ye have come to assist us?"

GM: Say what you will do now.

1st Mar, 2008 - 8:28pm / Post ID: #

Page 3 Sheep Meh Protect

The Game Master says...

Beowolf and Daphne both inform the farmer they to will defer payment and just wish to help save the farm.

We also ask the old man for his aid in this task as time is short.

Kalfie, Daphne, Klar and they try to get Beowolf to follow them but he refuses chosing to stay with Sophia and help her with her duties.

You work to make fire pits at key positions that will enable you to target the wolves should they attack.

You inspect the barn and see that from an area above where Sophia and Beowulf are 'working' there are good lookouts for an archer's position, you are also able to see the whole farm.

You ask the farmer about the possibility of going on the roof of the house, but he does not recommend it because the house is already unstable in its current condition. He does offer you some food,

"Will ye have some dinner with us?"

GM: 6pm. Say what you will do now including whether you insist to go on the roof as well as noting Beowulf is still with Sophia.

3rd Mar, 2008 - 6:33pm / Post ID: #

Sheep Meh Protect

The Game Master says...

The old man is happy that you accept his offer to have dinner. He then calls out to Sophia to get things started to which she nods as Beowulf offers her a helping hand.

You look at Beowulf with disgust. You cannot believe such a large muscular man could be so caught up with a woman.

About 10 minutes later...

Some broth and bread that was made earlier and warmed again is brought in front of you. You eat heartily as the old man tells you stories of how the farm used to be and how much he misses his wife.

Sophia and Beowulf are in their own conversation at the end of the table and you can see they both have no interest in what the old man is saying.

After dinner it is starting to get dark...

You excuse yourselves to get the preparations ready, but Beowulf exclaims that you have enough hands and he would rather help Sophia clean up, Sophia giggles and blushes.

You venture outside without the aide of Beowulf and set fires in the planned areas. Everything is well so far, but you still do not see Beowulf coming out or even interested in what you are doing.

In the distance you can hear the sounds of wolves, but they are probably a couple of miles off.

GM: 6:30pm. Say what you will do now. If you just want to wait you can say that too and I will just allow time to pass, continue the story, and tell you the result.

Kalfie noting his stomach is empty he looks at the group and they nod in agreement, and they agree to take up the offer of hot food.

Once the food is finished the fires will be set and all live stock placed in the barn. If it is getting too dark before dinner then then all will be done first.

Plans are made for two in the barn and two in the house if there are windows opening to the north and south. The group will split Beowolf in the barn with Kalfie and Daphne and Klar in the house. If the house does not have proper viewing, all will go to the barn and use the same shifts as mentioned prior.

Klar and Kalfie to take first watch, the shift to change every 4 hours. When Kalfie sleeps Beowolf will use his bow in case of an attack.

4th Mar, 2008 - 5:09pm / Post ID: #

Protect Meh Sheep

The Game Master says...

Kalfie and Klar head to the barn to ready their positions while Daphne takes the farmer and Sophia aside in different instances to try and rally their support in getting Beowulf to concern himself about the job at hand.

GM: Let Beowulf roll again in Beauty 2 to see if he is cooperative and place the result in the next Party Order. This will be the last attempt at getting Beowulf's attention for today and your tries after this will not count.

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4th Mar, 2008 - 6:38pm / Post ID: #

Protect Meh Sheep - Page 3

The Game Master says...

Beowulf explains that he would be better off staying at the side of Sophia in case the wolves attack her. You are on the brink of being completely fed up with this infatuation and you dismiss Beowulf from your minds for the night.

As the night progresses you notice that the wolf howls get closer and closer and then stop. You do not see anything amiss really save for laughter coming from the old farmer's home.

GM: 7:00pm. Say what you will do now.

6th Mar, 2008 - 2:11pm / Post ID: #

Protect Meh Sheep World Medieval PBP RPG - Page 3

The Game Master says...

You take different turns watching the farm. The fires you have set occasionally needed tending so you were busy through the night. This leaves you a bit moody by day break. Your immediate plans may have been a good deterrent against the wolves, but you wonder if this is what you will do to solve the farmer's problem.

The smoke of the night and even this morning envelopes certain parts of the farm more than others and you learn of the farmer's displeasure about it in the morning,

"I was breathing thy smoke!"

You can tell the old man is not a morning person. He starts to see about the animals with Sophia.

Beowulf stood guard at the back door of the house. You find him asleep there on his sword the next morning.

GM: 5:30am. Say what you will do now.

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