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Name: George Title: The same old story of - Page 3 - Trinidad, Tobago / Caribbean - Posted: 25th Jul, 2017 - 11:07am

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Best of  Trinidad & Tobago Politics Government Politically motivated actions Reviewed
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Trinidad & Tobago Politics - Page 3

Name: George

Title: Prolonged bizarre political battles

Comments: The bizarre chaos of legality over the property tax appear to be associated with creeping dictatorship and the fury between the opposition politicians and those if the government is raging with anger. If this is what is expected in the future there will never be any combined effort between the two main racial groups to bring about harmony, respect and sensible tolerance by our politicians and citizens. The examples set by those in authority only helps to generate more of the same type of mentality,attitudes, and disrespect for each other. Generally speaking, we have made no progress whatsoever in ironing out the differences in our relationship with each other on a racial basis. The nation is wallowing in spitefulness, hatred and apparently will always be at loggerheads unless someone in authority takes the right step to stop the political infighting for political superiority. However, I am sorry to have to say, we do not at present appear to have a person of such caliber here to start the process of co-operation with the sole intention of fixing what has gone wrong in our society and stop the prolonged bizarre battles that now exists within our local politics. On the contrary, they seem to encourage and enjoy it. How weird, especially seeing the damage it is doing to our nation and our upcoming generation. We should brace ourselves for more of the same for decades to come.What will happen in the end?. Well your guess is as good as mine.

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Politics Tobago and Trinidad

Name: George

Title: The futureof our politics are written on the wall

Comments: No one seems to be able to fix anything that is wrong in this nation. They continue only to offer lip service on crime and various other adversities that affects the lives of the ordinary citizens. There was a sudden announcement that the death penalty will be restored. However, as I have said before,when you see pigs flying in the sky over the island then you will know the death penalty has been restored. It cannot be restored without the approval of the opposition and since the PNM failed to support the previous government when they wanted to restore the death penalty, its just a tit for tat scenario where the restoration of the death penalty here is concerned. What about the widespread cries from important dignitaries to reform the justice system and the call for the Chief Justice to step down.One of the dozens of items needing urgent attention here. Well this is another no no. He like many others here, is now classified as one of the 'untouchables'. This won't happen here either?. He is a law onto himself. This individual has too many senior politicians and others in positions of influence in authority on his side that will support him to the very end. This is what happens when politicians retain one individual in an important position for too long. Looking at the political record here. It would now appear, that there is no need to know anything about politics to be a politician here.As long as you have free access to the Treasury funds,and the 'gift of the garb' you can squander public money with no questions ask. Even if questioned about waste of public money, there would be well planned cock and bull stories as to why it was necessary to have a spending spree. The nation automatically survives from the profits from our natural resources and an abundance of useless lip service from seemingly a brigade loaded with what appears to be useless and corrupt politicians.All we need is a few clever accountants to falsify the books and we could carry on exactly as we are. The writing of the future in our politics is on the wall,ask Mr Panday a former Prime Minister and should know what he is talking about. He has forecast on his 84th birthday that there are more political scandals in the pipeline, and as I have said, he is a citizen who should know, having had a lot of experience of how our national government and its politicians operate here.

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Trinidad & Tobago Politics Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Name: George

Title: A dying nation

Comments: Reading the various political and other reports in the local press in the last few months it all points to the failure of the PNM to get a grip with our problems here and start making some progress with necessary lasting and effective changes. Since none of this is happening it seems the appropriate time to consider the calling of another election. Whether doing so is going to make any difference is a matter of wait and see. In my opinion the chances of bringing about lasting changes here are very slim.,but need determination and an earnest effort. The pioneers of our politics after our independence have laid down the rules,regulations, and the procedures of our politics which are laced with deceit and corruption. The successors of those pioneers have just followed in their foot step adopting all the bad principles of their idea of governance of this nation. Since our independence practically all of our political leaders here have ended their career with black clouds hanging over the heads.which were mainly associated with corruption. Politicians here give the clear impression that they put personal financial rewards first before the interest of our citizens thus the increase in poverty due to the squandering of public fund. Now with the obvious depletion of our gas resources things are going to get much worst for our ordinary citizens. Any past and present suggestion of improvement to the nation especially with regards to improving the infrastructure was and is still laced with personal greed linked to 'kick backs'. With this in mind and still being the trend, any new administration will have to take the bull by the horn by introducing draconian measures where accountability and transparency are concerned in order to halt the continuance of corruption here. Whether this is now possible is the question. Corruption and crime have spread their tentacles like a cancer to so many areas of government departments and the business sector here, making it now extremely difficult and in some cases almost impossible to unravel .Things however may change when the depletion of our oil resources are fulfilled. This apparently won't be long now,because the rate the remaining reserves are being extracted in order to create more quick fulfill the desire of the personal financial greed of our politicians.and foreign exploiters. This should stop the easy and quick access to money which is still being squandered here at an alarming rate.For the sake of the upcoming generation I ho e that any new brigade of politicians here give urgent attention to the need for rapid diversification in order for this nation and its citizens to survive and keep abreast in a modern world. The past politicians of this nation have had trillions of dollars, which if used properly could have transformed this nation in to a true,secure and comfortable paradise for all of our citizens. However, the impression now given is that landed with a dying economy, a haven for criminals and corrupt wealthy individuals,an incompetent police force, a corrupt justice system, potential terrorists and with politicians and those in positions of authority showing signs of dictatorship but still in search with a desire of becoming overnight millionaires.

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Page 3 Politics Tobago and Trinidad

Name: George

Title: Time to move forward

Comments: It has now become a battle to remove established citizens in position of authority here despite their failings and incompetence, We have quite a few cases here where individuals are either asked to resign or should be remove form office because of incompetence,or the public has lost confidence in their ability and performance in their official role. Our politicians are failing to take these matters into their hands and terminate these incompetent officials of their positions of authority. At present we have three outstanding cases. There is the need to remove the Acting Commissioner of police who so far has made no difference to our crime scenario since his appointment, a similar situation has occurred in the case of the National Security Officer, and we have the call for the Chief Justice who appears to be a law onto himself to resign. However,there appear to be no real effort from those senior politicians in the corridors of power to put pressure on these three individuals to call it a day and hangup their boots. The impression given is that our present brigade of politicians are quite prepare to let things stay as they are despite the chaos,inefficiency and non effectiveness caused by these incompetent individual remaining in their present positions of authority. Despite their reign they have proved to highly incompetent and the records speak for themselves. If politicians here really care about this nation,its progress, and its citizens they should do the right thing now and ensure that these three individuals are removed from their respective position forthwith. In a country where the fabric of the nation is being destroyed daily at a galloping rate, the elected representatives of our citizens must use their political power and capabilities as mentors and professionals at putting the broken pieces of this nation back to some respectable and normal order. They cannot just stand around and watch a nation falling apart and continue to offer useless lip service.Its time to move forward, not stagnate or step backwards.

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Politics Tobago and Trinidad

Name: George

Comments: With reference to the letter in today's issue of the Express entitled 'give us a break, Mr PM'. This clearly shows how politicians here view the intelligence of our citizens. As I have said before we can expect various cock and bull stories about the actions taken by the two politicians of the PNM who between them squandered around $148.000 within just a few days. One must also bear in mind that these are only two reports that came to light, there must be many other hidden cases which has not come to light or yet revealed. It would appear that despite the fact that citizens here are told to tighten their belts, those in corridors of power because they are NOW IN CHARGE are having a ball, having spending sprees,and living the lives of Riley and in the process still pulling the wool over the eyes of our vulnerable citizens. Yea man, yet another cock an bull story from a leading politicians who should be setting an honest example by dealing with the matter in a serious and pragmatic manner. Politicians here are a bunch of comedians from whom we could regularly expect political jokes like this.

Post Date: 17th Jun, 2017 - 10:15am / Post ID: #

Trinidad & Tobago Politics

Name: George

Title: How to bring about change

Comments: In my opinion there is now only one way to change what is happening to the fabric of this nation, that is for all politicians and citizens in positions of authority and those likely to replace them is to have a brain transplant. However, since this is impossible I am afraid things are going to get worse as the years go by, as seen by the writing on the wall and what is happening right now. The only real solution as I have said before is to hand the country back to England or call in UN force to take over the administration, and at the same time arrest and bring to trial those who are responsible for allowing the nation to fall into such a unrepairable state. You may consider this far fetched and draconian,but what else?, except to carry on for decades exactly in the same manner.It is now pointless relying on our politicians do anything constructive or reliable to change things here.They seem restricted to their own little political clubs and implementing their strange doctrine and beliefs together with perpetual, deceit, in fighting, inequalities and division by race. The impression given is that they are too tied up in financial matters that are only beneficial to themselves, the already rich and corrupt upper classes.The ordinary citizens are just left to face poverty and fend for themselves even if it means turning to crime. Which by the looks of it they are now doing in droves.

Post Date: 19th Jul, 2017 - 5:44pm / Post ID: #

Page 3 Trinidad & Tobago Politics

Name: George

Title: Plutocrats rule here.

Comments: The clear impression given to me and perhaps other citizens is that we are now a plutocratic nation. The government flying the banner of democracy with all its traditional trimmings are controlled and dominated by the plutocrats here. We have millionaires by the dozens who are unable to account for their wealth. The crime of corruption appear as secretly classified as a meritorious achievement here, where those involved in this criminal act are never punished with the deserved retribution. This is evident and clearly reflected as you won't find any one of the middle or upper class in our prisons serving time for their participation in this crime. Many of those convicted or suspected of this crime are allowed to walk free, keeping their ill-gotten gains without any hindrance.and are looked upon as clever [..] and may even be honoured in the long run. We are now seeing the repercussion of having a sportingly rich run nation. This is noticeable by the galloping increase in poverty and unemployment of the ordinary citizens. Crime has now become a gradual money spinner here for all concerned in different criminal activities,with nothing being done to stem its flow. Those rich and wealthy folks here are not in any way affected. The are protected by the police, the justice system and by their puppets in the corridors of power .They are not among the daily slaughtered citizens. Our hot spots of crime are associated mainly with the lost of lives of our ordinary citizens who are now randomly killed by our roaming and uncontrollable brigade of local violent killers. The plutocrats haven't got a clue of of being poor or trying to make two ends meet.They rule the roost and control the politics of this nation by pulling the strings of our politicians to satisfy their needs. Most politicians here show little interest in the real need of our ordinary citizens as the impression given after decades of presenting our nation as a democracy is that they are the losers in our society, because of one way legislation and inequalities. Our politicians seems quite contented to carry on playing at politics, being spiteful, divisive, malicious and manipulative. They are more interested in feathering the nests of themselves and their well off associates.We are still travelling down the colonial pathway where those with wealth and power are the only winners in this society.

Post Date: 25th Jul, 2017 - 11:07am / Post ID: #

Trinidad & Tobago Politics - Page 3

Name: George

Title: The same old story of Financial greed

Comments: Referring to the letter in today's issue of the Newsday newspaper entitled 'The decline of TT since independence, just goes to demonstrates that despite all our past and present wealth we have really achieved very little to crow about. The politicians are still at it, yes looking after their own interest and in the process supporting the already rich and upper class. They seem to spend most of their time trying to figure out methods of how to keep the steady flow of dollars to support the lifestyles of those already over night millionaires. Which we have created by the dozens.The present attempt by the government to control the assets of the CLF is a very good example of the sort of underhand financial manipulation that has been and is still going on in this nation.

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