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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land - Page 274

Jesla has a stoic look on her face as she listens. She will enforce the laws they are working on now. Much of this conversation is beyond the realms of her experience. These soft civilized cultures with laws for everything. It is much simpler amongst her people. The chieftain makes decrees and everyone will follow what he decides. Honor and strength was everything among the Kellid. This was so different. She must abide by it though if she hoped to achieve her goals and honor her deceased friends. She continues to listen and follow the parts of the discussion that either pertained to her or interested her.

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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Land Stolen Kingmaker Pathfinder ICon

In reply to Theaton I state, “Does this sound acceptable? Every individual has the freedom of association. Each may associate, or not associate, with whomever they please. Forced association may result in banishment to bolster the forces at the Worldwound. The freedom of association entails intimate and expressive association.”

“My example of murder when discussing the right to life was but a single example. Attempted murder would result in banishment too. I do not want banishment to be used for assault because everyone has a row every now and then. They should instead be held liable for damages and then perform community service for a time, unless they cross the bounds of assault into what would be deemed attempted murder.”

“You are right to want it spelled out Theaton. We will add examples to our list as well and include a note that states they are only example and not all inclusive.”

When Jesla responds that she is a devout follower of Gorum, I grin, “Excellent! Hopefully we can present that information to the Church of Gorum and still secure some assistance. Thank you for speaking up on the matter! I am sure you will do us all proud as you serve in your role. You have our commendations for rescuing the woman.”

When Kresnik questions the motives of Drelev, I shrug. “Currently we do not have any knowledge of their reasoning behind the request. I agree with your caution and desire to scout out the area a bit more. We have already done some mapping of the area,” I state, pulling out a copy of our current map. “There is actually a statue of Erastil that falls outside of the offered borders.” After a moment's pause I add, “I am inclined to reject their proposal, simply because I do not want other governments thinking that they can dictate to us what we can and cannot do in an unclaimed region. Or we could reply to them in such a way that neither outright rejects or accepts their proposal and see what comes of it.”

“I think some knowledge, specifically of the potential dangers and pitfalls of what are often considered inherently evil practices, should be taught. I would like to see a focus on literacy, mathematics, the sciences, philosophy, and logic.”

“I do not want our citizenry to become addlepated milkdrinkers that cry and throw a tizzy every time someone states something that they disagree with. Emotional and mental harm brought about by mere words is a sign of a weakness of character. We all have the freedom of speech. Instead, let us clarify what speech that does not entail. Incitement for the use of force should be unprotected if it is directed to bringing about imminent lawless action. Bearing false witness should also not be protected. When you state 'emotional and mental harm,' do you mean from unnatural causes, such as that from magic, psionics, and various other non-mundane forces? If so, I agree that we should add a clause covering those.” I then add said clause.

I nod when Mykael offers various examples of crimes and add them to the list we had gathered where appropriate. “I agree with your suggestion of a local magistrate being given discretion when handing out punishments. Each local magistrate will fulfill the role of Viceroy for their specific location. As such they will have said authority while still answering to our governing body.”

“I like your proposed severity levels too. It will give the future Viceroys a guide from which to go off of. You suggested four but mentioned three - is there a fourth?”

“I believe the burden of proof is on the state and should require that proof be beyond a reasonable doubt. Magic would be the best way of coming to a conclusion - mayhaps we could have various representatives of different magical organizations gather together and cast spells which require the truth be stated. Because they are from various different magical organizations, including churches of various alignments, the consensus should be beyond reproach. We should include this as an additional stipulation for them having a temple within our barony.”

“I understand your desire to be cautious, with both the churches and various governing bodies, but I fear you are making a mistake similar to what I made when contemplating the Church of Iomedae's offer. For now we will accept their donations and maintain the neutrality of peace and free trade with all, entangling alliances with none.”

“Evil does not give a wit about the condition of the heart of another. Force is what matters when defending oneself from the threat of force. Violence of action is what determines success or failure in such things. It is my hope that after a few are banished to bolster the forces at the Worldwound, we will not have quite as many egregious violators of the law. Those at the frontline are always free to enact a Geas on those we send so that they can eliminate most complications.”

“I agree with Kresnik on the matter of bail for the various offenses.”.

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Theaton likes where this is all going. "Yes this sounds much better and allows the citizens to know the laws so they can abide by them easier knowing that they are safer this way and have a voice if someone one or thing does them harm.

I would not mind going out and exploring more of the area to the west to see just what is out there and see if there are things that we may want to incorporate in the future."

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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Page 274 Land Stolen Kingmaker Pathfinder ICon

"One thing I have yet to hear of is the dissemination of news to the public. I think leaving such exclusively to the gossip mongers that traveling merchants can be is a poor idea. This is more of a concern for the future than it is now, but we may wish to lay the foundations for an official post and crier network."

"There are practical benefits to this as well, since such a network can also be used to speed along official communiques. We would also have a chance to shape popular opinion that way, though there are limits in that regard it is not prudent or ethical to cross in my opinion."

Kresnik pauses and rubs his chin for a few moments, "Hmm, come to think of it, simple enchantments that allow long distance communication exist. Those I'm familiar with are not practical for this purpose, but it might be possible to adapt the principle. But that too is a question for another day."

"Of more immediate import I think would be the matter of public health. Priests often have the capacity to deal with much of life's ills, but not all of such, and have their own limits. I think a true hospital ought to be an early priority. A place where both magical and mundane healers can work in concert."

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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Land Stolen Kingmaker Pathfinder ICon

"A Hospital would require 30 BP worth of resources. While it is something that we should definitely build eventually, we must first get our economic ducks in a row. Failure to do so would be tantamount to failing the citizenry."

"I agree that we should have a means of communicating over long distances. The Viceroy of each future settlement should have such an item, at a minimum. We should plan on setting funds aside for their creation as soon as we expand our realm's borders - sooner if we plan to spend more time afield. Since you are the Magister, we place the task of determining what item would be best in your capable hands."

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land

Game Master says...

The Gorumites are glad that Jesla can be counted on to voice their support, but they specifically want her to be General or Marshal - Royal Enforcer is not a commanding position in their eyes. Only then will they lend their monetary support and embolden their faithful to come out and settle.

Jhod replies, "It's up to the region's High Priest, Keegh, but I believe he wants to keep my temple approachable and small and avoid destroying the natural habitat. Too many followers and pilgrims will scare away local game so I can agree to that. Besides, the cathedral is just a week's travel away in Restov. I don't think he will let up on the alignment and morality of the kingdom. He would need it in writing that our laws also represent good. With all the other faiths you are already trying to appease, we may find our voices drowned out. Rejecting the offer will cause no bad blood between us - we will still be free to worship and I still have a prominent role."

Unfortunately the churches of Gyronna and Hanspur are too zealous to relent any of their requests. Both want either special protections from the law or a more chaotically aligned kingdom, else they promise to spread their faith secretly. Their envoys disappear from town as soon as they catch the hint that you will reject their offer a second time. There is no chance to track them after they take to the lake to escape with magical assistance.

The churches of Pharasma, Iomedae and Abadar are glad you could respect their wishes and send their faithful and resources: 5+3+10 BP

House Orlovsky are concerned that accepting both the offers of House Medvyed and Duma the Sly will embolden both of them (They operate in the same region - the Gronzi Forest). It could lead to revolutionary unrest or outright violence which will weaken both groups. While falling right into their plans, this outcome would be at a greater cost of life. They would also feel forced to oppose the king due to ties with you and Duma and the other houses. In the end, for partly heeding their request, they reluctantly give you 1 BP.

The noble Houses of Garess and Medvyed are grateful they could come to an agreement with you and hope you will consider alliance and intermarriage in the future. 5+4 BP

While House Liostruth has the capacity to offer you 4000 gold instead of a BP, Amani Numesti says, "Unfortunately my father is only a knight in Brevoy, one of the lower ranks of peerage. Our family does not have large coffers and even if we did, I am only his third daughter. Instead we offer a militia and training, some lumber, and animals and their products, like leather, fat, sinew, wax and honey."

House Drelev seems quite steadfast in what they asked for. More than half a forest should suffice for you and they will support your claims of all the land to the east and south, apart from any claims by Maegar Varn who they believe will have trouble expanding quickly due to the hostile frontier.

From Houses Stroon, Liostruth, Numesti, and Galavriel: 2+1+2+2 BP, 4000 gp, and two teenagers.

From Mivon 1 BP.
Discussions about Pitax are ongoing - waiting Mykael's response

Koffar Evyas thanks your wisdom in your promise rather than supporting the failed royals and the upstart prince. He delivers his goods by boat: 2 BP

Edrist is elated and awaits a letter informing him construction is finished. Duma's envoy swears to maintain secrecy over your connection, but the transfer of goods probably won't go unnoticed. They deliver their 2+2 BP

The elves are disappointed that you reject what they believe is a reasonable offer. They believe you will be coming to them with any finds first just because they are the foremost experts on it and as a gesture of goodwill to their people. Further talks seem to end in discussions of cultural appropriation and racism.

The dwarves take a similar tack, stating that any of their sites - even abandoned - are historically their land. Because of the great cost in resettling they just wanted the option to scout the potential of a place before moving there. If they can't then they won't offer you anything and they can't promise any aid when you will need it.

Finally, just a reminder that Theaton promised a park in every settlement and respect for nature in return for the Fey's 2 BP.

There are a few people interested in Archival's spear, shield and notes. After some time marketing, the most prominent bidders are the Pathfinder Society, an international organisation of historians, archaeologists and treasure hunters. They will buy it all for 2200 gp. They also respond positively to your new settlement, seeing its potential - but they only build lodges in established and safe locales.

After some observation, Maerrun Liostruth certainly seems to not pass harsh judgement on criminals and also stays around circles of gossipers. Amani on the other hand is more of a generous sort, helping people find jobs and feeding the poorest. Don Orr, if you're still interested, is a master at the underworld, knowing every last detail on the happenings in Restov and some of New Stetven.

As much as Theaton and Kresnik would like to explore, and Mykael would like to build, the first month takes so much work, inscribing paperwork, copying laws, approving citizens, organising jobs, observing, managing, etc. The new month seems to bring no relief unless you want to shirk your duty.

On his return visits Hegin the gnome assures Archival that the case for Akiros's extradition is becoming stronger. He can say with confidence sometime around the end of Arodus or start of Rova. It is currently mid-Erastus (Let's say the 18th if you need a specific date).

Out of Character: Thanks for keeping the game going in my short absence. What you've written here is excellent! I'll be sure to include a section on your kingdom's laws on the new auto-SRD. I just have some questions to raise in my next post.

The optional kingdom rules from Ultimate Campaign (P. 228-233) which is the new edicts, better diplomacy rules, leader skills, etc. We still haven't come to a decision on using Ultimate Rulership. With no strong opinions and a monetary barrier to entry, I have to assume we won't use them… (Which means even the most expensive buildings pop up instantly within a month.)

If you don't mind, I would like to keep the bonuses each leader provides a secret and just give you the total. In time you could figure them out by reverse engineering or just by taking time to observe how good each leader is.

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land - Page 274

As the meeting is wrapping up Kresnik approaches Archival, "I suspect my answer has been made clear already by context, but I wish to formally accept your offer. I will begin the necessary research for the lyre, and should shortly be ready to begin its creation, pending obtaining the needed materials of course."

"I will also take a look into the matter of establishing a communication network. That project may be more problematic, as the related items I am familiar with tend to be too limiting in one way or another for such purposes. Something will likely need to be adapted, or created from naught but theory. I am reasonably confident a solution can be found, but I must stress in advance that whatever I come up with may be beyond our current capabilities or resources."

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 274

Smiling broadly, I clap Kresnik friendly on the shoulder, "Good man! Thank you, I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we are honored to count you among our number! From what I have gathered, you will require 6,500 gold for the necessary materials. We will cover 4,000 gold of the cost from the money we got from House Liostruth and I will supply the other 2,500. I would be lying if I said it did not hurt my coin purse substantially, but I will do whatever is necessary to see the realm succeed," I end with a look of determination.

I write to the Gorumites again. The letter includes the following details:

Jesla, as the Royal Enforcer and a devout Gorumite, will deal with punishing criminals according to our laws, work with the Councilor to make sure the citizenry feel we are adequately dealing with wrongdoers, and work with the Marshal to capture fugitives from the law. If it is necessary, she may also grant civilians the authority to kill in the name of the law. The role of Royal Enforcer is second in command to both the Marshal and Warden. I hope that this added information shows you have commanding of a role it is.

“Does anyone have any input on how best to seek the funds from the Church of Erastil?”

“I am not overly concerned with the loss of the funds offered by the Churches of Gyronna and Hanspur. I believe we should stick to the laws we have enacted. If a worshiper does anything that breaks those laws, we will react according to said law.”

Smiling, I reply to Amani, “We understand, my lady. Worry not on the matter - we had merely hoped to acquire funds to help aid with the creation of infrastructure for the settlement. Instead I will likely dip into my private coffers to secure the funds for the realm. Please though, never belittle yourself or your station by stating you are 'only a third daughter.' To a good man, their entire family is a invaluable treasure. That connection is even stronger between a loving father and their daughter.”

Reading the final statements of the elves and dwarves, I tilt my head slightly to the side and squint my eyes. Suddenly, their prior intents dawn upon me! “Oh goodness! Before it seems they were wanting to actually potentially settle sites we might find of their ancestors. I did not realize they wanted to do that. Do you all suppose we should send envoys to ascertain if this new realization is correct? Prior to that, let me put a question to you all. Should we allow others to settle in areas we have claimed? Regardless - would their settlements fall under our jurisdiction? Perhaps we should issue a decree in which we claim all of the Greenbelt as our lands, even if we do not currently hold sway over them. Does anyone have any input to add or additional concerns to consider?”

“Thank you Hegin, for your hard work on Akiros's extradition case. All in favor of appointing Amani Numesti Councilor, Maerrun Liostruth Spymaster, and Akiros Ismort Grand Diplomat, upon his release of course? All opposed? If the motion for Akiros does not go through, Maerrun's role might need to be changed to that of Grand Diplomat. In case of such an event, I would suggest Caelum to fulfill the role of Spymaster.”

I pen grateful letters of thanks and sincere letters of regrets as appropriate to each of the bodies that offered aid.

I gladly accept the offer from the Pathfinder Society and hand over the two-handed spear, light shield, 8 shadings of the barbarian cairn, and my treatise on the find in addition to my notes on the potentially missing art of fighting that allowed a shield to be used while wielding a two-handed weapon.

Out of Character:
Just checking my math here. 20 BP (4 barons) + 3 BP (Found in fort) + 2 BP (Fey's expertise) +5 BP (Pharasma) + 3 BP (Iomedae) + 10 BP (Abadar) + 1 BP (Orlovsky) + 5 (Garess) + 4 (Medvyed) + 1 (Liostruth) + 2 BP (Numesti) + 2 BP (Stroon) + 2 BP (Galavriel) + 1 BP (Mivon) + 2 BP (Koffar Evyas) + 2 BP (Edrist Hanvaki) + 2 BP (Duma the Sly) - 2 BP (Preparing hex for settlement) = 65 BP remaining. Sweet!

+4,000 GP (Liostruth) - 4,000 GP (Lyre of Building) : Spending 2,500 GP of my own money to ensure we have the necessary materials for the Lyre.
+2 Teenage Wards (Maerun Liostruth and Amani Numesti)

Are you going to add a reminder of some sort to your Dungeon Master page on stipulations such as the park? If not, I suppose I will have to make updating my notes a priority; something I've grown lax in doing… as in, I haven't done so since Mykael offered to spar with Zork and Theaton and asked me if I wanted to practice my summoning skills. My bad!

Keeping the bonuses a secret is your call bud; your game, your rules :D Right now our Control DC is 22, yes? What are the bonuses to each of our stats with the aforementioned people in each position?

I didn't try to appoint Caelum to any leadership role since he's kind of part of me… If it becomes necessary though - due to Akiros not getting released, people not supporting him to be the Grand Diplomat, et al - how would you rule on Caelum for his ranks in Sense Motive? Technically he only has 3 ranks in Sense Motive, but he has also has the Skill Focus Sense Motive feat (+3 bonus) and the Skilled Evolution for Sense Motive too (+8 bonus), which is why he has a +17 to Sense Motive. I know Ultimate Rulership recommended a +1 bonus for every 3 ranks, +1 for Skill Focus, and +1 for Leadership to any bonus granted by role, but I could only find the +1 for every 5 ranks in the Ultimate Campaign book.

Side note - I know you Dungeon Master's are getting SRD's now… Maybe you could add which rules you want to follow from the various books to your SRD - that way we can see them even if we don't own the book. Is that allowed?

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