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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
A Friend

Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power - Page 43

Alec answers:

"I have been expecting this ever since we found you in the wilderness... You will have to venture far, and reach the most Barren Lands of the domain, if you truly wish to serve the king. You have already learnt much, but there's one last lesson I would like to give you..." Alec approaches, and as he's looking away into the distance, certainty is expressed through his words:

"Fail to remain calm and focused when facing a problem, and your clouded mind will never be capable of solving it... Remember one of the first things you learnt amongst us, as you go out on your travels: Meditate and converse with yourself, commune with nature, and never base your actions on gut instincts. This was one of your biggest mistakes back in the day. You now know what it means to harness your abilities and tame your instincts to become a Warden of Nature."

If Bastis didn't know Alec so well by now, he wouldn't have been able to see beyond his calm expression. For him, it's obvious Alec is full of warm emotions about Bastis.

"Oh, and... If you're worried about Elaine, I have already let her know, a long time ago... She's prepared for this. More prepared than you think!" Alec smiles, something rare for him. "She'll be joining you and will accompany you on your journey to the Palace."


"My Lord Elric the Wizard?" hears Elric Hohenm, from behind him. Elric is seated in the common room of the inn he's staying, in the capital city of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, the city of Babilli (=Babylon=Gateway of the God).

As Elric turns to look, and perhaps ask what's going on, or even deny his magical aptitude, he's given a small scroll case from the man who asked the question, who bows as he leaves. The man was dressed in a palace servant's outfit.

Everybody in the inn is stretching themselves to be able to see Elric clear. All the noise has stopped. People stopped talking, eating, or playing games. The innkeeper has even stopped cleaning the tables. As the exit door closes shut, only the noise from the street, coming from the window opening can be heard...


Ashipu has already been summoned by one of the king's advisors, a superior priest, named Samas Sum Ukin.

"Something absolutely absurd is going on, fellow Ashipu. We cannot allow the King to waste the state's precious resources! Sadly, the only thing we're able to do is advise him otherwise, which would never work..." says a very troubled Samas, walking up and down in the private chamber in which he's meeting Ashipu.

"I have a very interesting alternative, albeit being unable to perform it myself. This is why I have called you, my dear friend.." Samas stops pacing, and turns to face Ashipu.

"Should you accept to help me, I can promise you... A swift rise in hierarchy within the clergy..."

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Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

Erlic sure looks puzzled about the visit but more that he called him "My lord" And he keeps the silent that occurs at the inn for a moment. Out of nowhere, he starts to giggle and then starts to laugh like an evil villain would.

"My Lord, huh?" He says as he continues laughing heading up to his room, immediately closing the door and locks it twice. Holding the scroll case in his hand tightly, he says to his familiar who is hiding in his cloths, Larae. Even thought it doesn't understand words.

"I never thought that this day would come Larae, the agents are making their move. What do I do Larae? The Organization found my position, I have to do something. This scroll case look suspicious enough. Could it be? No no no, I won't be fooled by him just like that. Mmhm *Laugh*, they underestimated me. That means that they still don't know my true powers! They shouldn't take my abilities lightly! That eternal place is waiting me.

He shakes the scroll case to ensure that nothing other than paper is inside. For a second he loses his motivation as he understands his friend's sudden emotion change."Don't be like that Larae, you never know what those evil rogues are up to. We have to be careful!"

Elric keeps walking back and forth for some seconds as then he finally makes up his mind, sitting on a chair. "Here we go! Aiming the scroll case away from him on the wall opening it while slightly closing his eyes as he thinks it might explodes.

Of course if it doesn't, he looks inside and by finding a scroll inside he will take it out and read what it is about.

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
A Friend

Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Elaine knew and kept this from him? He was shocked, and most than a little hurt. How could she know things about himself that he didn't know, and hadn't been told?

"Why was I deceived this way? Why did none of you ever tell the truth about what I was destined to do? Surely my knowing would only have facilitated my training further."

He could see in Alec's face that he thought this was a great honor and duty Bast had been given. Alec also seemed to be under the impression that Bast could handle the task, but he didn't feel anything of the kind. How could he possibly be ready to travel the Barren Lands!

Bast started to look a bit green and sat down heavily. This was all just too much to handle. Elaine knew, Alec knew, how many others? Why wasn't he told?

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
A Friend

Page 43 Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

Alec tries to express his faith in Bastis "All I knew, and what I had warned Elaine about, was that one day you were destined for greater deeds than us. I couldn't ever hope to know what exactly that would be, in the past, but now I am certain this is it."

Alec turns to face Bast: "Because of how sure I was, that sooner or later you would leave us all behind to claim your destiny, I ensured that she of all people would be willing to follow and support you..."

"I hope you understand now!"
he says upon looking Bast in the eye.


Inside, Erlic finds a scroll, which reads:

From his majesty's Nebuchadnezzar II court of advisors.

You are hereby personally summoned to the royal palace, in order to serve our regal leader and ruler. Your magical knowledge and abilities will be mostly necessary. Participation is mandatory, and refusal is punished by death by decapitation.

On the contrary, lawful, honorable, and honest participation is to be rewarded monetarily and/or otherwise, as requested by you.

You are expected at the kingly palace in the city within the next four days.

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Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

Ashipu scans the room with his eyes, checking to see if anyone can overhear.

He replies in a hushed voice, "I am very humbled and interested in your grand offer. But I don't understand your motives. You speak against the king, taking such a large risk? Clearly the danger is something greater than a loss of resources. But is it danger to you, or all priests, or to the whole city?"

"More importantly, why me? You would risk a friend getting caught acting against the king? Clearly the risk of that is low, or there are other risks involved that are higher. I cannot answer your offer, I am full of questions."

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power

Elric freezes as he can feel the cold running throught his body after reading that scroll.

"S-Say, Larae. I never thought that the agents would be that direct... Don't worry, I am not scared of anything it's just that I am, em, e-excited, yea... We have four days, this is more than enough. Yosh!"

Lowering his head "But they didn't need to be this rude... Refusal is punished by death by decapitation they say. This is too much! This isn't a request... This is a demand. It seems that they had been watching me."

He stands up sceptical. "Hmmm, however this seems to be true. Now that I think about it, the organization wouldn't involve his majesty in their plans. Or have they set a trap for me on the way there?" *Evil Laugh* "Those fools! They are underestimating me way too much, for I am not so easily played." He says as he takes and wears his cloak along with a scarf on his face. "There is only one way to find out!"

Elric picks up his stuff as he is heading out to the palace of the city. "So... Where was the palace again?"

Simple Disguise: 16+5= 21

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
A Friend

Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - Artifacts Power - Page 43

While Ashipu was looking around, Samas tells him: "Don't worry about anyone overhearing this conversation. I have taken measures so as to ensure our discussion will be held privately."

After Ashipu expressed his questions, Samas explained the situation in higher detail: "Of course the danger is not only resources... The King wishes to bring fertility to the Barren Lands. Do you understand what this means? Our control of the people of the city is based on the fact that they are not independent. Give them a fertile ground, which can both supply them with food and a sense of self-sufficiency, and rebellious ideas are certain to follow."

After a small pause, he adds: "The king does not understand what he's dealing with. He simply seeks to please his wedded wife..."

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - Artifacts Power D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 43

"Strange that love can cloud such a powerful man's judgement," Ashipu replies. "He has the position to take as many concubines as he wants. I will do this for you, please give me your blessings when I leave."

Ashipu is not without his own motivations. The Barren Lands were also a void of mystical powers and death followed many who entered. Forces that Ashipu wished to learn about... And control.

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