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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power - Page 50

Elric is ready. Leaving the library at dawn after his research, he heads back to the palace as he pass by a stable to buy a light horse.

As always he tries to "Disguise" Him self as he walks throught the town, careful to not be followed. Having his partner concealed in his cloak as he talks to him about the dangers of Milfiors and their great power quitely.

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
A Friend

Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

Bast has:

  • 900 Gold Pieces
  • 1x Potion of Endure Elements
  • 1x Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Elric has
  • 175 Gold Pieces
  • 1x Wand of Silent Image (50 Charges)
  • A Light Horse named Lucy (With a normal Saddle)
"Ghost" Ashipu has
  • 2 Gold Pieces and 9 Silver Pieces
  • 2x Potions of Cure Light Wounds
  • 2x Potions of Endure Elements
  • A Light Horse named Tootsie (With saddle packs)
  • The service of a veteran mercenary named Merodach-bal-uzur and a young and eager freshman adventurer, Hassimir. Each have already been payed for their first day of service. They will have to be payed 3,5 gp a day each.
Feel free to use this post as a reference!

Bean, you have 24 hours to post, before we move on, assuming your character didn't buy anything else!

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Out of Character:-Sorry everyone, I've been quite under the weather lately. Just now starting to get better.

Bast went about town trying to think of every type of contingency that were possible gathering supplies. Many of the merchants were giving him odd looks as he bought so much until he told them he was on official business for the King. That was when questions then died.

He wondered if that was because people respected the King and his privacy. Or if it was because people feared the King and knew to keep out of his affairs. Either way, a chance like this to heal the land wouldn't come again, and he had to do all he could to help.

Out of Character:- Purchase list:
Alchemist Fire - 20gp x 5
Antitoxin - 50gp x 3
Everburning torch - 110gp x 1
Holy water - 25gp x 4
Smokestick - 20gp x 5
Tangelfoot bag - 50gp x 2


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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
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Page 50 Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

Elric and Ashipu are already asleep by the time Bast arrives at his room. After closing the door behind him, he finds Elaine sitting on the bed, holding a letter, looking worried.

"Here, open it! What does it say?"

The letter is written in Druidic, and so Bast can understand it.

Dear Bast,

I write this letter in great grief. As our whole encampment was pillaged and burned by the thief Su-abu and his men. It wasn't until the next morning after your departure, that the attack happened.

It was so sudden, so well-planned. I am certain this was being planned since a long time now.

Most survived, but the majority of them was enslaved. Especially those less capable in magic. Those of us who used a Transport via Plants spell managed to escape, taking with us as many as possible. But some stayed to fight. One of them, your teacher...

I'm saddened for the disaster that has befallen us, but Alec's loss was a hit that has brought sorrow, and sorrow only...

Why would the gods lead us to this fate? I hope you do well on your quest, whatever that may be. Along with the letter, I have given my trusty feathery friend to bring you something Alec instructed me to. It's in a magic container, that can only be opened by your hand.

May this unfortunate end to our organization be the beginning of a new era, based on your heroic achievements!


Out of Character: Tabish was one of the well-known and respected elder druids, despite his appearance being that of a man in his mid 30's, sign of his great druidic powers and magic.

Elaine studies Bast's look as he reads, and asks:

"What does it say?!"

Out of Character: You may roleplay Elaine with your post, as usual, if you so wish of course. She has the palm sized box in her other hand.

Rather off topic, but...
I am also sick; bummer. Get well soon mate! Great roleplaying nonetheless! I'm personally enjoying this a lot!

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
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Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

The letter fell from Bast's hand when his legs gave out from under him. He absently put out a hand to break his fall attempting to grasp the bed but missed. It was like everything was moving slowly yet he felt like he was moving through syrup.

Alec was dead? He thought dimly.

He was numb, shocked into utter stupefaction as he struck the floor landing hard on his rear. The jolt seems to start the gears in his mind moving again. He thought he had heard something, or someone.

Alec was dead? He thought again.

"Bast!" Elaine said falling forward in a futile effort to catch him but only ended up knocking him over.

"What it is Bast?" she all but shouted, her mouth going dry, the blood draining from her face to match the face she was looking into.

She wasn't sure what to do, he had just gone blank, his eyes glazed. Then she heard a 'crack' and her hand hurt. Looking down she realized she'd just stuck him without thinking.

"Bast?! What is it, what is going on!" she bellowed choking off in a sob on the last word.

"He's dead Elaine, Alec is dead. They're all dead, our order, our homes, all burned alive," Bast said in such a flat soft tone that it shocked Elaine to her core.

She couldn't believe it, everyone, the village, the order, burned alive?

"" she stammered trying to come to grips with it.

"Tabish is alive, he sent word, some got out through the path between the plants. But precious few Elaine. Alec..." Bast said voice cracking and tears beginning to flow.

He didn't try to stop them, didn't bother to wipe them away. They were for Alec, they were in his memory, a clean clear tribute to the man that raised him. The man who took him in, taught him what was important in this live. The man who...who...loved him when no else had.

Close his eyes shut hard, Bast let out a wracking sob, and felt gentle hands come about him. He could feel Elaine's own tears on his tunic, could feel her body jerking with the grief as his was. The pain was like nothing he'd ever felt, it was so sharp, so pure in his chest, he wondered how he would take his next breath.

Alec had shown him the way, had taught him what it meant to be a good man. Had introduced him to Elaine and had joked about officiating their wedding. He'd never see it now, he'd never see them again. And for that, and so much more Bast cried and they were the warm hot tears of a boy grieving for his father.

- - -

A short time later he awoke, eyes burning, throat raw and bladder fit to bursting. His had was pillowed on Elaine's tender breasts as she stroked his hair and sang an old nursery rhyme. It was one he knew well, one his own parent's had sang to him, one Alec had as well. He felt at home suddenly, and then wondered at the miracle of such a feeling after such a rough night. This was why he needed Elaine, why she was so special. Each time he was in her arms, it was like coming home again.

"I'm sorry my love. I'd like nothing better than never to move from this spot, but I fear nature's call will wait no longer, " He said sitting up and rubbing his face some before getting off the bed and looking at her.

She looked beautiful as ever, if with a blotch face and her little button nose red. Why should he find that so endearing. His bladder protested again.

"What?" she asked with a quizzical look on her face.

"Hold that thought," Bast said tempted to hold onto himself as he ran into the privy.

Returning he tried to put on a brave face for Elaine only to see her giving him a false smile. But what else could they do in this situation. They couldn't just wallow here, Alec wouldn't want that. He'd sent him on this mission for a reason.

"I'm not sure what to do. I should go to him, I need to make sure he's tended to properly," Bast said finding it hard to get out the words.

"You need to continue what he sent you here to do. You are meant to aid the King, that is what Alec wanted of you. I will go back and see to him," she said.

"But that is for me to do," Bast said feeling he should be the one to give Alec's remains the respect they deserved.

"This is something I can do," Elaine said with a pleading look in her eye, "I can not finish her task for him. But I can see to Alec, that I can do," She said putting a gentle hand in his.

[B]"I appreciate that offer Elaine, but I can't let you return there. It isn't safe, and I can't...I won't lose you. Not for anything,"
Bast said with a sudden and fierce look on his face.

"We both have our own fates to answer to Bast, you know that. Mine it to take care of Alec and help our people rebuild. Yours it to go forth and rebuild the Barren Lands. Once you have done this, than I can bring our people here to see it. To rebuild here."

Bast did like the sound of that, to move out of the bandit lands and into a new verdant land of his making. Something he can give to Elaine and his people. A new hope for their future.

"Alright, but you must promise me you will be careful," he said bending to kiss her.

"You know how careful I am," she said dropping her head back inviting him in.

They both knew she could take care of herself. Who had trained him in the use of the spiked chain. Not that either of them didn't worry about the other as they embraced in the early morning light. Taking each other just one more time before the had to part and meet whatever fate brought them to next.

Out of Character:-Thanks, hope you are feeling better soon as well. I am enjoying this too, glad for the change to write this scene. Thanks.

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
A Friend

Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power

Out of Character: Bean, did you forget the box that Elaine has, or do you wish to keep it secret from Bast? Either way, Elaine should still have it somewhere!


"Ghost" Ashipu was deep in sleep when he suddenly awoke. Somebody was knocking at his door... Ashipu isn't usually disturbed, especially during the night, so "This must be important" he thought, while opening the door, carefully.

"My lord Ashipu" said the servant while bowing slightly. "I've been sent to you by my lord the high priest, who is currently away from the castle to inform you of something. I was told to transfer to you these words: Prevent it at all costs!. Do you, my lord, need my services for anything else, before I return to my master? Perhaps a reply?"


Elric is having a magnificent dream about a cow.

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - Artifacts Power - Page 50

Ashipu wipes his tired eyes as he considers the message. After a pause he responds, "Um, ah, can you send a message back? Understood crystal clear. Will execute the plan."

He considers the time of night and his previous orders. The high priest had not said that the previous task was over, so he should try to find what the other advisers are planning.

"And when you've sent that, can you tell the king's magical adviser that he is expected urgently over on the balcony on the far western corner." He hands over a gold piece, "But tell him the message is from one of the generals."

If he has an agreement, Ashipu's plan is to hide outside the adviser's door until they leave before trying to break in.

Out of Character: The adviser that Ashipu targets can be a lore-keeper or even agriculturalist if there is no mage in the castle.

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
A Friend

Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - Artifacts Power D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 50

Out of Character:- I wasn't quite sure what to do with the bottle. Is it important for the quest ahead? If so, she could have slipped it into his pocket when he was unaware. Do you want him to open it, or want me to come up with some use for it? Or do you have plans to that effect?

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