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Top  Future Earth Players In Waiting This Thread is used primarily to get new Characters into current Scenarios.
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Future Earth Players In Waiting
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Future Earth Players In Waiting - Page 4

"Well, if I'm hallucinating, I might as well enjoy the show." Artemis makes her way to the hatch, braces herself at the threshold, and then jumps.

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Waiting Players Earth Future

The Game Master says...

You courageously jump and your parachute opens instantly to bring you safely into a small but remote clearing. It is coming back to you now. You were briefed about the mission and told to meet up with another asset. You check yourself and equipment.

GM: Your gear, that you purchased earlier, is not with you, move it all to the storage section of your Character Sheet.

You remember placing your stuff in a storage locker, however you do remember receiving these things:

GM: Choose ONE from below and add it to your inventory:

Clothes: Casual (Pants, t-shirt, cap) or Jumpsuit (Includes utility pockets)
Footwear: Hiking boots or Sneakers
Grooming: Smelling good or Basic only
Apparatus: Tripod with mini-corder or hand computer
Food: (You are asked how many rations you want based on your diet)
Protection (Low-tech): Hiking pole or Cutlass or Serrated dagger
Protection (High-tech): (To be issued later)
Disguise: Photo of pet or Photo of family
Sentimental: Gold chain or Ring or Hand 4D gaming console
Visual: Electronic binoculars or detector (Harmful chemicals)
Storage: Backpack or Shoulder bag

GM: Add all of these to your inventory:

1. Military grade regional encrypted communicator
2. Thermal control sealed sleeping bag
3. Camp set (Includes utensils, fire starter, etc.)
4. First aid kit (Includes anti-venom, boosters, anti-hallucination, etc)
5. ID implant (Like a passport detailing your generic background, name, etc.)
6. Compass

After some time...

In the process of sorting yourself out you notice that you are being watched from some nearby overgrowth. A dirty looking individual who is wearing the same uniform you have on is watching you with some anticipation.

GM: State your item choice and what you wish to do now.

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Future Earth Players In Waiting
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Future Earth Players In Waiting RPGs PBP Fiction Science

Artemis tries to pack the parachute back into pack it came out of, but soon gives up and halfheartedly stuffs the whole bundle under some underbrush.

Then she strips off the jumpsuit and stuffs it next to the parachute. When that task is done, she stretches and walks around the landing zone a bit, pretending not to notice the voyeur. When she gets bored with that, she tries on the pants and the t-shirt. She puts the cap on backwards, decides that looks really stupid, and puts it on properly.

After all that, she turns to where she saw the stalker, and says in a loud voice, "Okay, you wee pervert, the show is over. You can come out now." Waiting, "Come on, I know you're there, I can hear you breathing. I think I have some food here,if you're hungry."

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Page 4 Waiting Players Earth Future

The Game Master says...

The person, a man, emerges from his position and comes towards you....

GM: Good, your role-playing in this Thread is completed. You no longer Post in this Thread.

The person you met is Seth, a man who was recruited some time ago but became lost in the jungle. The both of you will still have to find the rest of the squad.

Now here is the tricky part. Your Role-play continues here: Jungle Biowarfare Role-playing Game Brainstorm with KNtoran but you have not yet met the Characters of Play by Post or FairMaiden. When the main game is ready to be updated they will help guide you.

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Future Earth Players In Waiting
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Waiting Players Earth Future

Out of Character: : Do you have a thread for me to start from? Where will Gault be starting this adventure from?

I wanted to make sure that my Character Background does not clash with story thus far.

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Future Earth Players In Waiting

The Game Master says...

GM: Malcolmshaw, you are on the Thread to start. It is a preface to get you in with the squad. Please see the first Post of this Thread to understand what Gault's next reply should be.

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Future Earth Players In Waiting
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Future Earth Players Waiting - Page 4

In Character: Gault looks to the woman, then at his open hand computer, then looks into the sky. Then mostly to himself, "The satellites don't lie, often. Guess I am here."

Looking back to the stout woman, "I am following up on a response to someone, who mentioned meeting at this location. Not certain about any connections to the underground."

Tapping a couple of keys on his hand held, Gault calls up the encrypted message, "The coordinates match the post. The area and site location match the post. Only thing that doesn't match is my point of contact, as there is none listed."

Looking again to the woman, "So, ma'am, what exactly does this operation entail? Why do you need me?"

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Future Earth Players Waiting Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 4

The Game Master says...

The woman, rather perturbed by your accessing something while she is there, says sternly,

"Because not everyone is willing to die trying..."

Her answer surprises you as you look into her eyes, but wait, something is happening... Darkness.

You wake up on a bed in what looks like a medical facility. The space between the left side of your neck and your left shoulder feels sore. A guard is at the door and a holo screen that has detected your consciousness says,

"Please state your entertainment needs: movies, music, news, weather or scenes."

GM: In the first Post it shows you how to make the "In Character:" Tags so you do not have to type it out, it just takes a couple of letters. Say what you wish to do now.

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