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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 126

This is Kanin, over...

Krakrefr smirks to Gaden. He packs the medikit and puts it back into the backpack. He gets up and closes to Ajit, as he loads his shotgun and counts the shells on him. "I say we patch him up here and continue for the downed craft." He says to Cynic and Gaden in a low voice, so that the wounded guy won't hear it.

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9th Nov, 2016 - 8:38pm / Post ID: #

RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

The Referee relays...

The soldier falls in and out of consciousness as Ajit attempts to talk to him, but during his lucid moments all he gives up is his name, rank and serial number:

Matas, Budimir

22nd Nov, 2016 - 1:06am / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG RPGs PBP Fiction Science

The Referee relays...



A ship sits suspended in the void of space, nose to nose with the Wildcard like a mirror image; a worn out free trader eerily similar to your own. The interior of the bridge can be seen but appears to be vacant and there do not appear to be any lights on or an active power source engaged. She is a derelict. The Wildcard picked up the distress signal while enroute to the gas giant for refueling in the Whanga system after having loaded up with cargo bound for the Knorbes system.

The ships IFF is active which identifies it as the Elena. A button flashes red on the comm console in front of Maoikus indicating the distress signal from the small vessel remains active. It is a standard broadcast indicating a ship that needs assistance but offering no details as to why or what happened. Initial sensors and visual recon of the ship do not suggest any damage received through laser or missile fire.

The Wildcards current haul includes:

Passengers (4)
Low: 4
Middle: 0
Freight (85t)
Major: (60,40,60,20,20,30,30,10,30,10): Load 60t
Minor: (5,30,5,15,5,25,30,5,30): Load 25t
Incidental: 0

The Wildcard has not refueled yet and currently has a little less than 2 tons of fuel remaining but you are within the 100M diameter of the Gas Giant.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Page 126 RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

"Can we send over a search party to see what is going on while the wild refuels?" Doc asks. "I would be willing to assist if there is some need for me over there."

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Silver has taken his usual spot near the bridge entry way, "What does the scan for life signs give us?"

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG

Rebel over...

"We've plenty of fuel for in-system operations. Bad practice to strand crew on a strange vessel anyway Doc. I'll take us on a slow fly around, lets see what a scan with Mark 1 Eyeball shows us before we pay a visit. Anything on the computer about the Elena?"

Njall slowly manoeuvres the Wildcard around the drifting ship, looking for any signs of evacuation or forced entry.

"Pity there's no real Starport with proper traffic reports to check. Wonder if our Dr. Crane's Labship has some data on this."

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 126

Rebel over...

Ajit mans his station at the sensors. As Marq asks about life signs, Ajit turns to start the scans. Njall then offers to make a slow fly-around for visual inspection, so Ajit keeps scanning as they circle the ship, searching for any thermal or other life signs.

Out of Character: I am not sure what kind of scanners are present on the Wildcard. But assume Ajit uses whatever is available to search for people, neurological activity, or any other signs that there are still people on board. Sensors (Intelligence) at +4, made 3x as we circle and maybe for utilizing different scanning systems.

Ajit Akash Gadhavi Results:
  • Sensors on D12 (+4): 12, 7, 8 (3 rolls, as D2-12)

22nd Nov, 2016 - 6:23pm / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 126

The Referee relays...

The Wildcard's sensors are not designed with the capability of picking up life signs per se but they do tell Ajit that the Elena appears to be completely off line with no power readings. There is also no heat signature that would indicate that the ships power plant is running and no electrical signals to suggest that any of the ships computers or life support are up and running either so it would not appear that there are any backup generators active at this point either.

At Njall's careful prompting the Wildcard moves slowly around the derelict vessel, those on the bridge looking out do not see anything out of place save for one thing: The ships airlock appears to be open.

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