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Njall Nail Lang
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 148

Rebel over...

Njall converts the pain of the crystals latest assault to anger, using it drive him forward. Releasing his laser to trail by its power cord he unslings the shotgun again and advances on the thing, intending to smash it. 2 metres away he pulls himself together a little and decides to fire on the thing again first. Aiming for the base where it connects to the ship while bracing against the coming recoil Njall mutters Sagamaal profanies.

Out of Character: : If someone in the ship wants to help they could send the repair robot out to lend a manipulator to us.

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Njall Nail Lang Results:
  • Shotgun on D12 (+2): 5 (1 roll, as D2-12)
  • Zero-G on D12 (+2): 9 (1 roll, as D2-12)
  • Damage? on D6 (+0): 6, 1, 5, 1 (4 rolls)

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Silver watches as painful as it is, the process of removing the crystal. Taking a moment to ponder, his foot hits a storage panel. Looking down and behind the panel, he sees the repair bot just sitting there.

Thoughts hurt, but Silver comes to the conclusion that maybe the bot could assist Njall. Setting the commands he hopes are the right ones for cleaning the outside of the ship, Silver sends the bot out to the upper rear hatch and then pressurizes the hatch area.

15th Mar, 2017 - 1:48am / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG RPGs PBP Fiction Science

The Referee relays...

After observing the creature Shuth attempts to access the ships computer to find any possible relevant information but he finds nothing. The ships library does not contain any information on similar entities or creatures and part of the issue may be that it is possible that this particular creature has yet to be encountered by the Imperium. Access to a Class A or B starport may provide this information but if it doesn't then it is likely that this creature has not been cataloged. Shuth can attempt to study the creature more if he gets a sample of it.

Njall fires his shotgun again and more pink dust is thrown out into space but the crystalline creature remains attached to the hull. Several moments later Ajit and Njall see the ships repair bot clamoring over the fuselage having been sent by Silver to clean the hull. The repair bot takes a moment to identify that there is something on the hull but it soon skitters over to the crystalline structure. It first attempts to use a cutting laser but the laser is ineffective; adjusting the repair bot switches to a blow torch instrument which does seem to slowly chip away at the crystal.

Remaining calm, Ajit is able to regain his footing by hooking his foot onto a protruding antennae and gently guides himself back to the hull.


15th Mar, 2017 - 11:23am / Post ID: #
Ajit Akash Gadhavi
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Page 148 RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Rebel over...

Ajit finally regains his footing and watches as the repair bot starts chipping away at the crystal with the blow torch. Ajit calls out through his comms "Njall, stay here with the bot, I'm going to run this sample down to Shuth and then see if I can find us some more bots to help or at least some blow torches. Your shotgun seems to be not very effective, and lasers are pretty much useless. I'll be right back, but radio if anything happens." Making his way through the bugs and brushing away his visor periodically, like they were clouding his vision, Ajit heads for the hatch to re-enter the ship. Once inside, he heads to Shuth and gives him the vial with a sample of the creature, telling him Njall collected it and he could give more details. Ajit then looks around the ship trying to find some blow torches and any more bots that might be able to help.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Shuth takes the sample and heads to the lab to do some experiments. He will create a static chamber so he can isolate the specimen before experimenting begins.

17th Mar, 2017 - 8:31pm / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG

The Referee relays...

Shuth closely examines the shard and is able to discover the following: The outer layer of this life form does actually consist of a fairly thick layer of crystal which is not technically alive. Beneath the initial layer of crystal Shuth finds organic material and a network of what appears to be similar to nerve strands but these nerves are not the same as what one would find in a human, Vargr, Aslan, or any other species that Shuth is familiar with.

When dissected, Shuth is able to examine the nerve strands better and with the assistance of the autodoc he is able to run a series of diagnostics and tests which show that the nerves are very much actively sending electro-chemical signals throughout the organism. There are no organs to speak of, blood vessels, etc and it is unclear how the creature is able to generate and maintain these signals but it is clear to Shuth from testing and providing stimuli that the sample he is dealing with is aware or at least reacts to stimuli. It also appears to be growing at a fairly steady rate as the nerve strands expand and somehow continue to form a crystalline structure around themselves. It would appear that the crystalline structure is akin to a turtles shell that houses and protects the creature. While not alive per se it is a part of a living creature.

When exposed to the device that the crew crafted Shuth makes an interesting discovery in that this seems to be one of the stimuli that the creature reacts to and in fact the shift in frequencies definitely appear to be in response to the device as the creature attempts to adapt; he also notes that when the device is able to dampen whatever frequency the creature is sending out at the time this causes the creature to stop growing and in fact the nerve endings begin to deteriorate. It would seem therefore that the creature is adapting to what it perceives to be a threat by shifting frequencies. Shuth might speculate that the creature somehow converts psionic energy from its environment into building materials that allow it to grow. It may not be limited to psionic energy but this is what it appears to be feeding off of at the present time which perhaps explains mental assaults that the crew has been experiencing.

Shuth would likely speculate further that this shard, and indeed nearly any shard that breaks away from the main structure, is capable of acting completely independently of the original structure and this could be a form of asexual reproduction as the creature somehow sheds these crystallized shards which then attach to the surrounding environment and begin to grow into a new individual creature.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 148

Shuth gets on the horn and tells everyone what he has found. He also adds, "If we can keep it on the defense we can over come it and maybe kill it or weaken it enough to get it off of us. The fact that it is growing is not good. We need a way to also block our brain waves getting to it. If it does not sense our brain waves maybe it will go elsewhere."

Shuth continues to test ways of possibly blocking signals to it or other wise causing it to stop growing or even kill it.

22nd Mar, 2017 - 1:59am / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 148

The Referee relays...

Shuth conducts his tests and is able to provide some updated information for the device that greatly reduces the creatures psionic effect. The repair bot continues to work on the creature but is fairly ineffective. The crew has effectively bought enough time for an Imperial ship to arrive and assist or they could attempt to remove the creature manually.

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