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It is necessary. We have a border and we need - Page 6 - International News, Politics, Immigration - Posted: 24th May, 2017 - 3:53pm

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The Trump Immigration Wall
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The Trump Immigration Wall - Page 6

This is dangerous and shouldn't happen. These are American who through no fault of their own and still in the US will be outside of the protection afforded to the rest of the country in what could potentially become the equivalent of a combat zone as well armed drug runners and people who sneak illegals across the border battle with ICE and CBP agents and try to find ways to get into the country.

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The Trump Immigration Wall Immigration & Politics News International

New San Diego border wall a high priority

San Diego is identified as a “high priority” area for building President Donald Trump’s border wall between Mexico and the U.S., says Department of Homeland Security documents that outline the cost and timeline of the construction. Ref. Source 3p.

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The Trump Immigration Wall
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Page 6 Wall Immigration Trump The

Good, a buddy of mine that lives there said the gangs are horrible and they are virtually all illegal immigrants. Slowing the flow in while finding and deporting others will help this situation tremendously.

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Wall Immigration Trump The

Trump makes low budget request for Mexico border wall. Trump is asking Congress for $1.6 billion to begin building a wall along the border with Mexico, far short of the amount needed for a project sharply criticized by Democrats and even some conservative Republicans. Ref. Source 4f.

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The Trump Immigration Wall

I thought he would get the wall built. I'm beginning to think that it is impossible. Both parties have a vested interest in the status quo. I have lost faith in our government. It's all about the money now. It's government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich to twist an old quote. They don't care if we are inundated by people from third world countries. It might make our schools and communities much worse off but it doesn't affect them. They live in gated communities and their children go to the finest private schools.

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The Trump Immigration Wall
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Page 6 The Trump Immigration Wall


I hate that people are losing faith in our Government and our country. Unfortunately, it may be deserved. That said, let's give him time. He has three more budgets to go and at least it's a start. The problem will be Congress. Let's see what they do to gut even that amount.

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The Trump Immigration Wall - Page 6

First off Mexico is not a third world country (And for that matter neither is Canada). There are very few people from other countries coming in through the Mexican border. I understand the frustration that people are illegally coming in and taking resources from our government that could be used to better the legal citizens, but if you go read the research the majority of the illegal citizens actually pay taxes through automatic withholding at work, but can never see the benefit of those taxes (Beyond general road upkeep and stuff).

Regardless of all that previous stuff, building a wall will not solve any of the issues we have with illegal immigration. It will be just like cyber security. Every time you upgrade security the 'bad guys' just get smarter. Whoever you are trying to keep out is infinitely more adaptable than we are. No matter how many cameras we add or how good our 'tunnel sensing' technology is, no matter how many guards we staff it with there will still be illegals coming to America. They can come by sea (Which is more dangerous, but if you build a wall they will find a way), they can come through Canada (If you are worried about terrorists and such that aren't necessarily poor mexicans), and they can just keep coming through the 'wall' because no wall is perfect. This is a poorly planned idea that doesn't need to be funded. It won't accomplish its goal and it is only taking resources from the already underfunded schols you previously cited. All the money for this project is cut from other government responsibilities (Funding science, education, housing and urban development, park upkeep, etc). There is no 'new' money being injected into the economy to fund this, it is just re-appropriated from other sources. Instead of $1.6 billion going to the wall we could fund the school lunch program or the national parks program or science. $1.6 billion won't get much of a wall (As the article states), but it would make a big difference if spend elsewhere.

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Post Date: 24th May, 2017 - 3:53pm / Post ID: #

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The Trump Immigration Wall International News Politics & Immigration - Page 6

It is necessary. We have a border and we need to enforce it. We don't have open borders. It won't work in a entitlement society like we have. Walls work for Israel. Walls have worked elsewhere. It isn't 100% but life isn't perfect. If it cuts it half then it is worth it. Illegals have a negative effect in the economy. They drive down wages in fields that less fortunate Americans work in. This is why there are jobs Americans won't do. We can't just throw up our hands and surrender. The amount of illegals coming in has dropped significantly just from Trump acting more aggressively. That won't work long term because it is subject to the next administration actually caring about enforcing certain laws.

I grew up in a border state. . My state spends billions of dollars a year on education and medical for people here illegally. Mexico isn't the worst country in the world. However they have a huge corruption problem. Look at many border cities of Mexico along the US border. They are very violent with beheadings etc. We don't need that to spill over to the US anymore than it already has. Illegals do at least pay taxes in the form of sales taxes. With the funds they remit to Mexico or other countries and not paying payroll or social security taxes I would say it is a huge net loss considering the health care expenses and education. I'm sure there are studies that show differently. It all depends upon who conducts them. I'm sure a study commissioned by the US chamber of commerce society would find a net positive. As the old quote goes " numbers don't lie but liars figure".

My experience has been different with illegals. There are huge amounts of illegals in my old state that stand by the corner waiting for work. Someone picks them up and pays cash money under the table. No taxes paid on that money. If e-verify is being used as required it would be impossible to have an illegal on the payroll. Yet another law that has no teeth.

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