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Noukril the Ranger
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Noukril the Ranger - Page 2

The Town Guard

The town guard, Now they seem like a nice group of fellows. So far I have not had any run ins with them so I can say that I am doing well. Staying out of trouble is always nice. I guess not being on a first name basis with them is good. Not having to get to know them is good I think.

I know they have a rough job at times. They get to deal with those that most people do not want to deal with. The people that most in society frown upon. The thieves that every city seems to attract. Almost like rats. Any time a group of people get together you have a few that the town guard have to look for and to try to keep contained. I praise the town guard for the work they do as I am sure they are not paid well for the job they must do to keep the peace.

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Noukril the Ranger
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Ranger Noukril

Thoughts on the Chancellor

Thoughts on the Chancellor. Well I have not met the guy yet but he seems to be running a nice town. I see the people are happy in town and that life is good from my view point. I am sure that as I increase in status he will be more likely to want to meet me and then I can get to know the man and find out how he views the town and what his dreams and inspirations for the town may be. Other than that I hope him all the best as he is a good man from what I see. The guards have not said anything bad and if he was a slave driver or a task master then the town would have some grumblings about. Since none are heard then all I can think is that he is a good person who has the towns best interest in mind.

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Noukril the Ranger
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Noukril the Ranger Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Drinking at the Tavern

Drinking at the tavern... While I do not do a lot of drinking at the tavern I guess there are many who do. I seem to find the tavern busy all the time so I take it there is good business in selling spirits to the town folk. I do wonder if some of the drinkers get angry or upset over some minor offense. Do they let the alcohol cause them issues or do they let the offense go and just enjoy the nice drink and good conversations take hold and keep them in a nice place.

I do wonder what type of person I would be if I did drink. Would I be a nice guy still or would I be a mean person after getting some drink in me. I do hope to not find out as I plan to not be known as a drinker. I would rather be one of the people to help those who no longer can make it home by their selves by aiding them and getting them home safely. That way they can still get up the next day go to work and once again be seen drinking at the tavern.

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Noukril the Ranger
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Page 2 Ranger Noukril

Renting a room at the Tavern

Renting a room at the tavern is a grand idea for those that do not have a house. It is cheap and easy and you can get a good night of rest. Plus you wake up much more refreshed and ready for another day. Another good thing about renting a room there is you do not have to travel very far to get a nice meal and satisfy your hunger for a day. Granted that will cost you 2 gold a day but I think it is worth it and plus you can earn gold doing jobs so that helps.

I know when I first started I was able to rent a room at the tavern a lot and it helped me over time. Now I have a nice house and am thinking of upgrading to a better house. Not sure yet if I will or not but I can tell you that it is much better than sleeping at the tavern. Less noise to say the least. Plus it is nice sleeping in my own place.

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Noukril the Ranger
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Ranger Noukril

Favorite Skill training

Favorite skill training well that would have to be the bow specialization training. While I do not have much training in it right now I know that I will get more and more training in it as I get more and more gold. It is my goal to have a 10 in bow specialization soon.

Right now I am focusing on some of the lesser but still as important skills so that I will be more than ready when the patrols start up. I am good with a bow already and I will continue to get better. I am very good at swimming, running, jumping, and climbing so as things keep going I will soon be even better at other things. This is a goal to be the best at a lot of things so that soon I will be the on top and everyone will know that I am the Ruler of Kings.

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Noukril the Ranger
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Noukril the Ranger

If gold were plentiful I would

IF Gold were plentiful I would do a lot of stuff. One thing I would do first would be train up in my skills and buy a bigger better house. As time goes on my skills would be great and I would be even more prepared for anything that happens to come my way. With a big house I would be prepared for a nice family and leave a lasting legacy through the ages. Plus as the Ruler of Kings my family will carry the history of my great deeds with them through the years and maybe a holiday will be declared each year on my birthday.

Also as a person with wealth I would also help out the area I am in to see that it prospers and that businesses come in that will help everyone in the area have a better and more prosperous life. While there will always be the poor around I would do my best to see that they are fed and have a place to call home so they will be more able to care for their families and know that there is hope in their future too.

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Noukril the Ranger
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Noukril Ranger - Page 2

My conspiracy theory

My Conspiracy theory is that this town is not the beginning as it says it is. I think there is more to it all than just this town and getting things started. It is almost like while we are all being corralled into this town there is more out there. There are places we have not heard of or seen. I find it more than just a bit interesting that we are suddenly showing up here in this town and no where else on the vast world.

Now I am not a expert on how vast the world is I do see the sun crossing over this world followed by night. Looking at how quickly the sun crosses the world make me believe that it a lot bigger than this small area. Maybe I am wrong and others are showing up in other parts of the world too. But that is something we may see yet as time passes by. Until I know more I will just continue on my route of being Ruler of Kings.

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Noukril the Ranger
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Noukril Ranger Text RPG MMORPG & Play Post - Page 2

Understanding the hidden message in The Town

Understanding the hidden message in town is not always easy to do. First of all you have to understand that while in this village you need to work hard to gain experience and levels so that you will be more and better prepared so that you can be a very contributing member of a group of companions. As a member of a group you will be expected to pull your own weight and be able to assist the others. You will need to be ready to fight or to save each other so that everyone fights and lives to see another day. While not all of it will be fighting you will still need to have the necessary skills to be able to get through any type of problem. Doing this will help the group and it will also help you on you quest to be the Ruler of Kings.

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