Morfeas' Warhammer 40000 Campaign Support & Questions

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Morfeas' Warhammer 40000 Campaign Support & Questions

NOTE: This Role-playing Game is not being serviced, please check here for more Role-playing Games: How To Find The Role-playing Game That Fits Me?

This is an out of character thread for Morfeas' Warhammer 40000 Play By Post campaign.

Before we can start the game I propose a small discussion for what system (As the company names them) we will run. As you can find in the Review topic, there are 5 different systems. The most flexible is the Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy because the player can choose from many races. In case of Dark Heresy the choice is only for humans, since the players are the agents of an Imperial Inquisitor. I am having this discussion because I would like to run a game that the players really like and to keep their interest on the story.

Scenarios can take place on planets, spaceships, space-stations and even the dreaded Warp.

Dark Heresy: the agents have to find possible corruption in an Imperial sector, planet or anywhere that human interests exist. However they could not know if the Inquisitor is honest with them or holds information. It is also a part of the adventure. Many Inquisitors have been corrupted by Chaos or pursue their own personal agendas.

Rogue Trader: the players are the crew of a merchant ship (Rogue Trader) and have to find riches or other treasures while travelling in the deep space. They may work against the Imperium or for the advancement of its interests but their true loyalty is on the Rogue Trader crew they belong to.

Deathwatch: the players are Space Marines, elite superhuman warrior-monks that protect the Imperium from xenos threats. While it looks more "Limited" and "Stiff" in character creation it gives a lot in the background lore since the players can create unique Space Marines. Games Workshop workhorse are the Space Marines and there is a ton of reference material on them and many Chapters have unique abilites and history. You can also make a Space Marine of your own Chapter, there are supplements on this.

In all games the players can work against the mission as there are Corruption and Insanity Points. Think it like a Jedi turning to the Dark Side. In Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy the team may cooperate with a Space Marine unit but they will not be a permanent part of the campaign and will be NPCs. Personally I am more aquainted with Space Marines and it is easier for me to do a Deathwatch campaign, however I can do everything since I know a lot of Warhammer's universe. I left deliberately out of the discussion the Only War and Black Crusade systems. In Only War the gameplay is like Dark Heresy but the players are soldiers that have to fight in endless war· I think it will be much limited for missions and to keep the interest of the players.

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Morfeas' Warhammer 40000 Campaign Support & Questions
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Questions and Support Campaign Warhammer Morfeas

Since I am not that familiar with Warhammer I will defer to the others to decide what type of campaign they wish. I am flexible and learning the game will be helpful as we get more into it.

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Morfeas' Warhammer 40000 Campaign Support & Questions
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Morfeas' Warhammer 40000 Campaign Support & Questions RPGs PBP Fiction Science

You can still have input on the type of campaign without knowing much about it.

It looks like Rogue Trader is a lot like the Traveler game you're in in basic precept. Band of misfits traveling the unknown and exploiting it to make a buck or two. Though it should be noted that the ships and crew are a lot bigger, the smallest Warp capable ships in this 'verse run a crew approaching the thousands.

Dark Heresy would trend towards social challenges and intrigue. Lots and lots of intrigue would be my guess, punctuated by nasty combat. We'd basically be the secret police, enforcing compliance in situations where noncompliance can literally lead to demons taking over the world we're on.

Deathwatch would easily be the most combat heavy, we'd basically be a band of superheroic "Murderhobos" with stories worthy of legend in each of our pasts, and making more along the way. We'd be the ones thrown into meatgrinders that had claimed the lives of thousands before us, and be expected to walk back out intact.

Personally, I would name Rogue Trader as my first choice, with Deathwatch a very close second. To be honest Dark Heresy doesn't hold much appeal.

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Morfeas' Warhammer 40000 Campaign Support & Questions
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Questions and Support Campaign Warhammer Morfeas

Yeah I am not that big on doing police work as that is too much like real life. The Rogue does sound interesting to me.

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