Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation

Daishain' S 5e D Rpg Character Creation - D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Posted: 18th Dec, 2016 - 11:55pm

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Daishain’s 5th Edition D&D RPG Main Thread Dungeons and Dragons
This RPG is CLOSED GM Stats
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation

Current ACTIVE game: Ruler of Kings II Medieval Fantasy Text Role-playing Game


The below Role-playing Game is CLOSED

Current active players: 8
Currently open seats: 2

New characters will begin play at level 9. You are free to multiclass using the normal rules detailed in the PHB either from the beginning or during the course of play. Note that I reserve the right to reject any submission that appears to be built to be a powerhouse at the expense of being an actual character. (This is not to say I have a problem with playing to strengths, just don’t neglect the other aspect)

History: I ask that people include a well written background and character profile. The traits, flaws, etc. Listed in 5E’s background section can be an excellent starting point for such. If running into a writer’s block, you can pick a set of those and expand on why that trait developed, and how it impacts the character’s behavior now.

Generating Ability Scores: As much as I like rolling stats, in the interest of fairness we will be using the standard 27 point buy detailed in the PHB.

Generating HP: Players have a choice, either play it safe and stick with the average health scores rounded up. Or take a risk, and roll for their health in here. Be prepared to live with the results if you choose the latter. Either way, HP works as normal, you get your Constitution modifier added to each level, and your first level's worth of HP is maximized

Starting Gear: For characters coming in at this point, ask about starting gear in line with what the other characters are currently rocking.

Backgrounds: Backgrounds are generally freeform. While I suggest starting with an existing background that fits and tweaking from there, you are free to choose 2 skills, 2 tools/languages, an equipment set, and a feature. Just be prepared to justify those choices to me if they don’t seem to make sense given your character history/traits. You are likewise free to make up a new background feature, but bear in mind that features are for indirect social/fluff/plot advantages, not direct skill/combat. I will reject the latter type outright.

Source Material: Material from all official sourcebooks is available for use in Character Creation and advancement. In particular, the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, Volo's Guide to Monsters, Xanathar's Guide, and the Dungeon Master’s Guide offer new options not found in the PHB. The EEPC is legally available for free as a PDF, the others are not. However listings and general descriptions of what can be found within can be perused online. I can pass on needed details so long as you have a means for me to do so privately.

Material from Unearthed Arcana articles may also be available on request pending review and editing (While released by WOTC, UA material is crude “as is” playtest stuff rather than truly official content, it is often over or under powered). One noted exception, the revised Ranger class is available as it is presented in the UA.

Feat Changes: The Healer feat no longer exists (See rules thread for why), if choosing the Skilled feat, you can forgo two of the extra skills it provides in favor of upgrading one of your skill proficiencies to Expertise (Doubled proficiency bonus added)

Adjustments to other character options: Winged Tieflings and Aarakocra are limited to a collective daily flight time equal to 1 hour per Con modifier (Minimum 1 hour, flight time meted out in full minute intervals), in addition, if damaged in flight, they will need to make a Dexterity save to avoid falling (DC is the greater of 10 or ½ the damage taken), the former restriction disappears on reaching level 10, the latter remains. The Tunnel Fighting Style allows for a maximum number of opportunity attacks equal to the modifier used for the weapon being wielded.

Bonus Magical Ability: One personal change to the setting I’ve made is that very low level magic is extremely common. About 1 in 20 individuals are capable of producing a cantrip like effect at will, though it is usually weak enough to be of limited to no practical use. Players are free to make up such an effect for their character if they wish, whether or not they have access to any other form of magic. As a guideline, the chosen effect should be roughly on par with just one of the several things the Prestidigitation cantrip can manage. So being able to light your own torch with a fingertip is just fine, directly setting someone else on fire, not so much.

Running list of active characters:
Anronrosby, Tazskan, Dragonborn Warlock
Cinder, Velon Rodaan, Human Draconic Sorcerer/Paladin
Gknightbc, Lawrance Smithson, Human Wizard
Kingowlbear, Nikolaos Willahelm, half elf Lore bard/Light cleric
Kntoran, Cratol, Half-elf Open Palm Monk
Kyrroeth, Lia Galanodel, Wood Elf Life Cleric
PaulNelson, Poljen son of nels, Human Totem Barbarian
Seath, Perry Pennington, Tiefling Glamour Bard / Hexblade Warlock
Thomaslee, Zarra, Half Drow Assassin Rogue

Retired Characters
Abnninja, Faevalor Baronson, Half Elf College of Swords Bard. (Caught swamp fever and forced to remain behind)
Aericsteele, Onwen Brecht, Human Necromancer Wizard (Last seen fleeing to Thay after betraying the group)
Ashdrunbar, Nyzahr Karam, Tiefling Lore Bard, Swaps out with Jharan, Mastermind Rogue (Nyzahr AWOL, Jack caught swamp fever and forced to remain behind)
Brandonfett, Sarai Tzzerit, half drow Rogue/Illusionist Wizard (Missing in action).
ChristianD, Poppo Hardbottle, halfling Evoker Wizard (Retired to help run Castle Skyreach)
Croftstr, Ignazio, Human Shadow Sorcerer (Left to seek other prospects)
Falrun, Targul, Half-orc Champion Fighter (Called home to assist family)
Kyrroeth, Lorairies Pegason, Human Rogue/ Trickery Cleric (Left to seek other prospects)
Robertreaper, Oswald Deepshadow, human Thief Rogue/Light Cleric (Melted by acid)
RyanJ, Cahleth, Human Hunter Ranger (Critically injured in the line of duty).
Thomaslee, Geoffrey Charney, Human Light Cleric (Succumbed to a gorgon's petrifying breath).

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Zarra Glannath
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Creation Character RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Quiet Shadow says...

Since another already expressed interest in taking the role of a cleric, the initial question I asked in the review thread may not be as workable.

Instead, I'd like to request the chance to play a female elf diviner. I have a few ideas involving such, but I may be able to use to make an interesting character.

Reconcile Edited: Thomaslee on 18th Dec, 2016 - 9:15pm

Post Date: 18th Dec, 2016 - 9:31pm / Post ID: #

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Clerics are one of the more versatile classes to be found in 5E, so I would not give up on the idea so swiftly, as you can easily have two clerics that play quite differently.

If memory serves, and forgive me if it does not, it has been quite some time, but Morninglords were 2e's blaster clerics correct? Specializing in smiting undead with the light of Lathander.

I'm at work, making looking this stuff up and comparing problematic at the moment, but I suggest taking a look at the Light domain cleric, I think they're the closest match to be found from both a fluff and crunch perspective. They specialize in dealing fire and radiant damage, the latter of which is 5E's equivalent of offensively used positive energy.

A diviner wizard is also an interesting choice of course. You will need to be Johnny on the spot to get the most use out of your signature ability though, as its use needs to be declared prior to the affected roll being made. Not usually a problem in person, a little more difficult here.

Post Date: 18th Dec, 2016 - 9:56pm / Post ID: #

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Creation Character RPG Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

Thomaslee, it is as Daishain said. I'm going to play a wood elf life cleric. She will sit back at range with a longbow and buff or heal as needed. Her first priority will be healing. Your cleric concept would play much differently from mine. You could completely concentrate on your ranged attacks and I can concentrate on healing if it is needed. There wouldn't be a lot of overlap between the two characters really.

Reconcile Edited: Kyrroeth on 18th Dec, 2016 - 9:57pm

Post Date: 18th Dec, 2016 - 10:06pm / Post ID: #
Zarra Glannath
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Creation Character RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Quiet Shadow says...

Hmm, fair point. The choice of the Light domain as the cleric specialization does work quite well, though as an additional consideration it would also be a bit more focused on combat as well as blasting.

Honestly, I always felt that and at least some ways a morninglord was a middle ground between the cleric and the paladin in way of concept. They have proficiency in all armor types up to, including heavy armour and shields.

Then there's also consideration that AD&D 2e they had access to the combat and guardian spheres, minor access, and wards sphere, major access. Also, there is consideration of more artistic and creative expression.

As such, starting with the Light domain, I could take in consideration of combat feats and skills which allow for more artistic expression or maybe even a one-level dip in the bard.

Reconcile Edited: Thomaslee on 18th Dec, 2016 - 11:45pm

Post Date: 18th Dec, 2016 - 11:23pm / Post ID: #
Onwen Brecht
Wizard Necromancer

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation

The Friendly Necromancer says...

I am definitely interested in joining this but I don't want to take a slot away from new players or those that have not been able to get into other games like my 5E game so feel free to put me on a waiting list and give preference to those that aren't already involved in other games on this site.

I kindof want to try and get outside of my comfort zone. I tend to lean toward paladins, so I would like to play a Necromancer with a neutral evil alignment that would stem from his background; The second son of a Cormyr noble he always came in second to his older brother who was not only heir to their fathers claim, but generally smarter, stronger, and more attractive at least in my characters view (Still working on a name). His brother studied statecraft and learned how to be a noble while my character studied magic in preparation to be little more than a court magician (Diviner) for his brother. His brother had it all including a beautiful fiancee who, to my characters shock she actually seemed to show more interest in my character and they began an affair. Eventually they eloped and he renounced his claim to nobility they fled to the Sword Coast but she would not make it to their destination, struck down by some strange disease during their travels. My character did his best to preserve her body and vowed to find a way to one day restore her to life.

The evil part of his alignment would stem, not from some sort of hatred or disdain that he has for others, but rather in his willingness to sacrifice anything and anyone to bring his love back to life, nor does he have any qualms about using lawful or unlawful means to achieve his ultimate goal. He would definitely have an ends justifies the means mentality.

His reason for answering the call would be on account of the pay as he needs funding for his research and despite his somewhat nefarious goal and the means by which he is willing to achieve it, he is actually rather pleasant and many would not peg him for a necromancer. He is bitter about his love's fate but he tends to blame this on the gods; primarily on Talona as she is the goddess of disease; but he also holds something of a grudge against Savras not only because he failed to divine the fate of his love but also as he sees his fate as being unfair partly due to his birth order.

Of course if this character concept would clash too much with other characters I am willing to work something else out.

Post Date: 18th Dec, 2016 - 11:51pm / Post ID: #

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation

I am kicking around the idea of a Half-Elf Ranger with the Faction Agent background. This character would keep a very low profile while in mixed company; trying to blend in as just a normal citizen. His real motives are gathering information to send back to the Harpers, and upholding the Harpers' ideals and values. He is part spy, part deadly killer, and part diplomat.

Post Date: 18th Dec, 2016 - 11:55pm / Post ID: #

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation

Aeric has a good point there. I really want to play this as well but there are a lot of people that wish to play as well and couldn't get into the other one. Please give the new players preference as well. If there is a slot available I would love to play Daishain. Amazing character concept Aeric! I love it. That's so twisted.

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