Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red

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19th Dec, 2016 - 1:16pm / Post ID: #
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red

Game Master says...

Click here for Kingdom Building Rules. All the optional rules are also used (But not 3rd party products).

One day before the start of Arodus in the year 4710 Absalom Reckoning, the barons receive new official charters bearing the seal of Restov, a regal 'S' above a duelling sword crossed with a river, and an illuminated Surtova family crest, a gray ship against blue below and black with silver stars above. It is the official document granting you the privilege of rule:

Be it so known that the bearers of this charter, having delivered the northern reaches of the Greenbelt from the scourge of banditry, having provided detailed maps of the lay of the land, and having done no small amount of work in the exploration of said land and the culling of hostile monsters and indigenous hazards, are hereby granted the right to rule. The nature and laws of rule are theirs to define, and the wellbeing of this new nation is theirs to protect. In accordance for providing a stable nation to the south of central Rostland, let there be a generous stipend of funds, support, and advice provided to this fledgling nation as a token of Restov and Brevoy’s goodwill, such that future relations between kingdoms might be mutually beneficial. So witnessed under the watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and by the authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.

Your lands have been entrusted to prominent figures among those gathered in your tent city and constructions of fences and foundations are starting. Structures and laws are put in place and your advisory team on loan from Restov has written up all pertinent details for you. (Think of it as a separate entity that you make different kind of rolls for.)

Name: Kamelarn
Campaign: ICon's Kingmaker
Government: Autocracy
Alignment: LN (+2 Eco, +2 Sta)
Population: 250
Size: 1
Control DC: 22 (20 +1 size +1 districts +0)

Kingdom statistics: (Total = Buildings + Edicts + Events + Leader + Resource + Align + Other - Edict - Unrest - Vacancies - Other)
Economy: 23 = 0+0+0+20+0+2+1-0-0-0-0
Loyalty: 18 = 0+0+0+17+0+0+1-0-0-0-0
Stability: 16 = 0+0+0+15+0+2+1-0-0-2-0

Total Settlement statistics:
Corruption: -4
Crime: -4
Law: -4
Lore: -4
Productivity: -4
Society: -4

Fame: 1 base
Infamy: 0

Ruler: Bn. Archival Oragor +7 Eco, Loy, Sta (5 charisma +1 skill +1 trait)
Consort: -
Councilor: Amani Numesti +2 Loy
General: Bn. Mykael Brewmor +3 Sta (3 strength)
Grand Diplomat: Akiros Ismort -2 Sta (MIA Penalty 1 month)
Heir: -
High Priest: Isa Moreno +3 Sta
Magister: Kresnik Yimble +5 Eco (4 charisma +1 skill)
Marshal: Bn. Theaton the First +4 Eco (3 wisdom +1 skill)
Royal Enforcer: Jesla +5 Loy (4 strength +1 skill)
Spymaster: Maerrum Liostruth +2 Loy VARIABLE
Treasurer: Jhod Kavken +4 Eco
Viceroy: -
Warden: Kesten Garess +3 Loy

Ongoing Events:

Promotion Level:

Taxation Level:


Consumption: 1 BP (1 size +0 Cities +0 Edicts -0 Farms +0 other)

Treasury: 68 BP

Freehold (Village) statistics: (Total = Buildings + Events + Government + Size + Other)
Corruption: -4 = 0+0+0-4+0
Crime: -4 = 0+0+0-4+0
Law: -4 = 0+0+0-4+0
Lore: -4 = 0+0+0-4+0
Productivity: -4 = 0+0+0-4+0
Society: -4 = 0+0+0-4+0
Danger: -10

Your advisers also run you through what they believe should be the correct structure for the week-long discussions you have to hold every month to keep the kingdom running. They advise on diving the tasks into phases: Upkeep, Edicts, Income and Events. They run you through the process in the first week as you start.

Upkeep Phase
Step 1 - Determine Kingdom Stability: Warden Theaton roll 1d20 adding Stability.
Step 2 - Pay Consumption: 1 BP is used up, 67 remain.
Step 3 - Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots: No slots, skipped
Step 4 - Modify Unrest: Royal Enforcer Jesla has no dissent to quell

Edict Phase
Step 1 - Assign Leadership: Complete
Step 2 - Claim and Abandon Hexes: At your size, you get 1 claim and spend 1 BP on it. You're currently in the southernmost explored hex and have 2 north of you to choose from. Which one?
Step 3 - Build Terrain Improvements: At this size you can also build 2 improvements in terrain outside of your city, as long as they can share the space with other improvements.
Step 4 - Create and Improve Settlements: 1 new building at this size and an additional living space. Note the fort ruins halve the cost of a castle.
Step 5 - Create Army Units: Not yet.
Step 6 - Issue Edicts: Holidays, Promotion and Taxation are currently none, but you have organised yourselves that you can start issuing these edicts. What holidays do you celebrate? For inspiration there is a list on the Pathfinder Wiki, but you can also make your own!

With so many decisions to make, take some time to discuss it before we continue the other two phases.

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Red Run Rivers Kingmaker Pathfinder Icons

Theaton will still wish we expand north to claim more area and preserve more forest as we continue to grow. He will still have his house farther north near the forests that he wants protected over all else.

Post Date: 19th Dec, 2016 - 9:39pm / Post ID: #

Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Looking around the room I state, “We must decide between claiming additional lands or opting out of the act this month. Every time we claim additional land, maintaining control of our realm becomes more difficult. Do we wish to run the risk of being unable to control our lands by expanding this early, or would you all rather we spend some time first building up our settlement so that we will better be able to control and protect our lands? I am in favor of holding off on expansion at this moment. What say you all? If we do decide to expand, I would recommend claiming the lands to our Northeast first.”

“For improvements, I think we should create some farms and a quarry in the area. The farms will allow us to feed our populace and the quarry will give us the stone we need to build other structures, especially considering we have promised not to harm the forest too much. If we cannot create farms and a quarry in the same area, we should build a fishery to further feed the citizenry.”

“We promised Edrist Hanvaki that we would build a dance hall. I believe we should keep that promise this month. If we utilize the Lyre of Building Kresnik and I created, we should be able to reduce the cost of it by a significant amount. I believe we should also take the opportunity to build some houses for our citizens.”

“We have a few options when it comes to edicts. If we set our Holiday Edicts at none right now, Promotion to token, and Taxation to none, we will increase our Consumption by 1, but that is negated by the farm. Our Stability would also increase by 1.”

Out of Character:
The Farm improvement costs 4 BP in hills and will reduce our Consumption by 2 (So when we add another hex or district, our Consumption will still be 0).
The Quarry improvement costs 6 BP, would increase our Stability (Our lowest score) by 1, and allow us to earn +1 BP per turn while collecting taxes during the Income phase (Economy/3 is the normal BP you earn).

The Dance Hall costs 2 BP (Using the Lyre of Building on it). It will increase our Economy by 1, Loyalty by 2, Unrest by 1, Corruption by 1, and Crime by 1.

The House costs 3 BP. It will lower Unrest by 1, negating what we gained from the Dance Hall. If ICon rules the Lyre of Building can be used on multiple buildings (Just only once per building per turn), then the cost would actually be 1 BP.
Hey ICon, I'm assuming the Terrain Improvements marked with an asterisk are allowed to share with the options that don't have an asterisk, it's just that two non-asterisked improvements can't be built in the same hex. At least, that's what I've gathered as a general consensus from research I did. Otherwise, there would be no roads to get to a Sawmill, Quarry, or Mine. Also, Ultimate Campaign p. 212 states the Lyre of Building can “reduce a single building's BP cost by 2 (Minimum 0). This is a one-time reduction per turn, regardless of the amount of magic used.” Does that mean each building we create in a turn will have its BP reduced by 2? Example - We create a Dance Hall and a House. Do each of them get the -2 BP reduction, or does only one?

If we build the Dance Hall, the only other thing we have left that we promised to build (As far as Kingdom Buildings go) would be a Bank, yes?

Are we all okay with the kingdom name of Kamelarn?

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Red Run Rivers Kingmaker Pathfinder Icons

Currently hovering several inches off the ground, Kresnik is still straining a fair bit to get a good view of the maps and other materials on the council table. "This plan seems an excellent approach to me, though I must confess to not being used to planning on such a scale."

"While it may be prudent to hold off on claiming land for a few months, I would suggest that we make an attempt to ensure we're ready to expand shortly. We're going to need that space soon enough."

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Red Run Rivers Kingmaker Pathfinder Icons

Nodding, I reply to Kresnik, "I agree completely. I would like to ensure that we are able to handle any normal issue that comes our way. Catastrophic issues that are unforeseeable or unpreventable, I am not overly worried about. It is my opinion that focusing upon the mundane, little, preventable problems are where one's efforts should be focused."

Turning to everyone else, I continue, "After the Dance Hall, the buildings that give us the largest return compared to their cost are, in order of Kingdom Stat to BP ratio, the:
Exotic Artisan/Herbalist/Inn/Stable/Trade Shop
Town Hall
Bardic College/Foundry/Noble Villa/Paved Streets/Pier/Sewer System/Shop/Shrine/Temple
Market/Military Academy/Observatory/Watchtower
Caster's Tower/Foreign Quarter/Museum
Black Market
Luxury Store
Magical Academy
Magic Shop"

"To be able to expand sooner, rather than later, focusing on buildings that shore up our weaknesses of Stability and Loyalty is a must. As such, we should likely build - again in order of Kingdom State to BP Ratio:

"Or, if we would rather aim for just two high cost buildings that will increase all of our required stats, we could build a Mint and a Castle. Those two buildings built back to back would give us a total Economy +5, Loyalty +5, and Stability +3. After that we could focus on buildings that increase our two stats at a time, likely Economy and then a choice between Loyalty or Stability. That would be the best path to expanding sooner, rather than later. In fact, I think after building just the Mint we could afford to start expanding - likely toward the gold mine that Theaton mentioned during one of our meetings last month."

20th Dec, 2016 - 6:23pm / Post ID: #
Mykael Brewmor
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red

Ignoble says...

Mykael stands near the table at the meeting mostly observing but saying very little other than agreeing that the name for the nation that Archival presented is appropriate and admitting that he has little input regarding construction, expansion, or edicts. Archival seems to have these things under control for the moment and Mykael is generally in agreement with his plans.

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2 Rivers Run Red

Jesla listens to the discussion unfolding. She notices Kresnik levitating attempting to see the set up on the table. Looking around the room she walks off for a moment. She returns shortly with a chair. She places it beside the gnome whispering " This might help you to see better. " Jesla backs away from the table now.

She nods from time to time and gives the appearance that she is paying total attention to the discussion. In reality she is listening for the parts that might affect her or the enforcer role she is tasked with. Hearing Archival asking about expanding now she replies. " I feel that we should make sure what we possess now is secure before we expand. It does no good to expand and lose control of what we already have. By the way I do like the kingdom name. " Looking faintly surprised that she spoke she looks at the others.

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2 Rivers Run Red D&D / Pathfinder Archive

Grinning at the affirmation, I look to Jesla and reply, "Thank you. Your input is valuable. Please do not hesitate to give further insight. While I was trained by my uncle for this sort of thing, it is all still theory and rather untested. Mykael, I hope you will speak up if you see anything I might have missed. I have even been working on a general layout for the district." I state as I pull out a scroll and lay it out. On it, the 36 lots that comprise a typical district are laid out with groups of four lots broken into 3x3. The rows are labelled A, B, C, D, E, F and the columns are labelled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

A1, A2, B1, and B2 are labelled Castle (Roughly where the fort stands now).

B3 is labelled Mint.

B4 is labelled Bank.

F1 is labelled Mill.

E4 and F4 are labelled Foundry.

F6 is labelled Pier, with a note to upgrade E5, E6, F5, and F6 into a Waterfront eventually.

The Northern border consists of a City Wall, Moat, Bridge, and Gate; the Western border consists of a City Wall, Moat, Bridge, and Gate; the Eastern border consists of a City Wall, River (Acting as a moat), and Watergate; and the Southern border consists of a City Wall, Lake (Acting as a moat), and Watergate.

Blushing a little, I apologize, "I'm sorry I did not notice you were having trouble seeing Kresnik. That was inconsiderate of me." I then focus back on the scroll, "I know it is a little forward planning, but the items I listed near the lake actually have to be placed in those locations, or another district created so that they may be on the water… I would have had more of the potential layout complete, but I spent some time visiting my… friend," I finish lamely. "Where do you all think the Dance Hall and Housing should be placed?"

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