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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories - Page 24

"A long time ago, I walked the same path that you do now. I started at a younger age though, having been born with the gift. Awakening the blood for more than just a few magic tricks is difficult, and requires sacrifice, but it can be done. I grew scales, my eyes changed, I was able to transmute my limbs, and then my entire body, for short periods of time. It took decades, but eventually, it took no effort at all to be a dragon, and turning back into this form became the thing I needed to use magic for."

"This outcome won't necessarily be yours, it is but one of many paths you could take, and is perhaps the least likely. There are advantages to this path, not the least of which is being able to do much more than a normal lifespan would allow. If there is a warning involved, it is that there are drawbacks to separating from humanoid society and living such a long life. The companions I started this journey with have long since gone to the heavenly realms, and there are times I wish I could join them and rest."

"As to the others, most metallic dragons who were born as such do mean well. They support the cause of Bahamut, protect and defend others, and fight evil where they see it. But they also 'know' deep in their bones that they are in many ways superior to the races they protect, and often have little sense of urgency."

"Protanther, the head of our council, is unfortunately an excellent example of this. Have you wondered why more of my kind have not involved themselves in this matter? It is in large part because he is convinced that this little cult composed of young races will burn itself out soon enough, that they're incapable of causing lasting harm. I can only hope that either he is right, or I can prove otherwise in time for them to intervene."

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

"Yes, Jad told me you were swift to act when necessary but that the counsel often lets things play out. I am luck to learn from you amongst all dragons, it seems. Their patience might outlast my human years before I learn much. You mentioned sacrifice? I can imagine a long life is a double edged sword as you described. What other sacrifices do you speak of? If I choose to follow in your path, should I study transmutation myself?"

"Also, Irdeith, what should one call his mentor in our case?"

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories Archive Pathfinder / D&D

"A knowledge of Transmutation magic is necessary yes. But it is not the only thing that is needed."

"As to what to call me, it seems fitting to stick to Silas while in this form."

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Page 24 Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

Velon, still overwhelmed by the presence of Silas and all he has seen in the past few days, isn't quite sure which of a thousand questions to ask Silas next. He knows they must part and continue their missions. "I wish you luck against the dragons, Silas. We need you." He gives Silas a bow as he was taught upon their first meeting, but refrains from raising his finger as if to touch claws since Silas is in human form.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

"I should be fine, my mate and I can fly faster than they, and as powerful as they are, they appear to have neglected spells that can bring others down from a distance. It will be a tense game to be sure, but one we expect to win."

"One last thing. You mentioned luck before. I am not convinced luck was involved. Unlike his sister, the Platinum One is subtle, preferring not to interfere directly. But I have found that he guides his servants to what they need. We found each other for a reason youngling. Take care, and fight hard in the name of your adoptive sire, make her proud."

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories

With regard to Silas's last words Velon simply replies "I will."

Upon mention of Silas's mate, Velon comments "I would be honored to meet your mate some day, Silas. Perhaps when I visit your home when this is all over."

Out of Character: Daishain, totally just curiosity here, but does Velon have any indication of how large Irdeith would be in full dragon form? Not sure when he transformed just his claw or other body parts if that was a true indication or not.

Also, I think Velon would think on this conversation and be very intrigued by the notion of learning to do what Silas can do regarding transmuting into a dragon, along with the longer life span. As an orphan he is lacking close relationships that he would miss at this time, and his drive to serve Bahamut and help others is far stronger. If there are any spell or build choices I should consider as he pursues this long term, please do let me know. I'm sure it will be part of the story as Silas gives Velon the books he mentioned, etc. Anyhow. Clearly I don't imagine transmuting into a dragon and being as powerful as Silas during any of our game play, but could picture Velon achieving some of these goals as part of our epilogue if he survives the story.

(Survives and doesn't turn evil, that is… build wise a level or two of warlock is still very tempting for Armor of Agathys, etc.... Not sure how to do that within the story without becoming evil and without Silas disapproving, however).

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Page 24 Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories

Once the flying castle has landed, Poljen finally finds time to speak alone with Lora.

"Lora, I have something I wish to show you. Come, please." He leads her back up onto the higher floors of the keep to the private rooms on the top floor. There are still signs of the fighting in places, mostly blood stains on floors and walls, but he leads her past that to one room, that appears clean enough, though obviously the group had searched it previously.

"I think this was quarters for a servant of the giants, human-sized. While we are here, I thought you could use this room for yourself. You would have privacy." He blushes slightly as he continues, "For instance, to… check my health, if you so wish." His overtures are obvious, if not outright clumsy, but obviously sincere.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories - Page 24

Lora grins as she sees the room that Poljen offered to her. She studies it casually for a moment." Poljen, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I don't know what to say." She jabs him in the ribs." Check your health? You never seem too concerned with that,." She laughs softly and puts her hand on his arm.

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Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories - Page 24

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