Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories

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As requested, this thread is for player character interactions that fall outside of the primary storyline.

Romances, campfire stories, even side adventures that lies outside the main continuity, it can all go here.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains


Thanks for setting this up for us. I'm pretty sure we'll be needing this when this combat end… assuming we survive.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Lia sits down in a quiet corner of the cavern. She looks down for a moment before looking him in the eyes. " Fay, I knew who you were the moment I saw you. You have the look of him. I thought you were him at first. You have his manners as well. I don't have to ask where you learned them from. "

She pauses, gathering her thoughts. " He said he was from Waterdeep. Your father was a mercenary. " She stops for a moment watching for his reaction. Lia is nervous wondering how he will receive what she is about to tell him.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

Fay looks at Lia, confusion clearly evident on his face, "M'Lady, what in the name of the gods are ye trying to tell me? Mind reading has never been my skill, for that I'd need one of my sisters here." He said the last sentence with a grin on his face. "I know ye be a fine archer and yet ye seem to be wide of the mark."

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

Lia decides not to delay it any further. " Twenty years ago I was in love with your father. My parents did not approve. He left and I never saw him again. Shortly afterwards I discovered I was pregnant. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. That was you. I have been looking for you almost 20 years now. Sune has blessed us bringing us together like this. " She smiles at him.


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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories

Fay looks at her oddly, "Madam, I'm sure you are wrong in this. Me Pa was never a mercenary. There was a time when he left as a soldier after his wife died, but for certes he was no mercenary. What name did this mercenary of yours carry? Me father's name is Kaishan. Twould be near to a miracle if you were my mother and we met such, but I fear it is hope doing your thinking and not facts."

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories

Lia frowns at his statement. " He said his name was Kaissun Hanlel. I know not if that was his real name. He looked just like you. We met in a smaller city called Secomber. It's by the High Forest where I was raised. I had never been around humans before. Growing restless living in the forest I had ran away from home. I met him there. His looks and charm won me over. He fascinated me and was so different from anyone that I had known. "

Lia stops talking for a moment while considering what to say. " We were in love. I was never happier than that period. My father and some of his men eventually tracked me down. They confronted me alone. They forced me to return home. While old in human years I was still a child according to my people. I never got to tell him what happened. He thinks I just left I'm sure. My parents were angry with me because I ran away as a child but also because I was in love with a human. My parents look down on humans and see them as less than elves. "

Lia swallows and it is evident that this is getting hard to share. " A little while afterwards I found out I was pregnant. I knew it was his child. He was the only person I had been with. Fearful of my parents wrath I tried to hide the fact that I was pregnant. I tried to hide the fact but they eventually found out. My parents were furious. They demanded I give up the baby or they would disown me. " She looks down now and tears are visible at the corner of her eyes. " I gave him up. I was a child. Under the threat of being disowned by my people I knew I couldn't take care of him. His name was Beleg. My father took him away and gave him into the care of humans I knew not where. I was heartbroken and knew not what to do. "

Lia speaks slower now remembering the bitter time. " I became suicidal and decided that I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try to find him. Packing some supplies I ran away from my home again. I returned to the human settlement since it was the only place for miles around where humans lived. It took me a little time to find where they had taken him. He had been left with a pub owner there. I then found that Kaissun as he was known to me had claimed him and left. This was a couple of months before. Gathering up what I could I headed to Waterdeep. I realized after some time searching that Kaissun Hanlel was most likely not his name. I never found anyone by that name and it was impossible to find you since you had a name by then unknown to me. I was devastated and depressed. I have been holding out hope that I would find you one day but had all but given up on ever seeing you. Seeing you today has brought new hope to my heart. A mother knows her son. You are your father's son. I see it in you. You speak with the same dialect that he did. I see me in your eyes though. Does any of this sound like what your father told you regarding your birth and mother? " She looks at him with tear filled eyes.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories

The moment Lia mentions Secomber Fay's face goes pale. He hears everything she says but it's as if she is speaking from far away. Every word after the mention of that town registers like hammer strokes on an anvil, loud with sparks flying, but as if from a great distance. As soon as she said that Fay knew, "Here stands me mother. The Elf who would have nothing to do with me at birth." "How could a mother treat her son that way and why did me own mother treat me that way" was the single thought that ran through his head every time he saw a mother and child. He thought the same every time his brothers and sisters spoke of their mother. He felt so inferior because of this, what a monster he must have been to be abandoned by his mother. This caused him to build the personality he has now, it was his defensive mechanism.

And yet, hearing his mother, yes, he could say that, hearing his mother's explanation to him made sense. He heard the pain in her voice. More that that, he heard the love in it. He was not a monster. "Meh mother was a young Elf lass caught in an unenviable situation. No, unenviable was the wrong word" he thought, "The right word was monstrous situation. A monstrous situation brought about by her parents, meh own grandsire and granddame." Fay shakes his head as these thoughts swirl around. Then he concentrates on the words of his mother's voice again. "His mother's voice", he smiles ever so slightly.

"Suicidal?" Fay thinks to himself. "His mother became suicidal because of the action of her parents. She became suicidal because of the loss of me. I am not a monster to me mother. I be her son." He looks at Lia as she finishes talking. He hears her ask if any of this sounds like what his father told him. The truth is, just the name of the town and a good look at his mother was all he needed. This is the truth and he knows it. Twenty years, it took him 20 years but here stands his mother and feels for him like all those mother and child scenes he tried not to notice and tried to convince himself meant nothing to him.

Fay looks at Lia, "Mother?" He holds her eyes with his own. His eyes mist but he fights back the overwhelming feelings, "Mother." This last was not a question but a statement. "Yes, this sounds much like what meh Pa told me. I know what you say to be true." He looks down for a second, collecting his thoughts. He takes a few deep breaths, steadying himself for what he is about to say. He is strangely out of words for a few moments. And then he knows what he is going to say.

He looks at Lia again, "I have a mother, she be you." He reaches for her hand if she will let him have it and continues, "Meh life was less for not having you in it, but 'twas not bad. Pa and my brothers and sisters loved me dearly as I them. The loss of you helped make me what I be today. I be a stronger man for it. But I would that you be in me life from now until the day meh shadow no longer shades the ground. But of you I have two conditions. Nay, not conditions for that is not what a son says to his mother. Two requests of you. First, ye and I shall go to visit meh Pa. He would be sorely glad to see you methinks and this tale of yours would greatly ease his heart, for he loved you fiercely and always wondered where ye went. He has not been with another since. Methinks he loves you still. Next, I would visit with your parents. I want to lay eyes on they that thought me such a vile creature as to all but throw me out in the trash."

At that point anger overcomes Fay for an instant. He thinks again about his mother saying she was suicidal because of them taking him away. "Gods, but I could have lost her then and there" he thinks to himself. Then he thinks, "Lost her, but I have just found her. I will not let their actions overshadow this day, this… reunion." He shakes the anger away and continues looking at his mother. Fay says, "These trips of course, if we live past this siege and as circumstances permit." He finishes by saying one more word, this time in the language of the elves, "AmillĂ«."

Out of Character: The Elven word, of course, is mother. And possibly a couple of lead ins for an adventure or two or perhaps a side adventure.

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Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories

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