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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories - Page 2

Tears of joy flow down her cheeks as he calls her mother. The day has finally arrived. The day that she thought might not ever come. Hearing her long lost son call her mother opened up a compartment in her mind. She had to hide away the anguish of losing her son for so many years to be able to carry on. Seeing him again brought those feelings out but they were now driven away by her joy.

She lets him take her hand. There is a huge smile on her face. " Fay, this is the best day of my life. I... " She sounds choked and can't force the words out for a moment. " Please forgive me for allowing my parents to take you from me. I'm so sorry about missing your entire childhood. I will be the mother to you now that I always should have been. I swear to you that I will always be there for you as long as I live. "

The young elf looks uncertain for a moment but presses on. " I will be glad to accompany you to see your father again. The first thing I will tell him is how wonderful of a job he did raising you Fay. I will also take you to meet your grandparents. I'm afraid that it might hurt you to see their reaction to us though. We will do so though if you wish. "

Lia can't stop smiling now. " I cannot wait to let everyone know that you are my son. It is amazing that in the midst of this siege and that horrific battle I find my son. " She hugs him tightly. She murmurs to him in Elvish. " Gi melin, Ionneg. "

Out of Character: : That was Elvish for "I love you, my son."

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

Fay smiles at Lia. He says, "Amillë" yes, that sounds correct to his ears, "Tis time to rest now. We must be prepared for what comes next, whether that be on the morrow or merely a few hours hence. What the future holds, whether regarding my father or my grandparents shall be for then. Now we must concentrate on what lies directly in front of us. Whatever that is, we will face it together." With that, he picks up his Pan Flute and sings a soothing song for all to hear.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Lia smiles. " You are correct Fay. Today was bad and tomorrow very well could be worse. We will win this though. My Lady Sune watches over us. Together. I have felt alone for so long. Yes, we will face it together. I must rest and recover my healing abilities. " Seeing him remove his pan flute from its case she moves to the side and works herself into a trance to recuperate. Lia will be able to hear her son's music as she meditates.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Page 2 Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

Lia looks to Fay as they take seats in an area granting a little privacy. " Ionegg, you have acquited yourself well today. I'm proud of your conduct as I'm sure that your father will be. You fight with great bravery and skill. " She smiles and pauses for a moment, unsure how to begin this.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

Fay listens to Lia intently, eyes fixed 0n the beautiful Elf Lady. "I know why meh father fell in love with thee" he thinks to himself. Beauty, intelligence, and bravery, what more could one ask for. Then, Fay remembers the items he took off of the mage prisoner. "Amillë, I have this tome of magic and this ring I took off of yon mage. We must have them checked, they may be of use to us. Are there any here that can tell us of what use they be? Also, why have we not questioned our prisoners. Meh brain must be addled from fatigue. They have knowledge we lack. We must find a way to get that knowledge." He sees the urgency in Lia's eyes. "But thee hast something of import to say to me. Thou art my Amillë, be not shy, say what thee wills't."

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories

Lia smiles as he speaks. She is preoccupied as to how to handle this. " Thank you for reminding me Ionneg. Onwen can take a look at those items. He usually takes care of that for us. Onwen will probably want to copy those spells from that tome. "

" I needed to discuss something with you before someone else says something to you. As said earlier, you have leader written all over you. You are a born leader. That comes from your noble birth on your father's side. But.... You have to remember that you have only started working with us today. You aren't a member of our group yet. Only a member of the Silver Blaze can issue orders. I forgot about this myself because you have done such a wonderful job and because you are my son. It would be best if you would cease giving orders regarding our group until you are a member or it will cause bitterness towards you. I assume you wish to join our company. If you continue giving orders while not a member it will greatly harm your chances of joining us. It shouldn't take long to become a member. I have already been speaking on your behalf. You have my full support in joining. I will make sure that it happens. Does this make sense Ionneg? " She looks at him worried how he will receive this.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Page 2 Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories

Fay thinks about this for a moment, "Then I would speak to the group as a whole Amillë. I am not part of the Blaze and meh orders were not to the Blaze. They were to fellow warriors battling an evil intent on hurting innocents and killing us. I assume it is Poljen who mentioned this, but ask a name I won't as this would put thee in an awkward situation. Still, there was one point in the battle I felt he resented me orders which is why methinks him it was. This I must explain to them. Or, if thee think it best I trust thee to relay meh message. What you ask is foreign to me. It would be akin to asking me lungs not breathe the clean air." Fay takes a second to take a breath and think some more.

He continues, "Here is what I can promise, until I formally join the group I will try not to issue orders. But when I see no orders issued when some clearly need to be so, I shall step into the breach. Tell all who resist that they can take them as suggestions or take them not at all, but when I see a need I will speak. These be not orders to the Silver Blaze, they be orders to folk whose lives I saved at least once this day and who have saved mine in turn. I would not say this if I did not care for these folk now as family thanks to shared danger."

He looks at Lia and gauges her, then continues, "But I see a clear lack of leadership. And this concerns me for thy wellbeing. There is a saying meh father told me which he said cometh from far to the east, though he be prone to exaggeration. He said, an army of sheep led by a wolf is to be more feared than an army of wolves led by a sheep. Well, the Blaze be led by none. Tis the worst of situations. When, in fact the Blaze could be the strongest of any as an army of wolves led by a wolf… for any one of us could lead this group and I include meself in that mix even though I have but a day and half with thee all. Ye see, I have experience on campaign with pah and meh older brothers. They taught me how to take orders, and how and when to give them."

He pauses to give Lia a chance to take in all he said, "Poljen called me lad during the battle. Young I may but I reckon our ages be close and I reckon our experience in battle be similar too. Smaller I may be then he, but methinks calling me lad was not a term of endearment. There be three people that call me that, pah and my two eldest brothers. Now tis your right as well. But he has not that right. Also, he be reckless and that be dangerous. But it be dangerous for the enemy too because it be unexpected. He could be a most excellent leader, but would take a lieutenant with guile, cunning, and patience to temper him to truly make that combination work and he would have to learn to take advice. T'would also work if he be the lieutenant. But there be others too could lead Amillë. Thee would be an excellent leader, but t'would require you to learn to be ruthless. Sometimes the time to talk be gone and the time to kill be upon us." He says those words and prays silently to all the gods that Lia doesn't take offense.

He takes a deep breath and then finishes, "I have spoken overlong but I make to thee one promise more. Thine life means more to me than mine own. I will not see thee come to harm. In this there is no gainsay. 'Tis the way things be. Ere yestereve I had no mother and thought my life an embarrassment to her. By thine own actions and words ye have shown me mine error and I shall have ye in meh life."

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
A Friend

Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories - Page 2

Lia sighs softly in a mixture of frustration and pride. " Ionneg, thank you for listening to me. You are your father's son. " She smiles and shakes her head. " You are as stubborn as he ever was. I know that with your upbringing it is hard to take orders and not give them instead. It is the way that you were brought up. That's your expected place in society. "

She looks at him thoughtfully. " It is all I can ask of you to keep the promise that you gave me. If you state it to them the way that you stated it to me then they might understand. I will speak to them but I feel that it would be best coming from you. I will still speak to them about you becoming a member as soon as possible. There should be no reason not to accept you. Hear this, Ionneg. If they decide to not allow you in the group then they don't wish me to be in the group either. The years have been long looking for you. I will not lose you easily now. Where you go, I go. We have a couple of trips to take as well. " She beams happily.

" You were kind in your description of my leadership faults. I err on the side of life. I do not like to kill unless there is no other way. Speaking with that dragon probably wasn't my best idea. "
She pauses once more. " The leadership ideas that you had would work. Poljen's recklessness frightens me. You would make a great counterweight to him as a lieutenant. The reverse would work as well. The two of you are the most qualified for leadership roles that I have seen. "

" I have given you my opinion on the matter and have spoken with you. It is up to you how you wish to proceed from here. The ideas you mentioned sound very workable. Just remember Ionneg that you can always count on me. I will always support you in all that you do. "

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Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories - Page 2

We interrupt Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories to share correct from the good old days:
HistoricToday is: 14th December (GMT), in history on the 14th of December, 1960 AD the following birth happened:
Catherine G Coleman: Charleston, South Carolina -- Phd / Captain USAF / Astronaut (STS 73)

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