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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread - Page 32

The keeper says...

After looking the looted items over for a time, Elymas states, "The ring and the bow have magic infused within. If you give me a chance to study them this evening when we stop, I can likely tell you what the magic is capable of."

"For now though, I suggest that we press on to Thebes."

Out of Character: Identify is one of my Cleric domain spells. So I can always cast it as a ritual if not in a hurry.

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Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek e DampD Abnninjas

The solid says...

Brathark Mounts up and leads the way towards Delphi. "Since Thebes is no longer under attack I do not see any reason why we need to stop there. If you all agree lets head directly to Delphi. I would be one to talk to this Oracle as soon as possible. I think this incident has given us some more to think about. I know it has given us some insight to ways that our little fighting force can work better together."

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

The Short End says...

Tellias throws his acumen into the ring "I bring a few skills and benefits to this group. Obviously I am a skilled martial combatant, not wanting to brag, but, one on one, I doubt I could be bested by any man or woman of the realm, even if I am a little out of, shall we call it, 'in arena sharpness'. I train daily with the gladiators in my stable and I'm in the peak of my physical condition, probably more so than when I won my title. I am of course best known as the Grand Champion of Hellas, which often provides advantages in larger settlements, as my position and celebrity is well received. People tend to offer all manner of services and advantages towards myself and my travelling companions. Being the master of a well regarded gladiatorial stable, I continue to have influence in those circles and have many contacts in localities that contain an arena, such as Delphi." Tellias's chest puffs out with pride as he remembers his past glory of the arena and of the stable he now runs.

"However, do not think the limits of my ability lie with hoplon & doyu alone. Although these items are indeed magical in nature and were gifted to me personally by Ares himself!" With this he holds both items to the skies and clangs them together in salute to his patron.

"I am also capable in areas of leadership, politics, persuasion and diplomacy, but not necessarily confined to the field of combat. I am not considered as one of the closest consorts of the kings of Sparta, because they fear my arm, no, they keep me close because they respect my opinion and mind, as might you all come to on our journey" At this point he gives a somewhat scathing glance in Brathark's direction before continuing on. "Similarly, do not mistake my eagerness to rush into combat in the last battle as hot-headed or rash & reckless, I judged the situation carefully in my mind on approach and saw that the need to spread disarray and doubt in the enemies mind was a greater tool than an ordered march across the field. I have commanded others in the arena in many combats and have always come out on top."

"Now many people would consider a good fighter or soldier to be someone who kills their foes with great skill, strength and aggression. Charging forward to slay all in front of him! This is not my way nor is it the Spartan way. Counter-attack and defense are my key focus. You will find it hard to take me down, especially in a war of attrition. My skills and fighting styles are geared to outlasting my opponent and striking at the right time, when they think I am almost down and out is when I strike, and when I am at my most dangerous, just like a wounded bear or lion." He looks across at Arcad and smiles at the beautiful and impressive bear.

"Although I pride myself on my physical abilities and stature, and have proven my intellectual acumen, I am also adept in the ways of the artisan crafts. I can fix leather work, metal work and read maps with consummate ease. I am also able to read and write and can make myself blend into a crowd as much as stand out in it. Sometimes celebrity can be a curse as much as a blessing and I know when and where to exploit both." He pulls out a piece of leather that has an intricate design on it and hands it to the group to look at. It is indeed of an intricate and complicated design that is not only beautiful but also conveys a strength in depth.

"Finally, as you might expect, I can turn my hand to any weapon and use it as though it were my chosen tool of war. I have trained in weapons that you probably are not aware even exist, so I am never unarmed, even when it might look that I am." At this he smiles and gives the traditional Spartan salute.

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Page 32 Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek e DampD Abnninjas

The light bearer says...

Once Tellias is finished, Photokles can just barely keep himself from rolling his eyes. [This one appears to think quite highly of himself, and it would appear this thinking precedes being chosen of the gods… ] the priest thinks to himself before joining the rest in speaking of his abilities. "I have been blessed by Helios to heal the sick and injured, even postponing a few's journey across Styx." Photokles pauses for a moment and then continues, "But also gifted me with the abilities of the sun itself, bringing light to those afflicted by darkness or bringing flame to those who would stand in my way." The Rhodian then touched the gem strapped to his forehead, "And this, well this allows me the sight of Helios himself, able to see the true nature of my surroundings regardless of how they may appear to others… "

Once he finished giving a biography of himself, Photokles turns to Brathark, "With all due respect, Brathark, we should at the very least pass by Thebes and see the extent of any damage caused." Photokles looks to the others before continuing, "Just because those foul creatures have seemingly disappeared does not mean there aren't people in need of aid within the city. The oracle will still be there after we make certain Thebes is secure. If she is not, then we were never meant to speak with her… "

Out of Character:
I believe something was menuabout the possibility of a short rest? If so, Photokles would very much be in agreement with that decision. Either that, or we hoof it to Thebes and long rest.

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Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek e DampD Abnninjas

The Short End says...

After Brathark and Photokles make their statements Tellias chips in his thoughts "I too would agree we head directly to Delphi. After all we can serve Hellas better by putting out this fire at its source rather than beating back the flames that spring up here or there as sparks fly from the hearth. However, I also agree that a short rest of some sort is in order. I have found it crucial, in my fighting experience, to tend to all wounds one receives in a combat as quickly as possible to prevent infection or further complications arising. I am wounded, but it is nothing a little attention would not resolve. Feels good to have flexed my muscles again and in a somewhat sadistic way I guess I have missed the pain and thrill of it."

"Anyway, who knows what we may encounter on the rest of our journey now these creatures know of our existence. Perhaps they will reappear from nowhere to deal with this new threat that has presented itself before them." He settles next to the wagon waiting to see what the general consensus is.

Out of Character: if we do take a short rest the roll below is for recovering HP using 1 of my pool of 3 hit dice for such a purpose *wink*.

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Tellias Syntomo Results:
  • HD Recovery roll. on D10 (+2): 12 (1 roll)

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread

Chosen of Athena says...

Briadia listens in as the others share their opinions regarding journeying on to Delphi. Hearing Tellios speak she thinks "Evidently he can do this all by himself. I have never seen someone so full of themselves. Apparently humility isn't something that he strives for." A frown creases her face and she speaks up with her opinion." I feel also that we go on to Delphi. That is our mission and we can't afford to be slowed down. No enemies are attacking there now so they will be able to take care of themselves. I like the idea of a brief rest. I need to clean my wound anyways."

Out of Character: : She will use one hit die to regain hit points if we take a short rest. Arcad will use one as well.

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