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The Theban leader raises an eyebrow and starts - Page 48 - D&D / Pathfinder PBP RPGs - Posted: 10th Oct, 2017 - 1:27am

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread - Page 48

The keeper says...

Elymas lets Tellias introduce the group, if he needs to get the attention of the soldiers as to the urgency of the matter, he is ready.

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread
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Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek e Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

Keitha, Manos, and Photokles are brought into a large building, built to somewhat resemble the Erechtheion in Athens' Acropolis. There they find six men and one woman deep in conversation with people walking and running around. Some of these people receive instructions from this group some look to be bringing information. Upon drawing near with Pelopidas they quiet and look at him with quizzical expressions.

Pelopidas says, "May I introduce Photokles, Keitha, and Manos, three of the god chosen on a quest to save Hellas." Photokles, Keitha, and Manos, hear much murmuring and Pelopidas quiets them, "Please good fellows, let them speak. They just went through the house of healing and saved many that would passing over Styx now were it not for them. Let them speak." He looks at the god chosen and says, "We are the Boeotarchs of the Boeotian Confederacy, the confederacy of Thebes and the local cities. Please report to my fellows here what you have told me."

20 Theban soldiers approach and see Briadia first and then the rest of the group and spears come down immediately. One, clearly the leader, speaks, "Who are you and why are you here" Then he sees Arcad and fear comes across his face. "You travel with bears?" Finally, he looks towards Tellias and some recognition crosses his face. The leader motions towards Tellias, "You are familiar. Why do I know your face?" Looking at each of you he says, "Each of you state your purpose and who you are and be quick. Then, tell me what is this danger and how do you know? Just yesterday we were attacked by an army of we know not what." He looks at Briadia and cocks an eyebrow, "You start" he says and looks at the strange foreigner Niklaus, "Then you."

Out of Character: Now I'll need some persuasion checks and/or intimidation checks from the main group… depending on how you want to handle this.

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

Chosen of Athena says...

Briadia eyes the soldiers calmly. She keeps her hands at her side." I am called Briadia, of the Amazons. I was called to a summit in Sparta merely a day ago. There I was chosen by Athena as her emissary to help fight the evil that is overtaking this land." She gestures to her companions." We were all chosen by gods at the summit. This was witnessed by people from all over Hellas and beyond. We were told to go to the Oracle at Delphi to find out what we must do to defeat this great evil."

She takes a breath and continues. "
Yesterday, we fought against theseā€¦ creatures to save women and children and Athenian soldiers. Three of our companions left our camp yesterday to visit your great city. We were traveling now to find them and render what aid we can. I have been gifted with the ability to sense the evil beings that attack us. I sensed them yesterday and now today." She nods towards Tellias." That is what my friend was speaking of just now." She ceases speaking and glances towards Nicklaus.

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Briadia Results:
  • Persuasion on D20 (+0): 3 (1 roll)

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Page 48 Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

The Jovial says...

Niklaus pauses a moment when Briadia finishes speaking. He is tired. Tired of non-stop travel, bickering among their group, the self-importance of so many of them. Normally he is one to let loose with a few sly, barbed words, but for the sake of the group he has been keeping his words to himself. He may not be able to much longer.

Then this puffed-up guard demands to know more, and obviously distrusts the bard simply from his looks. For that moment, he is tempted to do nothing but make fun of everything and everyone around. But he knows that would not be productive.

He finally smiles and nods to the men before them. "Greetings, good sir. I am Niklaus, a bard from the far north. I have been appointed to travel with this group, and record all we see and do. And they speak the truth. They were selected by avatars of your gods, before the entire gathering in Sparta. And last night, Fair Briadia was the first to sense the foul creatures. We left many dead, but they spirited away with many women and children. If she says more have returned to the south, you can have faith in her words. We wish to find our other companions, then continue to Delphi. But if to make that journey we must help defend the walls of Thebes, we shall do so gladly."

Niklaus Results:
  • Persuasion on D20 (+7): 22 (1 roll)

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Tellias Syntomo
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Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

The Short End says...

"OK enough of the introductions now master Theban. We must hurry to the city and prepare for the next assault with utmost urgency! I am Tellias Syntomo, yes I am The Short End, Grand Champion of Hellas!" Tellias had noted the feint look of recognition the soldier had shown when he looked at him. "This is Brathark, one of the elite 300 of Sparta! We are indeed the God chosen from the gathering in Sparta." He points at Brathark as he introduces him. "Now lead us on to your glorious city before it becomes nothing more than a great pile of burning ash & ruin!" With this he points at Thebes in the distance and impresses a look of urgency upon his words and action.

Out of Character: Did my performance check do anything on the last post, Ninja? Was hoping they would listen to my words as being sincere and possibly recognize my style from the arena. If not I will roll my persuasion check now anyway.

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Tellias Syntomo Results:
  • Persuasion check on D20 (+1): 21 (1 roll)

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread

The solid says...

Brathark stays quiet during his companions words to the soldiers. He is hoping that we can get to into the city of The and find the others so we can once again be ready to carry on our mission to the Oracle and get on with ridding this area of these and other creatures that have been appearing.

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Page 48 Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread

Servant of Dreams says...

"As it was said, those of us chosen had gone to Sparta for the meeting to discuss recent events of the magic and strange creatures which appeared as well," The druid will offer, before continuing, "With myself, coming from the Celt Tribes as representative and embassary. Which, admittedly left me astonished when Artemis revealed me as her chosen."

Moving on Keitha will say, "Thus begin our journey to meet the Oracle of Delphi, though with us interceding in aid to Thebes when we saw the city under attack. That while we killed many of these creatures, we were unable to stop the women and children from being kidnapped." The druid will consider, her expression that of concern, before looking to those that she traveled with to continue.

Out of Character: I waited in part to reply because I believe that Keitha what theaters her place to be the first to speak on behalf of the three of them.

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread
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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread - Page 48

The Theban leader raises an eyebrow and starts to question Briadia but then Niklaus chimes in and he understands the gravity of the situation. He looks at Niklaus and then at Briadia, "Can you sense where they are? Can you sense numbers? There were many thousands here just one day past. We must report this."

Then he hears Tellias and replies, "Yes, let us finish with the introductions as we head to Thebes. I am Euaristos and I lead these soldiers. You ride and we will run next to you. Let us make all haste." Then he looks at Tellias again, "I lost many drachma betting against you, as did many of my men. You beat the champion of Thebes. Many Thebans lost much to you… there may be as many who dislike you as like you." There is no malice in what he says and he seems to be genuinely trying to give you some advice.

The Boeotarchs listen with rapt attention as Keitha, Photokles, and Manos report. They shake their heads in awe at some points. Then Pelopidas says, "We have sent for the army of the confederacy. It will be here tomorrow. We will be fine until then. Now, we must find your friends and get you back on your journey. You must make haste. I fear the only way to save Hellas and possibly the world is for you to finish your mission. Until then, what do you need of Thebes to help you on your mission?" He rises as do the other Boeotarchs, with their heads nodding in agreement.

Out of Character: There is absolutely no anger in Euaristos' voice or demeanor. In fact, he has been moved to friendship if nothing else by Tellias' performance and persuasiveness.

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