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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread - Page 49

The keeper says...

Elymas speaks up for the first time since encountering the soldiers, "I am afraid that even with Briadia's senses, keeping track of them will prove difficult. They have some unknown means of vanishing and reappearing elsewhere. It will be difficult to counter."

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Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

Chosen of Athena says...

Briadia nods at Elymas' statement." There are about ten thousand heading towards us just a few miles away. He is correct though. I was pursuing a small group of them that had women and children captive yesterday. They just vanished a short distance ahead of me and I could sense them no more." A frown creases her face as frustration rises.

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

The solid says...

Brathark speaks up as they are traveling towards Thebes.
"If they are coming back here to attack I feel that Thebes has something that they want. IS it jst a strong foothold in there lands a base for them to operate from or is it something else. This is an answer that we need to explore once we are in the city."

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Page 49 Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

The Short End says...

Tellias waits until nearly the whole party has spoken before he converses with the Thebans further.

"Brathark is correct. I too think there must be something these creatures are being driven to secure in Thebes. Although they don't appear to be mindless, they are certainly driven by a higher order. We have seen and slain two such creatures already, and tough as they were, they fell to our combined arms all the same. I have no clue as to what could be for them in Thebes, but it seems they are determined to get it!" His brow frowns as his concern shows. Then his face brightens and he smiles at Euaristos.

"Indeed Euaristos. I remember the fight all too well. Many lost coin on my rise to the title. As my good friend, rest he in peace, used to tell his rivals in the competing gladiator stables, 'always bet on the short guy!' "*laugh* With this Tellias laughs and puts out his arm to greet Euaristos properly, as they move towards Thebes.

"I am fortunate to of been one of the few to have never lost in the arena, and to have found a way out at the right time, before the next champion came along, to maybe dethrone or even behead me! Now my position is more, sedate, shall we say, in the Ekklsia. However, I still train my gladiators to be the best they can and they are treated as champions, if they work hard and respect what the arena is about. Still I do miss the roaring crowds and the adulation. It does help to make one as short as I feel as tall as a giant!" He laughs again and then refocuses his attention to the city ahead.

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Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

Servant of Dreams says...

She was concerned about these creatures, particularly since it would seem that they had made another appearance if but from a far away. Keitha hoped they might figure out who or what these creatures were, thought they could reach the Oracle of Delphi in time without too great loss of life. The young woman will remind herself to take a closer study of the creature, and perhaps they might be that which she knew.

Keitha will listen with both confusion yet interest as the discussion involving the arena and gladiatorial combat was discussed, it being an event that she is never personally experienced herself. She will even find herself asking, "I mean no offense by such questions, but what is it that you speak of? I have never been to an arena to see such combat, is it just for entertainment? That these champions gain a measure of fame for how they do in competition?" This subject was all very new to her, since the druid was from so far away.

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread

The Dice Master says...

This Role-playing Game is unfortunately no longer being serviced due to what has been mentioned here. If current Dungeon Masters are willing to accept the Characters you made here I can transfer them to other games if you so desire. You can find a list of active Dungeon Masters looking for Players via: How To Find The Role-playing Game That Fits Me?

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