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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread - Page 2

The solid says...

As more and more people gathered Brathark watched the people who entered. He smiled at the spectical that Tellas always seems to bring. He was curious about the taller woman and her bear companion. When he first saw her he tensed up at the sight of the bear but it seemed well under control so he relaxed and took a breath he found himself holding. He also heard a few breaths let out around him too. He was not the only one to tense up and be prepared for a fight. The area slowly fills and soon almost all are here. Now we will see what the kings have to say and where they will lead us from here.

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Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

The Short End says...

Out of Character: : Meant to make an Out of Character: note that Tellias had purposefully been one of the last to attend, given his role to "Make an entrance", in my mind, he would have wanted to of made as big an impact and spectacle on as many delegates as possible *wink*

Ideally he would be the last delegate to arrive if no one has any objections to that? With his seat besides Pausanias being kept purposefully reserved, if you like.

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread
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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

Manos is halfway through his spiel to the carriage owner when a large throng of people flow through the area. They appear to be following someone of note, though Manos has no clue whom; all he knows is that this crowd is too large and that they are now dictating his movement.

Angered at the loss of coin, he turns and joins the crowd on their path. It is not long before he realizes that they are travelling to the king's announcement, following what appears to be gladiators; though it is hard to confirm that at this distance.

As they finally rest, most of the crowd outside the viewing area, Manos accepts the fact that there is no path back and so he might as well stay for the announcement. "If I can't gain minae, I may as well gain knowledge." He thinks to himself.

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Page 2 Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

The light bearer says...

Photokles had been in Sparta for a few days after a long journey from Corinth. He had hoped to speak with members of the acropolis there to gain further insight into the Helios/Apollo controversy, however, the call by the Spartan king claimed his immediate attention. He joined in with a caravan of other noteworthy individuals from the area, philosophers, politicians, soldiers, merchants, and headed to the seat of rule of the Peloponnese.

Once in Sparta, the priest of Helios passed the time until the meeting of the council, tending to the destitute or those that may have fell victim to injury or illness on their journey here. Photokles had not seen so many gathered from so far in all his life. He had encountered some of the various people-groups that had sent representatives from his travels, but had only heard of the others such as the numerous tribes of Gaul.

Eventually, the day of the meeting arrived. Photokles had risen early, as with every day, to give special offerings and prayer to Helios. He then joined in with a small group of priests of various dedications who were called upon to perform rites before the main body of the council arrived in hopes of gaining the blessing of the gods.

Once the various rituals were complete, Photokles took a position near the front of those gathered and awaited the reason for king's summons.

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Thread RPG Main Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

The Jovial says...

Since word had reached the ears of Niklaus and his sisters about a gathering to discuss magic, both Sigrid and Catriona had argued with him that they should all attend. "Brother, you USE magic! In such a strange way, at that, with your music. You might be able to add something," said Sigrid.

"Or learn something, as well," added Catriona, who never let him forget she was born ahead of him by just a few minutes. "And with so many important people, we can earn coin if nothing else. We will dance, sing, play music, tell tales… " Niklaus had finally relented, though he had planned on going anyway. But he didn't want them knowing that.

The journey south had taken some time, and not been without adventure, but nothing worth singing about. In the city of Sparta, they had begun singing and performing in the streets, and they had earned a fair bit of coin, though mostly from other visitors. The Spartans seemed to have narrow tastes in music, or so it seemed. But finally it was the big day.

Niklaus and his sisters were near the gathering early to join with the other traveling entertainers who were there, vying to earn coin and attention. Fortunately his sisters were attractive, and with a warmer climate wearing more revealing clothes than they usually did up north. Their dancing and singing drew attention, as did their blonde hair, while Niklaus played and sang for them. The hat had coin already. Niklaus had seen the kings arrive, and was pleasantly surprised to see them in simple chairs. Either they wanted their guests to feel at ease, or they were more egalitarian than most southern rulers.

Finally, Nikalus gestures to his sisters to carry on without him, slings his drum on is back and his lute over his shoulder and moves closer to the gathering. He sees a tall woman with a staff, a taller woman with a bear (!), then finally a short man whom the crowd apparently adores. As he moves through the crowd he asks about these figures. The only thing he learns is that the short man is a gladiator of renown. Niklaus notes this on some parchment he has, as he moves close to the front, then to the side. Everyone around can see that this bard intends to makes notes of this meeting, and as usual he is given respect for his action in recording it, so no one interferes.

But those who notice such things might realize he has moved to the side where the refreshments, such as they are, wait with servants to be supplied to the participants. With a smile, and some charming words, Niklaus convinces a serving girl to being him some cold water, along with a small honey cake, so he doesn't have to miss a single word of the coming conference. "Thank you kindly, my dear," he says to the girl. "And if a bit later you notice I become parched in this hot sun of yours, don't hesitate to bring more water."

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread
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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread

Pausanias rises and raises his arm, beckoning quiet. The throng of people immediately quiets. In typical Spartan fashion his speech is of few words. "Magic has returned to Hellas, and it seems to the rest of the world, as far as Persia to the east, Aegyptus to the south, the Latin tribes to the East, and the Germanic and Celtic tribes to the north. It is as it once was during the times of Achilles and Odysseus. Beasts not seen in centuries roam the lands again, as do beasts never seen. This reawakening has afflicted many… including me."

With that he kneels down and strikes the ground with his fist, a burst of divine energy ripples outward from him accompanied by the sound of thunder. With that he rises and continues, "I could have killed many of you with a simples thought with that. And Mount Olympus has awakened. I fear the gods are angered and we must understand why. I have sent out three groups of men to find out what is happening. When this first started I sent four of our best scouts, none returned. Two years later I sent out two more scouts backed by a tríto of twelve, none returned. Three years ago I sent out an enōmotia, 36 of my best Spartan warriors. Warriors who have never known defeat. One returned carrying his shield, nearly blind, babbling incoherently about new gods. So now I call this council to decide how best to deal with this."

The envoy from Athens rises, "We too have thought on this. We see this as a gift, not an affliction, but we agree we must understand it more. We recommend sending Athenians to find out what transpires. For although Sparta has strength of arms, it is Athens that has the culture, philosophy, and learning necessary to study these phenomena. Only we… "

The envoy from Thebes rises immediately and cuts the Athenian off, "You boy lovers can't be trusted to study any… "

The Persian rises, "You are all too uncouth to study this, why our scholars have more knowledge… "

The Egyptian rises, "Pah, we threw off you Persians and now we have knowledge you Persians only dream of. Why… "

More and more envoys start to rise and argue. Even the crowds start to argue among themselves.

"Enough!" with that every Spartan warrior takes his dory (Spear) and bangs it on his hoplon (Shield), then takes one menacing step forward. At that, everyone falls quiet. Pausanias continues, "I did not bring you here to argue or proclaim who is better or more deserving of the honor." He looks coldly at the Persian and then the Athenian and lastly the Theban, "We crushed each of you in turn despite all your vast advantages. Yet I invited you here as equals. This is a time to face this as Hellenes. For once, we will be united. And those of you from outside Hellas, you are in this with us. More and more evil creatures are showing up. Creatures never seen in the ancient times. We must stop them… together. Six months ago the twelve Olympians came to me and told me to arrange this council. This I have done. They said there would be a sign."

And with those words a whirlwind rises behind the chairs. It eventually forms into the likeness of a huge, muscular man and a huge golden eagle, Aetos Dios, the Eagle of Zeus settles on the shoulder made of the whirlwind. Words without words form in everyone's mind. "The choice has been made."

Then slowly, avatars begin to form over the heads of people in attendance. Avatars of the gods themselves. How could this be?

First, above Tellias's head the avatar of the god Ares, god of war forms. He holds a shield in one arm and raises a wicked kopis, the slashing sword of the Spartans, in the other. A sense of war for the sake of war overtakes the crowd.

Next above Manos' head the avatar of Hephaestus manifests itself. He holds a hammer in one hand and works a piece of metal on an anvil. One senses anything can be made, or unmade with the right elements.

Above the tall woman, Briadia, the deity Athena forms out of the nothingness. She holds her long dory and hoplon. Wisdom seems to emanate from her.

Hecate appears above the head of Elymas, and the sense of magic engulfs the gathering.

Niklaus looks up as the top of his head tingles and there the god Apollo appears and he dances, and a ripple of laughter dances through the masses.

Above the head of Photokles bright Helios appears, in his chariot… and the sun seems to stand in the sky.

A priest in the crowd yells, "No, he is a blasphemer. This cannot… "

King Pausanias strikes the ground again, thunder booms, and the priest is cut off mid sentence, and falls dead. "The gods speak" is all he says.

Slowly a mist forms above Keitha's head, it elongates, forms into a glob, and then elongates again, as if battling. Finally the goddess Artemis takes shape a deer gently nuzzling her form, and an earthly smell of nature manifests itself.

Lastly, above the head of one of King Pausanias' 300, the hoplite Brathark, three forms manifest. Mighty Zeus, and his brother's Poseidon and Hades manifest. And all at once a sense of unheard of power, the smell of the ocean, and a feeling of dread overtakes all present.

And then they all dissipate. "The gods have spoken. Come forward." Pausanias indicates a point in front of the council for each of you to come. The crowds part. Murmurs arise. Some people reach out to touch you, others shrink away.

Out of Character: Describe what your characters do and how they react. There should be some awe here. The gods haven't been heard from in so long they have become more legend then real.

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Page 2 Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread

The Jovial says...

Niklaus is making notes in a form of shorthand that only he can read as the King speaks, and his eyes widen when the man displays his own magic. He has already been impressed by the whirlwind form, but the thunderous splitting of the ground… he is already mulling how to describe it that evening at the tavern where he expects to tell the tale to those who missed the conclave.

Then the avatars of the gods anifest, and he scribbles even faster. He sees several appear, including one over the tall vision of strength and beauty with the bear, so not all are Greek, let alone Spartan. He sees Helios, and then hears laughter above the continuing gasps as the visions appear, and a hand claps him on the shoulder. He turns to scowl at whomever made him almost punch through his parchment, only to see the man grinning and pointing up. His eyes go wide, and his jaw goes slack. One of the sons of Zeus, Apollo himself, is dancing above his head. He blinks a few times and shakes his head to make sure he is not imagining it. Then he decides he needs to do what he does best: run with it. He grins widely, shrugs, bows at the neck to Apollo and gets back to scribbling. After all, this will still be a great tale to tell. Only now, he has a larger part in it. {Catriona and Sigrid will be so jealous,} he muses. He manages to find time to wink at both the Amazon with the bear, and the other tall woman with the staff, the one marked by Artemis.

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Main RPG Thread - Page 2

The solid says...

Brathark feels his hair rise and the sense of awe runs down his spine as he feel the presence of not one but three of the gods avatars in the air above him. He bows his head and says a silent prayer to Zeus to help guide his hands and his way. When Pausanias calls those selected forward he looks to his left and right before moving forward. He turns to his right and left again nodding towards those he has fought with bidding them farewell for now. HE turns back to the crowd and the kings wondering what is going to happen now. He moves at a steady walk neither hurried nor lagging until his is standing in front of the two kings. Wondering if the king Agesilaus II will see that it is him and want to still end his life. His heart is beating a bit quickly wondering what the gods have in store for them too.

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