Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter

Abnninja' S D 5e Greek Campaign Rules / - D&D / Pathfinder PBP RPGs - Posted: 4th Sep, 2017 - 3:56pm

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter
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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter

This thread is for questions regarding rules, other comments, and general out of character chatter.

Generally speaking, I like to see players role play rather than just roll play. If you describe something theatrical in nature chances are
I'll present it in full in my summary of events for a round or scenario. If it is particularly hard I may add a modifier to the dice roll. But there will be a reward for particularly good role playing in the way of luck dice. I use this rather than inspiration. You can only have one luck die at a time and you may share them with others. Note, this is different from the Lucky Feat.

General Rules and Code of Conduct:
- There are times for short replies and times for long replies. Generally speaking I would prefer to see threads that are rich in content. Even if they have nothing to say out loud at the moment, details concerning characters' thoughts, inner dialogue, or struggles are welcome.
- I will wait at most for 48-hours before moving on if a player is unresponsive. I will post for the character and it will be my best guess what the character will do.
- Characters that are unresponsive without advance notice for more than five days will be retired or die gloriously in combat, though the former is noticeably more likely. I understand real life happens, just let me know and we can work somethin gout. Either circumstance does not necessarily prevent a return if the player again becomes active.
- During combat I prefer one round at a time.
- Keep it civil and treat each other with respect.

House rules:
- The Healer feat no longer exists. Instead, any character can replicate either of its effects pending a successful DC 10 Medicine check. If the check is failed, a charge of the Healer’s Kit is wasted. In addition, the price of Healer’s Kits have increased to 20 GP (Note that each kit has 10 “charges”, so it works out to 2 GP per attempted use), and any use of said kits takes one minute to apply. (Note that a dying character’s need to make death saving throws is suspended while applying a healer’s kit, and they only resume if the application is interrupted, stabilization is otherwise guaranteed.) A character can only benefit from one of each type of application per short rest.
- Death saving throws apply the character’s Constitution modifier to the roll.
- Standing up from the prone condition provokes attacks of opportunity.
- Characters healed up from 0 HP gain a level of exhaustion, this can be removed with rest as normal. If this would cause the character to reach the final stage of exhaustion (Death), that character instead falls into a coma, and cannot be revived by any normal methods until allowed to complete 8 hours of rest, or the excess exhaustion is otherwise removed.
- If already a spell caster of some variety, characters picking up either the Magic Initiate or the Spell Sniper feat may use their normal casting stat for the gained spells.
- Players can make a “called shot” to a specific body part (Leg, arm, torso, or head). They do so by self-imposing disadvantage on the attack roll. This option is not available if the player already has disadvantage from another source. A successful called shot will impose an additional effect on the target per Dungeon Master discretion, (Ranging from extra damage, to dropped weapons, to negative status effects such as blinded, not all creatures will be effected the same way)
- Run action, while running, you can move up to 3 times your speed if wearing heavy armor, and 4 times your speed if not. However, doing so sacrifices all other actions for that round, reactions included, along with any Dexterity bonus to AC. You can keep running for a number of rounds equal to your Con score, after which you must pass Con saves to keep going. After running, you must rest for at least one minute before you can do so again.

Magic Items:
Most 5E official magic items can be found via WOTC's 5E SRD, which can be found on the SRD site. That list is sparse as compared to the whole of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse. Players can come to me with items from Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and we can work together to bring other magic items into the 5e world. Note, nearly all items must be changed somewhat to fit 5E's design, and not all items will 'translate' well between editions. However, so long as requests are kept reasonable, I promise to work with you in making something appropriate.

Weapon/Armor tweaks:
- No longbows or crossbows. They are replaced by short bows and war slings in all respects.
- Only limited civilizations have swords longer than short swords.
- Spear (D6 damage d8 if two handed) and long spear (D8 damage d10 if two handed) are weapons and replace long sword proficiency. Spears provide the ability to impale enemies charging you. If you set your spear and an enemy moves more than 20' towards you can make a melee attack against it with your reaction. If you hit you do an extra die of damage. Spears provide reach. As a free action, you can increase your spear's reach by 5' if a normal spear and 10' if a long spear. Only characters that would have long sword proficiency can use a long spear.
- Heavy armor in this campaign is a bronze breastplate, leather skirt, and greaves. This imparts an AC of 16. Unlike other heavy armor this allows Dexterity bonus of up to +2.

Dice Rolls:
In some cases, I may make a roll on your character's behalf, usually so as to not bog down the game, but in some cases in the interest of not letting people know something just happened. This said, I need you to be sure to keep your saving throw totals up to date and easy to find on your character sheet. I would really rather not shortchange anyone in this regard because they forgot to update their stats.

I will ask for perception rolls on occasion. If you feel it appropriate to be actively looking around, indicate as much and make the roll. If you do not, I'll assume that you're relying on your passive perception scores and use that number in regards to what gets noticed… and doesn't get noticed.

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Chatter QampA Rules Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

The solid says...

Main question I have is if I did the hit points right as you said average. All the times I have done average hit points it was half the dice +1 thus a d4 is a 3 a d6 is a 4 a d8 is 5 a d10 is a 6 and a d12 is a 7. Are you using this rule or exactly half?

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter
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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

I thought I said average rounded up. That would be the same as what you said. You need to go in and look at your ability scores. You haven't spent enough.

Post Date: 3rd Sep, 2017 - 9:01pm / Post ID: #

Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter
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Chatter QampA Rules Campaign Greek e Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

What would be appropriate cost for wagon repairs, ranging from a relative cheap repair to an expensive one? Also, the price of building a new vehicle from supplies included to none supplied?

If you could help me find the range, I'll figure out the rest on a case by case basis. And thanks.

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Chatter QampA Rules Campaign Greek Dragons and Dungeons Abnninjas

The keeper says...

5E's crafting rules are unfortunately something of a gaping black hole, it is one of the few things that they really really should have spent more time on, but simply did not.

But for a quick estimate that Abn can use, adjust, or flat out ignore:

Base price of a wagon is 35 gp. The cost in materials to craft something is traditionally 50% of its market price, so you'd need to pay for/salvage/steal 17 gp and 5 sp in parts and materials.

For repairs, my general rule of thumb is 5-60%. Lower, and it probably isn't worth the time needed for the crafter to pull out their tools. Higher, and the customer probably is better off buying new. For simplicity's sake, call cheap to expensive repairs on a wagon a 2 to 20 gp range.

Hope that helps

Abn, I have a query of my own. I've essentially set my character up as something of an expert on magic, or at least probably the closest thing to it currently in Sparta.

Do you have your own setting specific quirks on the nature of magic in mind? If not, I can fill his dialogue on the subject with observations relating to what I know of how magic works in other settings.

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter
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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter


First, let's stop talking about gold pieces and start talking in these terms:

Regarding coinage, this is the coinage system in effect.

Obols = Copper

Drachma = Silver

Minae = Gold

Talent = Platinum

So 10 Obols = 1 Drachma and 10 Drachma = 1 Minae and 10 Minae = 1 Talent.

I posted that elsewhere but it probably got lost in the clutter.

Fixing a wagon can bring anywhere from a few drachma for minor repairs to maybe 10 Minae for major repairs. Of course, that depends on how well you bargain.


Your question we shall discuss in PMs.

Post Date: 3rd Sep, 2017 - 11:50pm / Post ID: #

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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter

The solid says...

Well I am in a place in the game that I can do good or bad but listen well. I think I already have the coinage names on my character sheet.

Post Date: 4th Sep, 2017 - 3:56pm / Post ID: #

Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter
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Abnninja's D&D 5e Greek Campaign Rules Q&A / Chatter


Questions like your should really go here. Just something to get used to. Regarding leaders, the group will have to decide. I have no doubt the Greeks in the group will be the toughest to convince knowing their independent streak. Of course, the Celt and Germanic tribes were pretty independent too.

Regarding the entrance, this one time I'm going to jump in and say people show up in the order they posted. So, that grand entrance being the last to enter may be spoiled a bit by Photokles' and Niklaus' entrance. It makes sense the one from the Germanic tribe shows up last… he had a far way to come. And Photokles, well he is one of the last defenders of Helios as Helios rather than an aspect of Apollo.

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