Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen

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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen
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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen

Rules and character creation guidelines.

-Characters will begin play at level 2
-Attributes will be determined by a 25-point buy. Bear in mind that Pathfinder uses a different point buy system to Dungeons & Dragons, so make sure you're using the right one
-Health is Max first level, and average rounded up afterwards
-Any race with an RP value of up to 15 is acceptable. If players are interested in a race with an RP value of less than 10, get in touch with me, and we can tweak it, adding a few bonuses to bump it up a bit
-Any of the default classes are acceptable (These include any of those marked as core, base, hybrid, or alternative) in addition, I will allow classes from psionics, and path of War. Others may be available upon request. Any Paizo released archetypes for these classes are acceptable. Tweaks to those archetypes and some third party archetypes may be available upon request.
-Characters will begin with three traits. One of these is a campaign trait determined by your choice of crime, the other two may be chosen freely. One drawback may be chosen in order to pick up a fourth trait. Bear in mind that the limitation of only one trait of each type still applies. [..]
-There are two sets of variant rules in play. Feat tax removal, and background skills. The former makes things a little easier on martial classes by dealing with Feats that they often feel like they have to take, but don't really do much to improve the character. Background skills essentially gives you 2 extra skill points each level, however these extras can only be used for skills that are less common, such as appraise and profession. Note that if a skill is required or tied into a class feature, it is not considered background. Such as craft Alchemy for an Alchemist. Background skills also adds two new skills, Lore and Artistry.
-There is no starting equipment or gold, you were stripped of everything before you were shipped to the prison. Yes, they even found that one tool you tried to hide in that one place. They were very thorough. Characters that rely on particular equipment to function will get it later in the story. For now you're going to have to improvise.

By popular request, Text Role-playing Game Gems will NOT be honored in this game. Save your FP for something else.

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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen
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Chargen Rules Wicked The Way Pathfinder Daishains

I have the character rolled up. Just need to port some info to this site and write a bit of backstory based on what we discussed earlier. Her name is Eya and she's a tiefling Arcanist (Occultist).

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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen Archive Pathfinder / D&D

The outlaw says...

I've done some preliminary work in fleshing out a character for the game as below:

Name: Jazid the Oultlaw.
Race: Half Elf.
Class: Gunslinger.
Level: 2
Hit Dice: 2D10
Hit points:18

Strength 15(+2) Dexterity 13(+1) CON 12(+1) INT 15(+2) Wisdom 17(+2)(+2) Charisma 9 (-1)

Half Elf bonus +2 given to Wisdom. Grit points= 4.25 per day 1 grit=1 Wisdom.
Half elf bonus to gunslinger: 1/4 grit point.

Gunslinger skills (1) Deadeye: resolve against touch AC, 1 grit point per increment.
Gunslinger dodge: Cost 1 grit point to evade 5 feet from ranged attack.
Quick clear: Cost 1 grit point to remove broken condition from gun.
*With critical hit with gun regain 1 [Critical Hit] point.
Nimble: +1 to dodge bouns to AC wearing light armor. Gain 0.25 [Critical Hit] point while wearing.

Proficient melee weapons:
Long sword.
Ranged weapons

Bonus feat: Gun-smithing.

Craft, Engineering,Survival,Heal
Ride (Horse) Perception, Acrobatics

Jazid, having to pay for his choice of weapons. Has resorted to stealing, robbing and looting to fund his habit of shooting. Known and wanted as an outlaw, by the lawful paladins of Talingarde.


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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen
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Chargen Rules Wicked The Way Pathfinder Daishains

Well I'm basically done with the mechanics of Katharina Voronova. She is a Damphir Harbinger. I'm playing the base Harbinger. Should be fun! Working now on the backstory.

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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen
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Chargen Rules Wicked The Way Pathfinder Daishains

Still doing some work on my character but I have some basic stuff in and will get more done soon. I have enough that I can play him now if need be.

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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen
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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen

“Hail and well met…commoner. Clearly you know I am Kiven Aloro of House Aloro, son of the ‘oh-so-great’ Avarell Aloro and superior brother to the ‘beloved’ Tyris Aloro. What am I doing here in this absolutely filthy place? Well that is, as per usual, because of the misguided efforts of ‘dear’ old Ty and his filthy bird, Xilneas. I was simply ... ’borrowing’… a few family heirlooms for some of my… ‘work’… when they just HAD to interfere. You’d swear my dear brother was determined to boast about his merely adequate standing forever, while I, the true and rightful successor to Father, work to actually take our family to new heights after decades of mediocrity.”

“I honestly don’t know what it is with my dim witted brother, or why everyone loves him so much. You’d think Father, of all people, would see him for what he is. Father at least has SOME sense, after all. It is I who outdoes Ty in ALL of our studies, but alas, all favor him. Fools, all of them, I tell you. I guess all it takes these days are broad shoulders and a bright smile to carry the mantle. Pathetic. How far we have fallen. Ah well, no matter, sitting in this cell may be a new low, but once I get out of here I will show everyone in the realm their true future. I just have a bit more ‘work’ to do, first.”

“Wait, why am I telling you this? Am I under the compulsion of a charm? Impossible! One such as YOU could not have bested MY magic. Father, perhaps, but even he is addled by age and a lack of diligence. We are done here. You are most welcome for the honor.”

(I hope anyone that read that did so with the greatest of contempt in their voice, as intended.)

(It would be well known by anyone spending any time in the region that Avarell and his eldest son Tyris are held with the utmost reverence by the population, but little is heard about the other brother, generally speaking. Perhaps Kiven’s view is a bit… skewed…)


Kiven Aloro of House Aloro
Elven Magus (Archer)
127 years old, 6’2”, 146lbs., dark hair, grey eyes
Lawful Evil

- I am haughty and turn my nose up at anyone I feel is beneath me.
- I do not like to get dirty or eat the food of peasants.
- I am not at all one for roughing it with a bed roll, tent, or anything else lacking that which I am accustomed to.
- I am not at all good at charming people, or even lying or intimidating them. Basically I just do not understand other people at all, really.

- I come from a noble family, and one day I’ll reclaim my lands and title from those who stole them from me. I know better than my father and brother about how to properly rule over the people and bring us all to new heights.
- I will garner enough power and/or renown to force my family to acknowledge my achievements and my standing, and perhaps see things my way.

- Power. Common people crave strong leadership, and I do my utmost to provide it. (Lawful)
- Might. In life as in war, the stronger force wins. (Evil)
- Might. If I become strong, I can take what I want—what I deserve. (Evil)
- Destiny. Nothing and no one can steer me away from my higher calling. (Any)
- Power. If I can attain more power, no one will tell me what to do. (Evil)

- Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.
- I am inflexible in my thinking.
- My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning.
- I’d rather eat my armor than admit when I’m wrong.
- I’m never satisfied with what I have― I always want more.
- I’m horribly jealous of anyone who can outshine my handiwork.
- I have trouble keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble.
- I assume the worst in people.
- I’m convinced of the significance of my destiny, and blind to my shortcomings and the risk of failure.
- Secretly, I believe that things would be better if I were a tyrant lording over the land.

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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen
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Daishain's Pathfinder Way The Wicked Rules Chargen

Ok, finally character submission for this game. Going with Jesla the barbarian for sure now.

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Daishain's Pathfinder: Way Of The Wicked Rules And Chargen
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Daishain's Pathfinder Way The Wicked Rules Chargen D&D / Pathfinder Archive

These are Eya's personality traits. I'd like to keep her background private though.

The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it.

I refuse to become a victim.

I’m a monster that destroys other monsters, and anything else that gets in my way. (Evil)

I like to know my enemy’s capabilities and weaknesses before rushing into battle. (Lawful)

I will destroy everyone who has wronged me and everything they love will burn to the ground.

My deity will reward my loyalty and efforts

I am dogmatic in my thoughts and philosophy.

I will never fully trust anyone other than myself.

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