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Claudeia the Wanderer
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Claudeia the Wanderer - Page 2

Mysterious Person at the Tavern

A mysterious person, cloaked and scarfed, approached me in the tavern today, secretively.
This person waved to me to approach him/her (I have no idea of the person's gender) in the far corner of the tavern.
This person X passed me a not in crooked handwriting that I was to be given a gift by an anonymous benefactor. Then another note telling me that this benefactor wishes to see me live up to my potential.
Slightly offended by the insinuation of not being able to do that myself, I accepted, being that I could really use all the help I could get in achieving my goals and dreams.
I thanked the person and offered person X an ale, which I got at the bar… but when I got back, the individual was gone without a trace. The only thing left behind was the gift. Was person X my benefactor concealed? Was person X trying to trick me?
I do not know and feel utterly confused as I drink two ales instead of one.

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Claudeia the Wanderer
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Wanderer Claudeia

House of Sorrows

The boys, they seem to bear gifts, or burdens.
Energy inhabits one, inquisitiveness and positivity. Though naivety and lack of focus.
The other is special. Power resides within him, but he lay silent and does not understand common language…
You bear the biggest burden of all, you keep them in check which lay great damage upon your mind.
An escape is made, perhaps through magnificent power, only to be used for the balance of it all.

You create in order to keep things sane in your mind. Your proof stands for it, it is a sign that you wish for my attention through the generation of gold. You wish to be heard and therefor cater other's wishes into creation.

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Claudeia the Wanderer
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Claudeia the Wanderer Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Reflections on your mother

The lessons given by my mother prove ever valuable to this day.
She taught me to be respectful, to hold back and review thought and action and to put value in other people. They are the stepping stones of rising to grandure.

If only she weren't taken so soon. I had more questions that I will now have to find out for myself.
One day we'll meet again and I will give my own answers to these questions to show how much I've grown through her lessons.

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Claudeia the Wanderer
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Page 2 Wanderer Claudeia

Let me telleth thee the story of how I killed a Woodsman. The Woodsman attacked and with my skills I killed it. That was the end of the Woodsman. Like my story?

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Claudeia the Wanderer
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Wanderer Claudeia

Why Am I Claudeia?

The child spoke of my aura being free... I believe it means I tend to go where my heart desires me to go.
The mind may follow behind the heart.
The aura I eminate is free... is it because I am not bound by law?
Am I not bound by morallity?

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Claudeia the Wanderer
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Claudeia the Wanderer

First time in the Town

The first time I entered the Town, I was met with shunning eyes.
I might've not looked the part, but I was quite the Blacksmith's apprentice.
The people of the town underestimated me, definitely, for I showed them all my skill with the hammer and anvil.
What'd they do when their shinguards break? They'd come to me! Mostly because shinguards were a secundary job… and the swords and armour were the Blacksmith's job.

Still, they underestimated me, and have learned to see and then believe!.

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Claudeia the Wanderer
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Claudeia Wanderer - Page 2

Message to Advisor

Hi Rickon, I've had a productive day today.
I've done as you adviced and trained, learned and helped. I've tidied up my equipment and have set off multiple times on small-time quests.
I've earned some gold, but sadly it drains quickly as I take on more training.
I am still a bit freightened to go out of town on larger quests… I think I will train up my animal handeling skills and get me a war dog as companion. Should calm the nerves a lot.

Maybe we should get a beer some time, talk over some things in the tavern.
Maybe take on a dance challenge together? I managed to gain some pretty pieces when I succeeded!

Kindest regards,

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Claudeia the Wanderer
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Claudeia Wanderer Text RPG MMORPG & Play Post - Page 2

T'was the first time I encountered a Bully. I live to tell about it because I won that battle.

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