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ROK II RPG Character 1049 Medieval Text Adventure
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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius the Merciless - Page 2

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Lady Fluke, all know from thy house of parody
Her skin be fair and features be soft
possessing no imperfections.

Her hair be a fine curly yellow
Tied up neatly in an egant fashion.
Her lips be deep red
And her eyes be bright blue.
All three such bold colors
presented in fine balance.

Her fine gown and portly figure
Are sure to make heads turn
To let them all know
That this lady's
In charge.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Merciless Lezarius

Mysterious Person at the Tavern

The stranger refused to give me a name, stating that he had no position to possess any individual identity. From what I see with him wearing the hood is at least a shaved head with dark, dark brown eyes and pale skin. He states his belief in the god Ishek in a quirt but honest tone, and promised to only present the gift upon following him into his temple. He stood up and walk out of the tavern, and without question I followed.

My suspicion grew stronger as this stranger took me deeper and deeper into the slums of the town. I entered a building that blended in well with the other infrastructures, but upon entry displayed a large, dimly lit room decorated with dark grey statues and and black banners painted with symbols in blood red.

The stranger leads me to an open space to a drawn circle surrounded by similarly hooded figures. In the middle of the drawn circle there lays a rope-bound half-orc with his mouth covered tightly in black cloth. He kneels on the floor with his hand behind his back and looks up at me.

"Our master acknowledges your efforts to further the ideals of the Dark Deities", the stranger tells me. He lowers to one knee and offers what looks like a wickedly-shaped dagger, "Take the blade and show us if you are truly the one who can lead this kingdom."

A voice appears behind me, who reveals to be another cloaked figure, "In front of you lay a half-orc involved in the release of prisoners within the country. He defends by stating that such prisoners were falsely charged or given unfair trial. Know that he is also responsible for taking from local nobility and giving to the peasants. What say you, oh future king?"

I take the dagger and walk up to the half-orc. He gives me pleading eyes and desperately shakes his head. I look him straight down in the eyes and swiftly slit him deep in the throat. The half-orc chokes briefly before the sound is replaced by the dripping of blood.

The cloaked figures begin chanting and bow to the circle. Soon a faint shadowy figure appears above me and speaks, "Your action intruiges me, future leader. You have proven to us your capability of taking action. As such, I grant to you the favor of my followers. Use them well… for whatever means necessary to achieve your ends. Ascend to the throne and bring glory to the Dark Deities."

The next thing I knew, I was talking with the stranger again in the tavern, but with him somehow more enthusiastic in demeanor than when I had him first met.

His name was Elazer. With his hood down, he sported a neatly shaved head and well-trimmed eyebrows. His present eyebags tell me he's spent many sleepless nights and the dark brown eyes, despite his demeanor, appears to look at the depths of my very soul.

He says that I have passed the test, and states that I am truly one who is fit to rule for the Dark Deities.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius the Merciless Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Ever fought a Woodsman? I did… and beat it to death.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Page 2 Merciless Lezarius

Now that I have attained Level 3 among my people, ye shall see a more powerful Lezarius than otherwise might have been known.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Merciless Lezarius

I, Lezarius the Merciless, am now a Know Enemies expert.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius the Merciless

A Bully was one of the enemies that I laid low this day.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius Merciless - Page 2

Today, my encounter with a Marauder ended with me slaying the Marauder.

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