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Namdar, realizing only two orcs remain, one - Page 4 - D&D / Pathfinder PBP RPGs - Posted: 16th Jan, 2010 - 11:25pm

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Post Date: 23rd Dec, 2009 - 8:17pm / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader - Page 4

Presuming Banahll and the others are on-board with him joining the group (and I'd hope so, since that was the point of the introduction), Namdar will get the group moving forward again following the trail, just as before.

Post Date: 30th Dec, 2009 - 3:30am / Post ID: #

Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

Rather off topic, but...
Sorry again - went to pick up meds, spun off road into ditch in this ice, had to stay over at a friend's house until the road cleared and I could get home, which was just now.

Namdar frantically waves the others to the side, thinking he may have heard something up ahead, as Banahll finishes his last comment and begins to draw away from the party, toward the other direction.

Here are the Party Orders as of now:

Namdar (in front) = Spot: 7/1D12, Combat: 6/1D6, SA: Wield scimitar, hide in trailside trees if possible, or advance if combat seems unavoidable.

Jenrek (in front) = Spot: 9/1D12, Combat: 3/1D6, SA: take cover in trees, if enemy is distant, ready bow, otherwise ready melee weapon

Skedvick (in front) = Spot: 10/1D12, Combat: 5/1D6, SA: take cover in trees, if enemy is distant, ready bow, otherwise ready melee weapon (I made proxy rolls and action for him because he hasn't posted anything lately)

Lionel (in back) = Spot: 10(+3)/1D12, Combat: no roll, SA: be alert, ready spell

Oliron (in back) = No Spot/Combat rolls, SA: take cover in trees (and keep donkey hidden and quiet in trees), if enemy is distant, ready bow, otherwise ready melee weapon

Krusten (in back) = No Spot/Combat rolls, SA: nocking arrow into bow, alert

Beast (in back) = Spot: 7/1D12, Combat: 5/1D6, SA: take cover in trees, if enemy is distant, ready bow, otherwise ready melee weapon

Pundit (in back) = Spot: none/failed, Combat: 2/1D6, SA: take cover in trees, if enemy is distant, ready bow, otherwise ready melee weapon

Banahll (in back) = Spot: failed, Combat: none, SA: departing(?)

Rather off topic, but...

Post Date: 2nd Jan, 2009 - 11:30am / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

Marching order:

Namdar, Jenrek then Skedvick at point, with Namdar going into the trees.
Beast then Oliron at "front" of rest of group
Pundit then Lionel then Krusten remaining

1. Namdar
The half-orc creeps deliberately a bit further into the trees and makes his way up to the orcs, under the cover of the foliage and darkness, planning to launch a sneak attack on the closest one (the one on the right) as he passes by.
Sneak: 10 if on a D12 or 6 if on a D20
Hit Roll: 12 /1D20
Damage: 2+2(DB)+4(+1D6 for Sneak Attack) = 8

2. Jenrek
Jenrek braces himself against a nearby tree, draws and nocks an arrow, as Krusten did, taking time to aim well, and looses an arrow on the far left orc as he appears.
Hit Rolls: 20, 16 (includes his +2 Dex mods)
Damage: 6, 2

3. Skedvick
Sliding to the left he takes bow and shoots for the one in the middle then the one on the left. He hope to provide some distraction for the attack on the right. When close enough he will use his long sword.
Hide 1d12 (12)
Attack d20 (13) (19) (6) (20) (22) (7)(Includes attack bonus)
Damage rolls 1d6 (5) (8) (6) (8) (5) (6)

4. Beast
Beast's heart starts to get excited with a battle about to take place but since he has no bow he stays back for awhile but as soon as he gets chance he throws his throwing axe and then charges with his great axe.
SA: Throwing axe when orcs are close enough, then will charge.
Roll: two rolls, this includes my +4; 18 and 9
Damage: Hand Ax: 5/1D6, Great Ax: 12/1D12 (JP rolled the damage)
(I think Hand Axes get a Strength bonus to damage too)

5. Oliron
stays down in cover, becoming perfectly still.
Hide roll (d12) = 6
He whispers to Jonas to be silent and hidden.
Handle Animal roll (d20) = 10
Oliron watches the orcs moving closer towards thier deaths. Waits for the arrows to fly towards thier targets. Then charges the orc in the middle.
To Hit roll (if needed, D20) 18 + 4 = 22 (Melee)
Damage roll (if needed, d10) 2 + 3 = 5

6. Pundit
Pundit has little to do against the bows of the orcs so he just stays hidden until they reach close enough to give them something to think about.

7. Lionel
I rolled a 16+3 for dexterity, so Lionel got a roll of 19 for shooting his bow, with the first arrow, and 17+3 = 20 for the second.
Damage: 4 and 6 (JP rolled the damage)

8. Krusten
* Krusten readies her bow. She hopes to cause some more damage this time to the orcs. *
Rolls: 22 and 17 (that's with my +2)
Damage: 4 and 6

Attached Image Edited: jpatt on 2nd Jan, 2009 - 11:31am

Post Date: 5th Jan, 2010 - 7:47am / Post ID: #

Page 4 Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

We probably need to be camped about 1 to 2 hours before nightfall, so we'll be well settled in and able to be on the lookout. Krusten and other retrieve what arrows they are able to from the orc bodies, as well as the group looting them for whatever they carry on them - money or other valuables, armor, weapons, other miscellaneous items.

Namdar and Jenrek proceed a short ways ahead on the trail from whence the orcs came, to make sure they have at least a slight overview of what awaits the group, to make sure it is safe to make camp anywhere in the vicinity.

The group drags the bodies into the woods, and Namdar and the rangers return to the path and "smooth out" the road and immediate area as well as possible, to avoid leaving any obvious signs of conflict or activity, before the group beheads the bodies, further into the woods, which they then dispose of, before moving forward a bit and scouting out an area to make camp (presuming the day is darkening).

Post Date: 9th Jan, 2010 - 11:56am / Post ID: #

Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

The group camps with the strangers, sharing food as able, apparently with a fire, since it was going when the party got there.

Oliron takes 4 arrows, Namdar leaves the orc bow and takes his original shortbow back, and 16 arrows, Lionel takes 10 from the 60, leaving 30 arrows, and two shortbows, and three longswords. I presume the swords, bows and arrows can be split among anyone else, but nobody else has posted so I guess the bows and arrows get packed up and the swords buried, if no one else needs one. If specifics are needed, I can ask and wait for more posts but I think we're probably willing to let you adjudicate these reasonably. Namdar puts the money from the orcs into the party pool pouch, keeping it tied to his bedroll. The trophy sack is placed as far away from everyone as possible, but still within the camp perimeter.

Namdar asks (and helps) the rangers to set up some simple tripwire alarms around the camp using extra pans or dishes or other loud objects, and otherwise help prepare the camp, given the rangers' outdoor camping experience - if simple foot snare traps or something similar is possible, a few of these would be good but not vital. Gear is kept within the immediate area of the party, weapons and shields and such easily reachable if needed.

The party should sleep 6-8 hours, depending on Namdar and the rangers' estimations and current time and daylight and usual procedure. Two watches are set, Skedvick being first watch, Foxthorn second (and Namdar third if needed). The guard watches and patrols within 30 feet of the outside of the camp and is to wake at least two other people, Namdar if possible, and for them to wake everyone else, being quiet unless under attack.

Namdar removes and sets aside his armor so he can sleep. I presume the others do the same, especially with the heavier armors, but I haven't asked - if it is important, it will involve another round of real-time posts of me asking and waiting for everyone to respond, which I think would be needlessly boring - maybe have people make luck rolls or something if something does happen and players insist on sleeping in their armor (complete with penalties, but you probably know how to handle that kind of thing, being a DM).

Post Date: 14th Jan, 2010 - 7:25am / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader

I think our group needs to get a layout of the land, possibly even make a map. Our plan is to climb one or a few of the tallest trees in the visible area, to get a bird's eye view of the layout of the land, and see if anyone can spot anything useful, significant or indicative of orcs, etc.

Foxthorn, Krusten and Oliron are all going to climb, the same tree, maybe two, if better, helping each other along. There is Rope Use, Climb, high Dexterity and Spot , Search, Balance and KNowledge: Nature, Local, and Geography skills among them, which I feel should cover pretty much everything that could possibly be needed, that I can think of, for this task.

Who needs to roll what? I've directed everyone to roll 3 1D20s and 3 1D12s but I want to make sure. Thanks!

We also want to turn around and head back to town. My thinking is, if we seem to be able to do it without much time consumption, we get an idea of our location, lay of the land, and see if we can see any obvious indications of buildup, strongholds, etc. And sorta all make a mental note, so we'll have a better idea of what is around the area, if/when we come back here from town. But some of the other players want to go back to town, so I think that will be our ultimate final direction for this turn.

Just in case they suffice:

Oliron's Rolls:
(D12 rolls = 12, 2, 3, no bonus applied)
(D20 rolls = 10, 9, 14, supplied by me, no bonus applied)
Oliron climbs a tree and ties a rope to the top. The tree being on top of the cliff area the party camped at.
He drops back down to the ground deftly.

My rolls, for whatever, or whomever (no bonuses applied):
1D12: 11, 11, 10
1D20: 4, 20, 19

Extra rolls if needed (no bonuses applied):
1D12: 9, 8, 4
1D20: 7, 4, 14

Post Date: 15th Jan, 2010 - 2:24am / Post ID: #

Page 4 Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader

1. Beast is excited about possible action and runs towards the sound. He pays no attention to other members' cry for restraint or caution and moves forward for the first orc or beast he sees.

SA: Beast will go towards the sound ready to strike (any obvious enemies). I will roll d20 now just in case.

Hit Roll: 24! (natural 20 +4 Melee Att Bonus, so a critical hit?)
Damage: greataxe 13 (9+4)

2. Lionel sighs in frustration, and puts aside his bow, he will try to help Beast by casting Reduce Person on thas many orcs as possible, hoping all goes well.
ooc; casting rolls (? I guess he means he needs to know what to roll?)

(JP adding in "Casting Roll" if there is such a thing, and needed: 14)

3. Oliron tries to climb down from the tree as quickly as he can. (natural 20 +7) Climb roll total 27

Oliron then runs after Beast, drawing his weapon and shield.

to hit rolls if needed, without bonus:19,3

damage rolls if needed, without bonus:7,2

4. Pundit stays alert about the current events.

SA: Pundit will prepare himself for any in the party that might need healing.

5. * Krusten sees the hussel below and comes down. She puts a couple of arrows in her bow and gets ready *

roll: Since everyone is rolling already I will too. I added my +2 and read where I get two shots with a bow: 13 and 18

(JPatt adding damage rolls for Krusten: 5, 6)

I'll wait til I actually see what's coming. If its orcs well I'll shoot of course.

6. Namdar tries to gauge the various sounds' location and speed, and hides in a place appropriate to him being able to get the jump on someone from behind with a Sneak Attack - an orc being the target, from the sounds of it. Let anyone else through and will deal with them later.

Spot/Listen rolls (not sure which or which die): 1D12 (5, 9 no mod), 1D20 (15, 2 no mod)
Hide2 and/or Move Silent3 (1D20): 7, 6 (skill levels not added into rolls)
Hit (whether hidden or not I guess - 1D20): 10/+1=11
Damage: 4/x2 Sneak Attack/+2 MAB=10

Lacking: Skedvick (Krakyn leaving for training?), Foxthorn (Tani 7 total posts, last visit 4 days ago)

If needed for them:

7. Skedvick's turn if Krakyn is absent
Quickly ready, find solid place to brace arm and bow and fire from. Fire on obvious enemies.

Hit: 15 (+2=17), 4 (+2=6)
Damage: 5, 1

8. Foxthorn's turn if Tani is absent
Quickly ready, find solid place to brace arm and bow and fire from. Fire on obvious enemies.

Hit: 6 (+5=11), 4 (+5=9)
Damage: 2, 4

Post Date: 16th Jan, 2010 - 11:25pm / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader - Page 4

Namdar, realizing only two orcs remain, one on the ground and the other hopefully stunned, sneaks around and launches his Sneak Attack on the orc on the ground, as at least two others are charging the standing enemy, at the very least, catching him "flat-footed" or prone/down. He hopes the party quickly neutralizes the remaining orcs, to avoid an unnecessary wound to a party member.

Rolls (unless previous post rolls still apply):

Initiative (1D6): 1/+1=2 (I can not catch a break!)
Hit Roll (1D20): Sneak Attack - 9/+2=11
Damage (1D6): 2/x2/+2=6

SA: Krusten notches two more arrows:

Rolls: 2d20: 5 / 22
Damage: 1d6: 3 / 7

ooc: All modifiers added already. After the battle I will make sure retrieve my arrows.

Lionel gets an idea, decides he will do something diffent, Lionel makes eye contact with Oliron, and smiles he yells, "Oh, Hello there, sir goblins! I didn't see you there. I forgot just how cowardly and ugly your race is, but I'm not surprised knowing your leader." Lionel says loudly to the orcs with a smile, and then casts Enlarge Person on Oliron.
ooc: I rolled 16 and add my cha= 20

Skedvick , Ranger LVL 1

Rolls 1d20 (16) (14) (17)
1d6 (4) (7) (6)

Looking again for a clear target he will shoot, if no target available he will charge the closest Orc with Sword.

"Elf quickly get in behind and be safe.", as he watches the mayhem of the growing group about him. "cleric see to Beast! He is hurt!"

Oliron, Fighter/1/Human

ooc: I have cleave feat, but my second att. Roll was 7 total, I don't think thats a hit. If I have a next attack I would like to power attack (-2 to hit and +2 to damage). Wow, rolled a natural 20 again! 22 total, Damage roll = 6 total. In case I cleave again, 12 total to hit, 12 total damage. I just realized I have not factored in any bonus for being larger, if I am in fact larger, I don't know if any bonus is given.

Oliron swings his sword at the one orc still standing. Hoping to catch it off guard as it recovers from its run in with a tree. Letting out a triumphant, "YAahhhh!"

Amaruil stops running and panting, she tries to get cover behind the man who spoke to her. She was truly lucky to have met up with that group; she thought those Orcs would be the end of her. Watching the battle, she takes steps even further away from them, in case she needs to make a quick escape.

Beast lays on the ground making unconscious noises. (probably could have made a CON check to try to regain consciousness, not sure)

Seeing the fear on the face of the newcomer elf Pundit asks,

"Are you hurt? Do you have need of my healing powers?"

Pundit nods back and then resumes his prayers.

* Pundit looks over at the elf then back at the battle. *

SA: If all is clear Pundit will go over to Beast and heal him.

roll: 1d8: 7

Foxthorn reloads arrows and takes a turn to aim up the trail, making sure to be able to take out any more lagging surprise visitors.

Rather off topic, but...
Tani may be inactive, so currently I'm trying to make Foxthorn useful without being a free extra attack and damage soak character.

If we manage to finish off the orcs, we grab all our gear, including the buried swords, behead and loot the orc bodies and hide them in the woods, and head back to town.

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