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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader - Page 6

Update: Makonai says he is here but "in follow mode" for a week, which is okay with me, we can have him just stay back if that would be fair, when anything happens - but it's of course up to you.

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Ignoble says...

You as party leader will be responsible for his moves and actions until he posts again in the party thread.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

OOC: Okay, Jenrek turned out to not be a giant handful, plus I'm already somewhat dragging Krakyn's Skedvick along as well - there are two absentee but active players, which is a little disappointing.

Pundit is meditating, and I imagine Lionel Krusten are/have recovered/picked their spells.

Oliron seeing an opportunity to gain some possible invaluable information hails the farmers.

"Hello, why are your numbers so few friend?" "Please tell me you are not all that is left." Oliron goes on to ask if they have a more accurate number of the orc party and if anyone in particular is in dire need of help. Wishing the farmers well in a silent prayer he marches on.

Oliron is walking now with the party. Thus easing the load of the donkeys with their laden cart.

Alert for trouble, Skedvick walks alongside Namdar's horse, which is traveling at a slow gait. The half-orc looks down and at the party, seeing all are present, with Makonai at the back and Amaruil having fitted herself in among the rest of the group,

Beast, looking like a metal armadillo, walks on, smiling proudly and contentedly.

GROUP: After speaking with the farmers, unless they relay information which might necessitate a change of plans, proceed to the farms to the north, hopefully the fastest or most reliable path, as provided by the farmers or townsfolk, watching for enemies. And recycling from my previous post:

I'd like to ride most of the way, pace keeping with the party, just to get used to riding, on the road or trail, but to the far edge for easy movement to cover, then dismount and lead Grue a bit more inconspicuously when we estimate we're about a mile from the farms and hopefully can see them before anyone there sees us, slowly keeping closer to the hopefully concealing shade of the trees. We'd like to see if we can spy any activity.

This of course assumes we meet nothing on the way.

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Page 6 Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

Basically, everybody is ready to return to the action. I'm trying to get confirmation on who all is here, but at least me, Lionel, Beast, Pundit and Oliron - I presume Krusten and Skedvick/Krakyn are around somewhere? Don't know about the others yet.

I'd like to ride most of the way, pace keeping with the party, just to get used to riding, on the road or trail, but to the far edge for easy movement to cover, then dismount and lead Grue a bit more inconspicuously when we estimate we're about a mile from the farms and hopefully can see them before anyone there sees us, slowly keeping closer to the hopefully concealing shade of the trees. We'd like to see if we can spy any activity. Grue might be able to smell any nearby orcs?

This of course assumes we meet nothing on the way.

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Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

The group quickly checks around the farm and buildings, while keeping an eye out for activity, to make sure nothing useful or important remains, and there are no survivors, then Skedvick and/or Namdar and anyone good at tracking will try to pick up the orcs' trail, and if there is anything additional we can find out about them, before we meet them. But then the group is ready to head out in pursuit and/or to help the other nearby closest farms that are being besieged.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader

SCENE: Going north from burned farm, Part 1

Unless otherwise noted, the party is heading north pretty determinedly, not making much of the idea about trying to be stealthy, looking for signs of orcs.

1. Lionel:
SA: Lionel moves forward with the group, his determination clear. Lionel will cast Enlarge Person on first Oliron then Beast, if battle is still going will use bow.
OOC: It's for Lionel special character development, the first part is that I have to roll 1d100 every morning, noon, and afternoon. Also the likelihood of Lionel failing his roll increase when Lionel is angry, it's still not enough to bring him over but I still feel it should be noted. "Lionel is now angry, meaning this could affect the 13 rolled on a 1d100.
Note this to KNtoran, JPatt."

2. Oliron:
SA: If encountering orcs, attack one.
D6 rolls if needed: 5, 5
Spot: 10, 9
to hit roll, 1d20: 11, 15 (with bonus)
damage roll, 1d10: 13, 13 (with bonus)

3. Beast:
SA: Upon seeing the baby in pieces Beast truly becomes a beast and hits a piece of wood with his strength breaking it in half. Seeing red, He then storms up the road to the north not even waiting for the rest of the dragging party. As soon as Beast finds an orc he will eat them for his lunch and then like vomit it after so they don't contaminate him.
SA: Going north, but still with party, attacking if/when needed.
Rolls (with modifier):
x2 1D6: 6 / 3
x2 1D12: 9 / 8
x2 1D20: 17 / 12
x2 Weapon: 13 / 8

4. Pundit:
SA: Get the orcs, to the north and finish prayers, communing, for spells or blessings. Have weapon handy.

5. Amaruil: I assume traveling north normally?
SA: Be ready for combat, though if able and feasible, get into position for Sneak Attack

6. Krusten:
SA: Attack if/when in range.
Rolls (with modifier):
x2 1D6: 6 / 6
x2 1D12: 3 / 9
x2 1D20: 18 / 5
x2 Weapon: 3 / 7 thats from my bow.

7. Skedvick (armed with bow):
Jog alongside Namdar's horse to help keep watch for activity ahead and to the sides, attacking with melee weapon or ranged weapon as appropriate.
Natural rolls with bracketed adjustments.
D6 (if needed): 3, 3
D12 Spot: 12, 9 [+2 Spot](sharp eyed MIA PC)
D20 Hit Rolls: 17, 12 [+4 MAB or +3 RAB] (ready for action too apparently)
Damage: 3, 6 [+4 MAB](D8 longsword) or 2, 6 (D6 shortbow)

8. Namdar:
SA: Ride north about fifty feet ahead of the rest of the party (except Skedvick), knowing they're not likely to settle for a slow and careful stealthy approach at the moment. If orcs are encountered, unless a large force is seen, will ride in first quickly to try to surprise and disorient them, and attack whichever looks like the ones in charge if possible, or closest one if not. Mostly unadjusted rolls below.
D6 (if needed): 5, 3
D12 Spot: 4, 5 (dice hate me)
D20 Hit Rolls: 6, 3 [+2 MAB](really, really hate me)
Damage: 5, 6 [+2 SB](D6 scimitar) (not that I'll use them since I likely missed)

Post Date: 7th Feb, 2010 - 5:07am / Post ID: #

Page 6 Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader

Namdar waits on his horse near the front fence, looking for signs up danger. Skedvick and the others do the same before approaching any closer, then want to search the buildings and surrounding areas and check some of the crops. Namdar will will speak first to anyone, still on his horse, until it looks like the person is friendly, then will dismount to talk face to face.

Post Date: 9th Feb, 2010 - 5:35am / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader - Page 6

Attached Image QUOTE
For quick reference:
As you approach the fence and gate you will see the gate is open and the fence is in very good shape. Seems like no one has bothered this farm at all. As you approach the gate and the lane a middle aged man comes out of the house and hails you. As he approaches you see that he is a human of average built. He walks up to you and offers his hand. Saying welcome to my humble farm. I am Larry Hempstraw and this is my land. What may I help you with? He will tell those looking at the crops to try and not trample the beans.

Namdar, secures his cowl and face-obscuring keffiyeh and approaches the farmer, also stealing glimpses at the immediate area, seeing if there were any good defensible positions or cover that could be used by the party if hostilities broke out here.

He nods to Skedvick to casually stroll around the area, alert for signs of unusual traffic.

Beast stays near the road so as to not alarm the man with his half-orc looks.

The swathed traveler from the East bows politely with a flourish, attempting to distract the man's attention as Krusten walks by and begins inspecting the farm and property.

"Good sir," he intones as clearly and pleasantly as he can, given his own and the party's anxious anticipation of vengeance on the orcs, then proceeds to casually introduce himself and his party, shaking hands with Mr. Hempstraw.

Attached Image QUOTE
"We are travelers from the south, and had been warned that this area was dangerous, mostly due to dangerous bands of sadistic orcs, and we came across one farm that had been accosted some, but yet another razed entirely to the ground and the family killed horribly.  Do you know anything about any of this, or have you seen or heard of any orcs or other travelers anywhere, or the happenings with the other farmers out here?  A few of our number have friends in some nearby towns and worry for their safety if they traveled this direction, and also don't want to be surprised ourselves.  I could probably find a coin if you could kindly provide us any information, and would appreciate it.

Also, I notice your farm here and crops are quite fruitful and well-maintained, for which you no doubt deserve solid credit, especially given the stories we've heard about the danger of the rampaging beasts around here - tell me, surely some have been by at some point, how or why do you feel your farm has been fortunate enough to be spared all this time?"

The half-orc leader carefully studies the farmer, his mannerisms, bearing, behavior and eye movement, clothing, hands and evidence of recent activity, such as soiled shirt and such, looking for something wrong - he also makes sure to glance surreptitiously at Krusten's rather obvious recon.

When finished with the brief initial meeting, and asking if the group might rest there a short time before continuing their trek, Namdar rejoins the group and they quietly decide what to do next.

Namdar tells the others to act normally but be wary and pay attention to the surroundings and details they might otherwise take for granted. If things are peaceful and nothing's evident here, we rest a short time then move on north as stated in previous posts. If there is combat, the group should fall back to whatever the best looking defensible position is, behind cover if possible.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader - Page 6

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