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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader - Page 7

Beast begins to ask the farmer why things are locked from the inside, but Pundit speaks over him, using the story about the other burned farm as a lead-in to what sounds like a somewhat boring but casual discussion, but drops his voice low and places his hand on the farmer's shoulder, talking as quietly as possible but still maintaining a normal posture, "We are here to help, if you are in trouble let us know. We can take care of the problem. If something is wrong and you don't want to say just blink your eyes twice."

Namdar removes a flask of lamp oil, a bit of cloth and a flint-and-steel tinderbox, setting them subtly on the nearby fence and obscuring them by hanging his pack on the post in front of them.

He then nods covertly to Skedvick to inspect this mysterious but popular tree stump further, while he heads over to the rest of the party dealing with the farmer, hopefully drawing any attention away from the ranger.

Still near the front fence with the party's gear and Grue, Oliron walks then over to Jonas and tries to make sure her and the male donkey are well fed, so they do not eat any of the farmers crops.

Krusten addresses the farmer sharply, "What manner of treachery is this, what are you hiding?" * Krusten uses her sharp eyes to peer into the man's soul, her charisma forcing the truth out of him. *SA: Get the answer from him. Not sure I need to roll something for this?

Namdar approaches her, his eyes sternly trying to catch her attention and hint for her to assume less alarming behavior, while the others are trying a different approach - he attempts to redirect her question to sound like an unrelated matter.

Attached Image QUOTE
"Hiding? Why, I told you, silly elf girl, that rumor back at the bar was worthless - there's not any bag of hidden jewels here any more than there has been at any other place we've been to, in or out of town. We really need to be on our way in a little bit, and your antics aren't helping get us all set up for a quick rest before we pack back up. "

He turns back to the farmer, smiling apologetically and shrugging, "You know how they are when they get an idea in there head - there's no talking sense to them, don't pay her any attention.", then imperceptibly checks his cloak with his fingers to make sure his caltrops are easily available should he need to use them in a hurry. He then addresses the farmer properly, attempting to also get his notice by making stern gestures with his eyes.

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"So... Good farmer... I understand from some hunters in town that farms like yours out in the woods here are pretty bad for having a lot of pests and vermin move in and try to take over everything - I don't know, green, scaly snakes, maybe? Dangerous if you walk up on them without knowing it or having any warning, but probably pretty easy to take care of if you have an idea of where they're nesting - I wonder, have you seen any lately, anywhere around? I also hear sometimes they can get into houses or just about any buildings too, I don't want to have to find out the hard way if this area is crawling with them, while we're here."

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Okay GM, we are still waiting for someone to check out the stump, but we could use an update with the farmer, here's the relaitive posts.

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"The Duke", Lionel breaks in intrigued, "Tell me, just how close are you to your half brother and what can you tell me about him", Lionel asks, "you see I am of royal birth as well, the prince of Anhangá", shows the farmer his royal symbol (the necklace).
ooc: Unsure if it would make a difference but, I rolled a 21 counting +4 for charisma on a 1d20. If it does help, I hope to gain more information.

Lionel turns to the other members with him and asks, "Is it not intriguing that this man is related to the Duke".

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Pundit thinks that all of this strangeness can't be as simple as a farmer protecting himself. So he tries to get into his hut...
"May we sit to have something to drink; there is something I wish to share with you."
SA: Pundit will be insistent in going in the hut of the farmer.

Attached Image QUOTE
"It's true we are very tired, is there any way we can rest here and maybe have a drink", Lionel asks the farmer.

Attached Image QUOTE
Beast is just there waiting for whatever group decides.

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Oliron whispers to Lionel, "I think it is obvious the Duke is involved somehow in this Orc activity." He looks about nervously.
"If this is true, let's not raise too much of a fuss with this farmer."
"If we draw to much attention to ourselves we might find ourselves on the wrong side of the law."
Oliron leads his cart carefully to the North road being ready to move out and kill some orcs.

Attached Image QUOTE
Lionel waits for the farmer to answer, but says to Oliron, "I think so too that's way I wish to know more about this Duke."

Attached Image QUOTE
Krusten leaves and starts walking around the farm looking for clues.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

Lionel waits for the farmer to answer, but says to Oliron, "I thinks so too, that's way I wish to know more about the Duke." Lionel breaks in intrigued, "Tell me, just how close are you to your half brother and what can you tell me about him", Lionel asks, "you see I am of royal birth as well, the prince of Anhangá", shows the farmer his royal symbol (the necklace).
ooc: Unsure if it would make a difference but, I rolled a 21 counting +4 for charisma on a 1d20. If it does help, I hope to gain more information. (in case this didn't get addressed last time)

Perhaps Amaruil could use one of her abilities (bluff, diplomacy, gather information or sense motive) to find out more? She is persuasive, after all.

Oliron wants to continue north, as more farmers are dying by the minute, but waits to see what the party does.

The others wish to talk a moment to the farmer about the Duke and what his or the Duke's take has been on the orcs, and in general,
and how "The Duke" is doing lately, to get any info and see if there is any indication of intentional lying or ulterior motives, and what emotions or stresses the farmer is under.

Namdar wants to go to the other side of his horse and fiddle with the packs sort of obviously, then slowly and gradually edge further and further back and out of sight, and sneak around the area out of the farmer's sight (and anyone else Namdar thinks might be hiding in particular places), and see if he can find out any more about the other buildings or farmhouse, etc.

If there is a way to find any openings, back doors, exposed locks, Namdar uses his skills to at least be able to peer inside to gage what is inside the different structures, be it people or equipment or food or what, and will stay out of sight and monitor anything unusual, then he will return to tell the others subtly without the farmer knowing.

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Page 7 Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

"Actually, the Duke will not know I"m am here, you see I"m new to these parts, as is those I am traveling with", Lionel says with all honest (at least as far as can be given without giving the group away), "I am Lionel Alexander Cortez, and am in search for a young women dear to me, who I feel has become by now become a druid", Lionel continues, "We are a group of travelers, and we are looking for work, if by chance, you have a means of contacting the Duke for us, we would be willing to hire ourselves to him." While Lionel waits for the farmer to answer, he looks at the other members of his group, nodding as if to say "I will describe my plan later", and many of the group can clearly see cogs moving in Lionel's head.
ooc: The way I see it, if we can somehow get close to this duke, maybe even show him we can be 'trusted" we may be able to find out some dirt on this guy, that is my idea anyway. I fell it is better then attacking the orcs head on.

We give Lionel's plan a chance to work out, if it appears it might be something quickly achievable and worthwhile, otherwise, the group will say their farewells and move on north ASAP.

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Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

If agreeable to the GM and adventure, the party is going to accompany and drop Lionel off at the Duke's, and continue north to the farms to fight orcs.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader

Good news, KNtoran, something wacky!

Oliron is agitated and seems a bit enraged at the soldiers lack of information on the location of the orcs.

He stares ominously at the soldiers.
"This is no good soldiers."
"I know you know the location of the orcs."
"If you had any honor you would tell us wear to find them."

Oliron grips the hilt of his blade.

ooc: Oliron wonders what luck it is to see another capable adventurer cross their path. If the soldiers do not answer Oliron he will follow his own group towards were they think the orcs are.

If Needed

Namdar moves to restrain or head off Oliron's bold addressing of the soldiers but is too late. He then sees Krusten's discomfort and distaste at yet another male half-orc, making three, which anyone would find pretty suspicious, he reckoned.

"So... The Duke's men... They're either in on something or are being kept from finding out something, not being allowed to patrol in some areas. We need to proceed the two days to the Duke's and allow Lionel to make his entry, then if you all still want, we continue on without him, if it takes more than a short time, or if the audience is brief enough, we wait and see what information he gathered, and perhaps still head further north."

He turns and watches to see how the guards react to Oliron's bluster, prepared to "talk them down" if need be, using his numerous social interaction and charisma based abilities and skills.

If needed (non adjusted)
1D6: 5, 1
1D8: 2, 5
1D12: 4, 12
1D20: 20, 16

It seems like Lionel, being used to royal policy, or one of us would know whether it's likely that his audience with the Duke will be short or extended, like a quick stop maybe a an hour or two, or longer, as we may want to go on if it is very long. If relatively short, Krusten will accompany him, and if it seems like a good idea, everyone can act as his retinue, and he can ride Namdar's horse into town, as befitting his station.

OOC: We seem to have lost Amaruil and other thief guy that came in about the same time (can't blame them), and I presume Krakyn is still somewhere on ID but not in here. So we have Namdar, Pundit, Oliron, Beast, Krusten, Lionel, theoretically Skedvick, and now Ryorst. Maybe we can get back on track.

I'm also a little unclear as to where exactly the Duke's men are and are not patrolling, and what areas they are specifically forbidden from patrolling. I read the post but I can't get right in my head, and where these all are in relation to the farmer's and to the Duke's location.

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Page 7 Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader

Please forgive me but I wish to add this for Lionel.
Lionel sighs as he places a hand on Oliron and gives him a look that say "be quite". He turns to the solders and says, "My friend here has run into many hard times, and has see much to make him mistrust solders, please forgive him and forget his words".
ooc: Rolled a 1d20 for a charisma roll added 4 and got 18, hopefully it is enough to for Lionel to persuade the solders to disregarded Oliron's word.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader - Page 7

Ignoble says...

The Dukes stronghold is north and east of Larrys farm with is east of the main road. The Dukes men are allowed to patrol south of the Duke's strong hold only. They can patrol as far west as the road you now stand upon which is east of the main road and only leads between the Dukes Strong hold and Larry's farm. The Patrols can go east as far as the river which runs pretty much north and south. This is the east end of the Dukes Lands. The Dukes western edge is the main north south road. A rival Duke owns the lands west of the Main Road but no one has heard from him for a few months. I hope this helps you understand the area a bit more. I will see about getting a map drawn up so you can better see where everything is that you have seen.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader - Page 7

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