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Trinidad Tobago Racialism in T&T - Thoughts to think About
Post Date: 24th Jul, 2010 - 12:40pm / Post ID: #

Racism In Trinidad & Tobago - Race - Racist - Page 3

Name: Lucretiatt (Responding as a Guest?)

Comments: Do you realize how tedious, counterproductive, and stupid it would be to actually practice racism 24/7? So I am a black person, I would have to be negative to every single non-black person that I meet per minute per day per week per month per year? So whenever I go shopping and a non-black person attends to me what am I suppose to do: call him/her a derogatory word, refuse the service and ask for a black person to serve me instead? Or if I am in a queue waiting to pay a bill and a non-black person strikes up a conversation with me, am I supposed to turn away and indicate a racist reaction? At work only teach the black students, only talk to the black teachers? Blame every non-black person for the bad behaviour of the one who offended me? Gawd that's a lot of hard work and I simply don't have the stamina or time to practice racism.

Politically in Trinidad and Tobago the two parties: the PNM and the UNC take turns governing our country. They are all we have so no surprise when UNC wins this time round especially with the novelty of having our first female prime minister. The next time round would be PNM and so it goes.

Racism or not, as a citizen I still do my part in contributing to the success and progress of my country. Make whatever government that is in power accountable. I encourage foreign investment, I advertise my country in my internet social networking websites. I pray for the leaders of my country whether I voted for them or not. We all have to live with each other. Not every East Indian, Black, Chinese, Spanish, Caucasian,and Syrian is racist. There are still many of us who are in the majority who are too busy building our country than splitting hairs over who don't like whom. We are in the middle of a global economic recession. Top countries are now struggling, Eastern European countries still suffering from ethnic cleansing, the Middle East is still at war. We have it sweet in Trinidad and Tobago, we are just complacent, spoiled, and we are becoming materialistic and godless. We are even spared major disasters from nature and instead of having a day of humble thanksgiving, we laugh and say "God is ah Trini!". We do whatever we want here and play the fool. Yet we complain.We litter brazenly but are shocked when it floods, we break the laws with such arrogance but cry racism when we are convicted, we disrespect those in authority, refuse to home-train our children but spoil them; yet we complain when the natural consequences hit us and blame others. We refuse to take the free educational facilities given to us on so many levels for EVERY age or status of citizen but we get vex when we don't receive a handout instead. One of these days we will rue the day that we took our freedom for granted and no one will give us the time of day.

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Racist Race Tobago and Trinidad Racism

I never had a problem with my race here however I have seen people treating others differently based on their skin color (not even race) and for those who wonder, fair people also get treated bad because there is always a couple of people who think in putting us in "our place".

Post Date: 7th Mar, 2011 - 1:40pm / Post ID: #

Racism In Trinidad & Tobago - Race - Racist Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Name: Simona

Comments: I believe that empty vessels make the most noise. I am of mixed descent and I look like pure east Indian when my father is negro and my mother is an Indian. I hear that I am a coolie and other degrading remarks , when it is I can cook and do things any other negro woman can do. I think when people say nonsense, they should ask themselves if by saying this makes me look better or if it is putting money in my pocket! Empty barrels I say.

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Page 3 Racist Race Tobago and Trinidad Racism

Everyone is well aware of the current Nizam Mohammed embarrassment. Are there serious issues with regards to promotion of certain races within the public and private service that were just being brought to light or is it all exaggerated?

Post Date: 7th May, 2011 - 3:03am / Post ID: #

Racist Race Tobago and Trinidad Racism

Name: Caty

Comments: my parents are Trinidadian my dad Indian and Chinse my mother black and Indian over all I look Indian hair small eyes, flat butt skin light tan in some browner or caramel my nose is big black side and lips black side grandparents say in Trinidad it OK to mix now but there is still some Indian that don't mix with black just like the Chinese I think in the 60's and 70's it started to be ok to be mixed in Trinidad but as far as if treated better any where USA, euro run thing been close to white is always better in their eyes because they rule the world and enslaves us brown and black people and played with our minds like in some Latin country they drilled in them white is right and forget your blackness like in Brazil they want to white up the country and dilute the blood line.

Post Date: 26th Mar, 2012 - 2:02pm / Post ID: #

Racism In Trinidad & Tobago - Race - Racist

Name: Concernedbajan

Comments: As a Barbadian, I can honestly say that I have never experienced the type of racism in Barbados that I've experienced while living in Trinidad.
I am a student at the Hugh Wooding Law School having moved here last September to complete my legal education. As an upper middle class black Barbadian I can honestly say that I have never really experienced any form of racism in Barbados, not that I'm saying it does not exist. With a population of majority blacks followed by whites and then Indian minorities the blacks in Barbados do not feel inferior to whites or Indians and there is a chance of upward mobility for all regardless of race.
On my arrival to Trinidad I learnt that Trinidad is comprised of many different ethnicities and that several Trinidadians refer to themselves as being a "pelau" as they accept that the society is well mixed with people of African, East Indian, European and Chinese decent. After hearing this it was extremely difficult for me to come to grips with the fact that racism is so prevalent in this society and I was shocked to say the least, to learn of the racial tension that exists between the people here.
From the taxi driver I learnt of "The Avenue" and that certain spots where predominantly for whites or Indians. I learnt that one side of the road was built about 3 feet above road level so that the Indians and people of light complexion could literally "look down" upon the blacks who frequented the club on the other side of the street. I also had to learn about "Gollywog Night!" A night designated for blacks to come and party in a particular club. Now as a Barbadian the concept of such is extremely foreign to me and very troubling. It saddens me to know that blacks would allow themselves to be designated a night to party at a club rather than avoid it altogether. By submitting to this you are promoting a social problem. Being "allowed" to party in a club that openly caters for people of light complexion is not a privilege! And as black people we must get ourselves out of that mentality and stop allowing ourselves to be discriminated against.
The problem is not only Indian racist, but also, the blacks themselves feeling inferior to Indians. I do not understand why blacks in Trinidad do not see themselves as equal. No one should make you feel less important about yourself especially about something as minor as the colour of your skin.
This last weekend I went to a popular night club on Cipriani Boulevard only to discover that racism is not dead in Trinidad. Before joining the line, it became apparent to me that the head of security was picking persons out of the line and allowing them to enter ahead of others that got there before them. The security personnel (all of African decent) clearly following orders, were however, only picking out Indians to go ahead of others or even taking them through a "back entrance" as though the blacks would not notice that a host of Indians just got escorted away with preferential treatment. This sort of behaviour I found very disgusting, and in 2012 in a Caribbean country which is almost equal in ratio of black to Indian makeup, this should never be the case.
I was enlightened that this was not always the case in Trinidad and that there was a political movement which divided the society on racial grounds, which pushed for the upliftment of Indians at the expense of that of the blacks. For any developing country, this is not the way forward. Black Trinidadians should not accept this as the way things are and say 'this is just how life if", but rather know that change is absolutely necessary to ensure that the society as a whole progresses in the eyes of the world. I have lost most of the respect that I had for Trinidad, based on this experience, and I intend to write on this at length to educate people outside of Trinidad and especially in Barbados so as to enlighten them on this serious problem that faces the Trinidadian society and which is engrained in the mind set of people here. If I did not come to Trinidad myself and experience this, I would never have believed that our neighbours still had such a serious and obvious racism problem.
Something must be done, and the first step for black people within a society such as this is to liberate themselves from mental slavery. Realize the value of education and take advantage of that which is afforded to them. The mentality of Trinidadians on a whole is in need of drastic reconditioning. We are all one people!

Post Date: 29th Mar, 2012 - 2:26pm / Post ID: #

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Page 3 Racism Trinidad & Tobago Race Racist

Seriously... I think Concernedbajan is just hanging out with the wrong people because I have never heard of that before or experienced it but then again I have friends from all races and they likewise have friends from all races and we never talk about race, its just not an issue.

Post Date: 1st Apr, 2012 - 5:57pm / Post ID: #

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Racism Trinidad & Tobago Race Racist - Page 3

Concernedbajan are you serious? I never heard such a thing in my entire life and I have lived in Trinidad for more than 20 years. I'm white in complexion and Hispanic. I think maybe the taxi driver was just pulling your leg but what you shared about the place in Cipriani Blv is very disturbing!

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Racism Trinidad & Tobago Race Racist - Page 3

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