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Name: George Title: Conflicts of local interest - Page 4 - Trinidad, Tobago / Caribbean - Posted: 7th May, 2017 - 10:29am

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Trinidad Tobago Racialism in T&T - Thoughts to think About
Post Date: 7th Jan, 2015 - 11:05am / Post ID: #

Racism In Trinidad & Tobago - Race - Racist - Page 4

Name: George

Comments: There is a strong sense of racism in T&T.This however is not only against ANY foreigner but also applies to the different racial groups living here. You are most likely to experience discrimination here not necessarily because of your colour but because of your money.
This applies right across the board. Those Trinidadians returning despite their colour to set up home here after living abroad for decades, are targeted by thieves and racial bigots,mainly because they know crime pays here.

Post Date: 30th Jan, 2015 - 2:39am / Post ID: #

Racism In Trinidad & Tobago - Race - Racist
A Friend

Racist Race Tobago and Trinidad Racism

This issue can never and will never be addressed by someone who is a foreigner who happens to be a legal resident only. Please let us be realistic and truthful about this at the same time. This issue will only be adequately addressed by someone who is an actual member of the citizenry who has grown up in the country in question-namely Trinidad and Tobago of course.

The answer to the issue of racism is that there is what we can term secret racism. It is silent and under the covers. I believe it is seen especially with those who are whites who will not allow themselves to intermingle with Indians and Africans for relationship purposes or even allow their children to have such an opportunity.

I have seen it with local whites and I have seen it with foreign whites. It is as if secretly there is this dread that Indians and Africans will contaminate you if you are white. Sure we may have them as friends some whites may say in their minds but no further. Some whites will just keep Indians and Africans in the friend zone but never allow themselves to go beyond the friend zone in dealing with Africans and Indians in terms of having a serious relationship with themselves or with even members of their own family. This is the truth.

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Post Date: 23rd Jun, 2015 - 2:54pm / Post ID: #

Racism In Trinidad & Tobago - Race - Racist Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Name: Jean

Title: Experience

Comments: I believe when people don't get their way they cry racism. In Trinbago, a % of both races express some type racism. All political parties have had their share of corruption so why refer to other leaders as they did nothing during their tenure. We don't only have racial prejudices here but many other prejudices. London also have so much properties in Tobago and a very large house I might add, people in Tobago are suffering and yet they are not speaking out about it. Tells me that we as a nation don't even like ourselves, all we do is complain and don't bring any solutions to the table. I as an Indo Trinidadian have also be scoffed at in Tobago and it has been done aloud without remorse but I know myself so who cares. No I have to take care of me. During the PNM tenure, very Indians held positions or got jobs no one complained, I could not find a job and I migrated to the US where I excelled. Now I am back thinking that we have evolved but we did not evolve we have digressed miserably to a bacchanalist country.
I pray now that we as a nation change.... Let every creed and race find an equal place.... What happened to that. We may as well change our Anthem.

Post Date: 10th Jul, 2015 - 3:51pm / Post ID: #

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Page 4 Racist Race Tobago and Trinidad Racism

The race issue in Trinidad is about jealousy, how much the next man have. They jealous you if you have money and then say is race why they get through like that.

Post Date: 19th Jul, 2016 - 8:39pm / Post ID: #

Racist Race Tobago and Trinidad Racism

Name: George

Comments: Trinidad has become a disgusting and lawless country to live in. Here we have the big perpetrators of racism and widespread serious crime and lawlessness being almost completely ignored by the police politicians, citizens of status and those in positions of authority, and in some case even being offered praise. Take the case of the late Mr Manning one of the pioneers of our local politics who [in my opinion] was a profound racist which of course is denied by his supporters, and who was responsible for the introduction of political corruption on this island. He was also the instigator of turning a blind eye to the development of kidnappings of many rich Indians and also gave a nod and a wink to black Trinidadians that they too may be able to get away with any crime once the PNM was in power, as was the case of Abu Bakr who is still allowed to walk free despite being allegedly associated with many serious crimes, and now heads a group of so called Muslims fanatics waiting for an opportunity to attempt another coup. The Legacy of Mr Manning and his successors who stacked the Civil Service and the police authority and government departments with a brigade of semi educated [..] citizens is now in full swing. Any other political party have to contend with an army of PNM officials bearing allegiance to a destructive political party based of personal greed with total disregard to ordinary citizens. This is despite what their educated ordinary supporters may think. Now we are landed with a island which has become a haven for [..] criminals as around 98% of serious crimes here are now being reported as being committed by [a certain part of society]. Where racism is concerned the Indians are on equal footing when it comes to discrimination against the blacks. That is why this nation has made no progress where racial integration or race relations are concerned. Neither has made any attempt to introduces facilities which would encourage racial integration of a Race relation act which would assist in preventing the expansion of racism here. The local police once given an opportunity to put their house in order by the appointment of Mr Gibbs retaliated .They were too bothered about their little secrets being exposed and soon got the rid of him with the help of corrupt politicians ,biased senior police officers and other officials. The excuse being that a local commissioner would be best suited to the job as he would be more knowledgeable and understand how to deal with the local criminals. What laugh that has turned out to be, as where crime and general lawlessness are concerned thing have now gone from bad to worse. The police idea of probes and investigations is to sweep them under the carpet provided the price is right. As for accepting that some crimes are tolerated with immunity, kidnappings have now being added to the list and is in fact are now not even reported. It has in fact become a hush hush money spinner. Signs are now appearing that even murder is being accepted and punishment being minimized, as many suspected in a recent case, after being held for years in custody were allowed to walk free with little justification.Yes things are bad and are continuing to worsen where law and order and personal morality or self respect is concerned .Not that paradise we once knew, is It?. Lets say its a country gone to dogs, yes a dog eat dog society.

Post Date: 22nd Mar, 2017 - 11:39pm / Post ID: #

Racism In Trinidad & Tobago - Race - Racist

Name: George

Title: Time to integrate?

Comments: There is never going to be any real progress of this nation. The future here looks rather bleak. However with some income still coming in from the profits of our natural resources our politicians and their supporters will continue to claim that the country is still able to hold its head above water,and is doing well. The real problems will come when we will have no choice but to fall head first into the abyss, when our natural resources are depleted. There is very little concern here about any form of diversification despite what the politicians might say.Whilst waiting to the fall into the abyss there are great opportunities for our local brigade of terrorist to strike it big, and in the end overthrow the government. In the light of our high crime rate, the galloping increase of general lawlessness now seems to be about the right time for another attempt to get the rid of our democracy one way or the other. Those at present in the corridors of power are giving a blurred signal that they want to go for a dictatorship or lead the nation into anarchy,which offers good incentives to the criminals and terrorist to strike whilst the time is right. The problem here is that only the citizens themselves could prevent the sad decline of this nation .It is now quite obvious that they cannot rely on politicians to improve our situation as the records and statistics will show things have got worse year after year, without any proven improvement. The situation would never have got to this stage if our politicians honestly and really cared about this nation or its citizens.They have in fact,put the financial interest of themselves,their party, their families and their corrupt associates before that of our ordinary citizens. That is why we are now landed with many over night millionaires and corrupt citizens who cannot account for how they accumulated their sudden wealth. This pattern of livelihood has now been adopted by the police,the judiciary, hardened criminals and many citizens. It is now observed even by the young seemly the making of potential criminals being educated within our schools. Things will just continue go from bad to worse if our ordinary citizens in a combined racial effort do not make a real attempt to take matters into their own hands.However, because of the present grip our elected representatives have on various aspects of the government administration and the rich of the private sector, this seems mostly unlikely here. The major outstanding and hidden problem facing this nation is the racial division within the population and the manner in which politicians from both sides of the fence use politics as a weapon of war between the two main racial groups to keep citizens and themselves politically and noticeably racially divided. In any democracy the people make the choice by selecting citizens who they believe will make life better for them such as better security,more employment better education, good environment, welfare and medical facilities. Here our citizens are being fooled time and time again by politicians making promises they never fulfilled.Generally speaking ordinary citizens here are in fact no better off than when we were a colony They have lost the morals, self discipline and ambitions and lacking in reasonable logic.. They are being led like sheep to the slaughter house. Many by mentors of their own race.They show little respect for each other. What independence has done for our nation is turned it into a haven for criminals .Many of those of status,wealth and in positions of authority being the worse of the damaging offenders. Though not classified as murderers or hardened criminals they could destroy and are destroying this nation by their lust of illegal financial greed and the bad examples they set to our society.The main offenders of corruption here are those from the well off group, yet you won't find any of these citizens behind prison bars here. For over fifty years of independence not one of our politicians has offered opportunities or legislation for improving integration of the two main races. The impression given is that they fear of doing so, as they would lose the superiority each has over the other in different aspects of our society. We urgently need a Race Relation Act to prevent the continuance of discrimination,and inequality within our politics and nation.. Without such an act politicians and citizens will remain within their shells of racial hatred spitefulness,ignorance and malice pretending to be living in multicultural society in harmony. We need to widely promote racial integration at all levels of our society so that our citizens could demonstrate in a combined racial group against those who uses the wealth of this nation to feather their own nest thus encouraging growing poverty and deprivation of our ordinary citizens. It is therefore essential that ALL of our our ordinary citizens have a say in stopping politicians from failing to fulfill their promises and to ensure that the politicians remove the barriers that prevent them from sharing equally in the nation's wealth. It is the only way now left for this nation and its people to make any real progress.

Post Date: 23rd Mar, 2017 - 7:52pm / Post ID: #

Page 4 Racism Trinidad & Tobago Race Racist

Name: Ashton

Title: Racism in T&T

Comments: I always get a 'kick' by this term- racism. Racism is a responsive term. How one reacts to being called gives life to the term. When I was a young man, I was- on many occasions referred to by a specific derogatory word. I never reacted with any emotion. I would walk away. I never rebutted. At some service outlets- I was passed over before being served. Did it hurt? Yes. Did I feel less than who I am? No. Why? Because we become racists when we react to racism. Today- I am an older man- with the same outlook. I am contented with who I am, what I have, where I am and where I am going. How one reacts to any situation will dictate the outcome of the interaction. Racism is really a cop-out for envy, hate, misunderstanding, distrust, and ugliness.

Post Date: 7th May, 2017 - 10:29am / Post ID: #

Racism Trinidad & Tobago Race Racist - Page 4

Name: George

Title: Conflicts of local interest

Comments: Two reports in the local press caught my attention this morning. One is the article by Ramesh concerning the removal of Ivor Archie. Ramesh is right and this is a problem here. It has become impossible to remove some black influential citizens here holding positions of status .Another good example is the ACOP Mr Williams and certain other individuals of authority at the licensing office where corruption is rife.. These are the citizens holding allegiance to a certain political party here and are hampering progress of this nation Their removal has become impossible because they too are linked and supported with the racial political divide that exists here,and by the looks of it nothing is going to stop this adverse attitude and mentality here. Speaking the truth here about our racial situation immediately classified you as a racist. The truth here with regards to politics is that our politics, especially with regards to those in positions of authority, is that the country is overloaded with too many long established black senior officials who represents only one race and which encourages perpetual racial discrimination and inequality. This leads to politicians on both sides of the fence being forever at loggerheads, leading further to no racial combined effort to pass legislation that supports and affect all of our people all of the time. Senior positions of authority especially within the Civil Service on this island because of its racial make up must be shared and distributed equality for our harmonious existence The other important article is the report of the destruction of Maracas bay and how it is being turned into a shanty town. The strange thing about it all, is that we have politicians here talking about reviving tourism to make it a profitable industry here, as one tourist is worth more that a barrel of oil and yet these same guys stand around and watch the destruction of one of our main attraction to visiting tourist. (Oh by the way someone ought to start picking up the litter shown in the photo of Maracas bay beach) . These two articles amounts to madness both by our politicians and many of our black citizens, who are hell bent on turning the island into one large depressing shanty town, thus duplicating some of those you see on the African continent where the law is disrespected and violated and citizens are without any intentions to maintaining or creating a nice environment, or happy and contented nations.They are appear blinded by some sort of inherited mentality of disorder, untidiness,and logical reasoning.

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