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Name: George Title: Fixing the nation Comments: - Page 33 - Trinidad, Tobago / Caribbean - Posted: 18th Apr, 2017 - 5:14pm

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When thinking of a good place to live, you must first seek after safety and security, not rum and fete.
How Good is Trinidad & Tobago to Live? Related Information to How Good is Trinidad & Tobago to Live?
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How Good is Trinidad & Tobago to Live? - Page 33

Attached Image QUOTE (JB @ 10-Dec 15, 12:12 AM)
By now you've probably noticed there are loads of Venezuelans in the country. To understand why they want to come here you should read this: Venezuela's Economy December 2015.

I've noticed the same thing too but we've been talking about this for years. It was a big topic around 2004 when it was said that Woodbrook was becoming like a little Venezuela. I've noticed though that the Venezuelan community has branched out and they are now living in all parts of the country.

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Live Tobago and Trinidad Good How

If you have any challenge like being an Autism Parent then its a terrible place for your child(Ren). Any kind of service offered is priced beyond reasonable and the general reaction of the populace is indifference to scorn. Real estate is quite high and basic living usually requires the income of two person in the family.

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How Good is Trinidad & Tobago to Live? Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Name: George

Title: What a crying shame

Comments: It is a crying shame that Trinidad a piece of earth measuring 60 miles by 40 miles with such a small population with a lot of its land sparely populated and a once paradise has taken such a turn for the worst since our independence. The country has over the past five decades been an asset to it inhabitants bringing in massive of wealth from its natural resources. Despite this there is hardly any thing worthwhile to crow about where the living conditions of its ordinary citizens are concerned. There have been some advancement in its infrastructure such as building of new roads many being of no value to the poorer section of it citizens. Many of the new and old roads which are now deteriorating at an alarming rate, many needing urgent repairs. As for the welfare, recreation, medical and youth training facilities and amenities they are much to be desired here. All these already here, are of poor quality and are in need of upgrading. Some of the operators are lacking in qualified skills and professionalism. Generally speaking, on this island, more poverty is created day by day, not only that, but despite all of our past wealth there are citizens still living and acting like savages mainly because of poor education, lack of morals and respect for human life. Some squatting and living in wooden shacks occupying establish government land without permission. Others living in premises built in the early eighteenth century having outside latrines situated stronghold of our leading political party. To cap it all we are now seen by outsiders as a corrupt nation, laden with murderers, kidnappers crooks dappling in all forms of crimes and citizens of status and in positions of authority dabbling in corruption many being caught with their fingers in the till. There is no valued accountability or transparency within the government departments where dealing with finance is concerned in fact it appears to be a free for all system. This is despite what politicians may say. There now seems to be little hope of the nation ever regaining true respect for each other or from outsiders as things continue to get worse day by day. The law enforcement officers are unable to cope with the expansion of the crime scenario and general lawlessness. All in all we are now seen as a haven for criminals and this is reflected by the daily reports in the local press of many miscellaneous different types of crimes being committed by our own citizens on a daily basis. As I said before it is a crying shame that This piece of land has developed into such a horrible and unsafe place to live. The sad part about it all is that no one in authority here seems to want to change the situation and seems too interested in feathering their own nests even fit means committing a criminal act. Most of the upper classes appear to be injected with some type of serum that enhances a stupor of personal greed. Which is associated with extreme corruption and which was first most noticeable among those of status, in positions of authority and of wealth. This aspect of greed in our society is now practiced by many of our ordinary citizens now, hence the galloping rate of lawlessness and serious crimes.

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Page 33 Live Tobago and Trinidad Good How

Name: Not

Title: Lawlessness

Comments: There's one factor that sets Trinidad apart from most of its neighbouring countries (Caricom) along with countries its' residents frequent (US, Canada, UK etc) ...

And that single factor is LAWLESSNESS ... In exists throughout every aspect of Trinidad society and its a disease. Until every citizen of Trinidad takes personal responsibility for changing, things will not get better - in fact it will get worse.

Lawlessness rules Trinidad - from simple behaviours like drink driving or not wearing seat belts, to not paying personal taxes, to corruption and extortion, and then serious violent crime - its everywhere and nearly all in Trinidad play their part. My message is stop complaining Trinis and take personal responsibility and change.

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Live Tobago and Trinidad Good How

Name: George

Title: Painting A pretty picture

Comments: There is one good thing about reading the daily newspapers of here as there is always some article written by a joker that makes you laugh. Today reading a letter in a local newspaper entitled "T&T an attractive investment place". The contents of this letter makes you realize that we still have citizens either living in cuckoo land or working for the government and are still trying to pull the wool over the eyes of our vulnerable ordinary citizens by writing such untruths. With so much crime here, growing poverty.hidden racial bitterness, rising unemployment, the slow depletion of our oil and gas resources, expansion of general lawlessness, closures of some of our important industries,politicians who are always at loggerheads and a country on the verge of tumbling into the abyss,where is the justification for making such statement.

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How Good is Trinidad & Tobago to Live?

Name: Ashton

Title: Trinidad as good as

Comments: Trinidad- just like any other country is as good as its citizens/government/law enforcement/education system/health system/social system/cultural system.
Over the years after Independence Trinidad has gradually deteriorated into a cesspool of bigotry, racism, hatred, greed, envy, anger, disrespect, selfishness and lawlessness. We have allowed ourselves to be gobbled up into the world of vanity and painted, empty success by rejecting each other. What was once 'paradise' is now a place that needs to be re-engineered in every sphere.

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Page 33 How Good Trinidad & Tobago Live

Name: George

Title: Promises not fulfilled

Comments: Looking at the general state of the nation we have really made very little progress since our independence.We were promised since our independence many things.Many promises being made especially at election canvassing period by all political parties here, but which are never fulfilled. Here is a list of promises that have been repeated time and time again .Better medical facilities,better welfare system, better educational facilities, better maintenance of roads and street lighting, better water supplies, better vehicles licensing facilities, better security and policing, less crime,better recreation and environment facilities, more employment, better housing for all,better facilities for the homeless, less street vendors in Port of Spain, improvement in out politics, a stable economy, and a better justice system. Now out of that lot, this is what have and have not been achieved. Our medical facilities are still below par.This is reflected my many of our politicians and wealthy citizens seeking medical care in overseas countries.They have little faith in the abilities of our so called medical experts. As for welfare this is just a dream as poverty is growing here at an alarming rate, and by the way things are going to get worse.Poor people here find it easier to commit crimes to survive that rely on any government handouts. Government funded Education has gone to dogs where one racial group is concerned. The stars of or exam system is still headed by one of the two main racial groups. School children of the other main racial group seem to lack ambition and appear be more interested in criminality by their recent bad behavior in schools .Generally speaking, we still have a poor educational system which needs upgrading. .As for roads,oh yes we have many new ones built of cheap materials and by cheap unskilled local labourers.. They together with the old roads are still in need of urgent repair. The funny thing about it all, is that we have a lakes full of asphalt which is supplied to all parts of the world but for reasons unknown we fail to utilize it here to fix our roads as needed. Where street lighting is concerned in some areas you still near a touch light to see in which direction you are walking at night. Getting a supply of good drinking water in many areas of our island is a nightmare and has been so for decades.No one seems to really care. Getting your car licensed or renewing your old license here could cost you an arm and a leg, and you may have to wait weeks to get the appropriate documents unless you are willing to pay the underhand asking price. As for National security, yes we have this in name only, as it is obvious by the amount of illegal immigrants we have here with criminal records involved in local crime, the entry of guns and drugs entering this island that this is an almost useless ministry. Since after the attempted coup in 1990 the officials of this ministry assisted by the police have stood by and watched a local ex-policeman create and lead a so called Muslim fanatical movement which has become a constant threat to our democracy. They and have allowed its leader normal freedom and open support despite the fact of him being the most notorious criminal on this island. Abu Bakr has continued to make a mockery of our justice system .No only that, his band of local so called Muslim extremists are now classified ISIS terrorists. We have become the biggest supplier of terrorists from this part of the world to the ISIS terrorist movement in Syria. As for the police. They have become a law onto themselves, and almost useless, tainted with dabbling in corruption and now linked to criminal activities as reflected in the increase of those officers charged for acts of lawlessness.Yes most jumping on the criminal bandwagon. We have here an galloping rate of crime especially serious crimes such as kidnappings and murders. The police presently retain a list as long a my arm of promised probes and investigation into illegal activities undertaken by local citizens which lies dormant in some filing cabinet within their headquarters. One such probe was the promised investigation into the affairs of a well known mastermind of corruption who is still allowed to walk free on this island without hindrance despite the alleged charges against him is still in play.There is no let up in the spiraling of all types of crimes here. With regards to recreational facilities and improvement in the environment. The only bit of real estate once used as a recreational facility 'the Savannah' is now a very dangerous place to frequent and slowly but surely is turning into its own street vendors paradise with quick built trading shacks. There is practically no new established forms of potential employment here,in fact, unemployment is on a steady rise creating yet more poverty and no doubt will lead to more crime. As for housing, yes there has been some progress in this field, but it is associated with internal corruption and many ordinary citizens can remain of awaiting list for years whilst other jump the queue having either paying the right price or knowing those in the hierarchy of the government housing business. As for the homeless almost nothing is done to accommodate these poor souls, despite the lip service from our politicians These citizens and their needs are at the bottom of any list of improvements here. It is simple a matter of political morals and compassion something which seems to be lacking in almost all of our politicians. The battle to keep the ever increasing brigade of street vendors off the thoroughfare in Port of Spain in still in full swing,with the authorities taking one step forward and two backwards ending up back at square one. The clear impression given is that our politics are infested with politicians using banana republic methods of thinking .There is still the constant battle of trying to prove which side is the best and the superior party to govern the nation. Politicians here portray themselves as members of private clubs and are only really interested in a quick buck for themselves their families and their associates,and the maintenance of their party and its hidden doctrine. They are infested with malice and personal spitefulness and wherever possible display this in legislation that demonstrates in inequality on a racial basis. Their geed is reflected in the present state of the economy and the trillions of dollars that have simply disappeared and cannot be accounted for causing our near stagnation of the progress of the living conditions of our ordinary citizens and the nation. One may well ask where has all the money gone.Your guess is as good as mine. The economy at present is on the brink of collapse, and it would now appear that politicians are willing to give away any remaining gains from our natural resources in order to present a picture of stability and a make belief survival. As regards to our justice system which has been headed by the same citizen for decades. This is a bizarre and rather odd set up and seemingly corrupt. It works at snail pace, and is unfair. It is not unusual to find a criminal having to spend decades in detention before his case is heard in a local court of law. Some of the verdicts and sentences are to be questioned. Not only that .The records will show that our justice system maintains two laws running parallel with each other, yes one for the rich and another for the poor. Ninety nine percent of our prisoners are from the lower class and black. Although most of our corruption cases involve those from the already wealthy and upper class you won't find any of these ' found guilt citizens'' in our prisons.This system really needs upgrading.and a change of its leader. The outstanding question is where have the trillions of dollars gone?. Surely not only on building new roads and some houses, whilst those in some districts still are using outside latrines.Yes the money is missing .Where is it? . Finally here is some good news to those who find my comments or letters repetitive .This is my last letter, unless of course some local political or other event associated with the police or crime force me again to recommence my daily patter.

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How Good Trinidad & Tobago Live - Page 33

Name: George

Title: Fixing the nation

Comments: In another article today in the same newspaper I note there is a call for fixing Trinidad. The problem is that we have at present no one with the ability or 'know how' of fixing what has gone wrong in this nation. Take a look at the records you will see the same repeated calls to fix this or that. Now most of these cries are considered to be calls in the wilderness Whilst there have been promises to be fixed most since our independence, nothing has been done. Look at the state of the nation,it is still falling apart. The politicians and those of wealth and in authority just love it as it is.If they did not then most wrongs would have been put right by now and we would not still be faced with repeated complaints. Every aspect of this nation needs putting right in other words fixing.This includes our politics, our justice system, the environment, proper provisions for the basic essentials such as medical, welfare, education,water supply, and employment. In my opinion this cannot be done and would never be done as those who have the power to generate the progress. They are lacking in the capability to do so. The impression that is now clearly given is that they are mostly interested in a quick buck and feathering their own nests .They have no real interest in the nation or its people.They are only interested in milking the treasury of the money gained by our now depleting resources of oil and gas. This is now quite evident by the lack of any real interest in the much needed start of diversification together with gradual destruction of our agriculture and other natural resources and industries by political legislation or deliberate neglect. The danger is that we still have citizens on both sides of the fence who are quite prepared to accept things as they are, and do exactly as they are told without any real combined racial group of citizens willing to question why and what, has happened to this nation and obviously what is still happening This in the ens could only lead to further deterioration of this nation.

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