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Name: George Title: The end is nigh Comments: - Page 34 - Trinidad, Tobago / Caribbean - Posted: 15th Oct, 2017 - 5:23pm

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When thinking of a good place to live, you must first seek after safety and security, not rum and fete.
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How Good is Trinidad & Tobago to Live? - Page 34

Name: George

Title: We have falken in to the Abyss

Comments: Reading the latest reports on how things are going on here gives the clear impression that we have fallen at last into the abyss and many are trying their best to scramble out of the filth and muck within its boundaries. [..] Most of our citizens have now no morals,compassion,honest ambition or respect for their fellowmen or women. This is now a nation which is considered a haven for criminals and by the look of what is happening in our schools we a nurturing potential criminals at an alarming rate. In fact the island of Trinidad could now be considered the killing fields of the Caribbean. It is a dog eat dog society with no respect whatsoever for law and order or civilized behavior. Yes, I am sorry to have to say it again but the present attitudes and behavior, and moral examples of those in the corridors of power and in positions of authority here have a lot to answer to the decline and destruction of the fabric o four nation. Come to think of it, it would appear that electing any political representative here is giving them a license to prolong the existence of chaos and uncertainty and injustices that now prevails. Just stand aside and evaluate the mess we are in at present time, and itemize the long list of things that needs fixing here before we could consider we are back on the right path. One imaginary solution is to evacuate the island of Trinidad of every human being and set up a vetting station a at entry point and start a vetting process of letting those that conform to the essential of creating a decent and responsible nation back to their abode. Generally speaking we have lost it and any hopefulness of progress is thrown through the window by those who are able to change things here. There is nothing good to look forward to except more of the same, whilst we wallow in the filth and muckin this immoral abyss.

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Live Tobago and Trinidad Good How

Name: George

Title: Chaos,confusion and instability reigns here

Comments: Looking at the various reports this morning in the local newspapers, things could not get any worse than what it is on this small bit of earth measuring 60miles by 40 miles with a small population of 1.4 million citizens. The place is in turmoil and complete chaos and instability. Take for example the saga and ado over the announcement of new gas finds .The opposition is now claiming credit for this discovery .Another significant problem among many others is the resistance of the Chief Justice to resign despite the call from those of his own profession. In my opinion politicians here could only govern this nation with ongoing personal conflict and instability. They just wallow in it. It is no wonder our citizens really don't know whether they are coming or going and living in fear of their lives and uncertainty Why they call this place a democracy [..] knows. The impression given is that is is run on some sort of disorganized Mafia type administration .It all amounts to an inherited colonial mentality accompanied by the bad examples set by our politicians and those in positions of authority, and the perpetual implementation of old confusing colonial style legal and political procedures, which they still accept as normal .Politicians here need to get a grip with what it really means to govern a nation, and stop the nonsense of playing at politics.

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How Good is Trinidad & Tobago to Live? Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Name: ashton

Title: How good is Trinidad/Tobaago

Comments: Over the past decades, we have witnessed a 'brain', 'talent', 'education' and 'skill' drain - a drain that bled our islands of some of the very best. The vacuum that was created was backfilled by the 'lesser' of the aforementioned labels. Added to this and in part because of this, we have seen a gradual decline in just about every facet of our society. Corruption grew, hate multiplied, violence became a norm, poverty widespread, selfishness a new behaviour and leadership at ALL levels- blind and bias.
At one time, ex-pats were contemplating returning with money, ideas, dreams and hopes. They never stayed. The change was too shocking. The islands too environmentally tainted. The people too different. Behaviours too demanding.
The islands would never be the same as we undergo a shift in culture, expectation, values and beliefs. The external force of global media/technology has altered our Nation and sad to say-from my stand point- for the worse.

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Page 34 Live Tobago and Trinidad Good How

Name: George

Title: Where is the positivity of this society?

Comments: I am all ears and I am willing to hear any news or reports about something really and truly positive that relates to this nation. In my opinion this a hopeless nation overloaded with negativity and nothing else. Have a look at all the reports so far this week in the local press and media and you will see what I am talking about. With the main features of our society being deception. Racism, corruption,rising poverty and crime including everyday murders, there is no room for positivity we just haven't got anything to crow about. Trying to crow about progress you are most likely to choke yourself to death.

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Live Tobago and Trinidad Good How

Name: George

Title: A lost nation

Comments: It is about time we face reality and face up to the truth that this country is no longer worth considering as a democratic nation. This is the clear impression given in relation to what is now going on in this country. We must be considered as a corrupt,thieving dog eat dog society that has now become the killing field of the Caribbean. Every sector of the fabric of this nation is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Our politics are lacking in honesty and fair play. Our justice system has gone to dogs, our security and police system may as well not exist where long term policemen are now jumping on the criminal bandwagon in search of become wealthy. Almost all our citizens are now showing tendencies of dabbling in crime of one sort or the other. Unemployment is rising so is poverty. The country economic state is in a mess. We are overburden by illegal criminal immigrants who see this nation as a paradise and haven for criminals where they could get away with murder. Even our secondary school children are wallowing in the aspect of becoming criminals. There is no respect for human lives. Citizens are living in fear of their lives,and those in positions of authority here have now become immune to the adversities that plague the nation on a daily basis. This is clearly evident as NOTHING meaningful or constructive is being done to stem the flow of any of our woes. Those governing this nation are quick to offer a multitude of lip service consisting of a lot of verbal diarrhoea. We have now become an established breeding ground for terrorist that supports the world's most hated regime ISIS in Syria. It would appear that our elected representatives are not fit for purpose and are only interested in financial matters that benefits themselves. Our treasury has now finally established itself as an ATM for those in authority holding a valid treasury bank card. What next?, now that we have lost it all.

Post Date: 10th Sep, 2017 - 5:24pm / Post ID: #

How Good is Trinidad & Tobago to Live?

Name: George

Title: Citizens fighting a losing battle

Comments: Citizens here are fighting a losing battle in the fight against the two major facets of crime,corruption and murders. We need to immediately reform the police and justice systems by installing new men at the senior positions of these organizations. I am sorry to say, any new members of the hierarchy must be from an outside source. Our present brigade at the top of our police system for instance,are tarnished with the stains of corruption, ineffectiveness and are seen as those in our justice system as mainly protectors of the rich and upper classes and already corrupt.They have lost the respect of the general public, and to some extent are seen as the enemy by their refusal t assist the police or accept some court verdicts. The citizens at the lower level of our society are forced into criminality by poverty, and are paying the price by their imprisonment whilst the generators of crimes here walk free. Our responsible citizens has shown a tendency to put self interest first instead of trying to protect our vulnerable citizens. This is clearly evident and is displayed in constant high rate of corruption in which the culprits are allowed to walk free You won't find any of these swindlers behind bars here. .This is highly noticeable despite the high rate of this particular crime since our independence. Our police despite the large sum of money spent on this organization in supplying up to date equipment have failed to show any decrease in solving many serious crimes here despite what they may say. Corruption like the daily rate of murders remains one of the two serious aspects of criminal activity here, especially the corruption within government departments.This is despite the constant statement by many politicians that the two major aspects that lead to corruption accountability and transparency are in place and functioning. It is obvious that these two facets are open to loopholes which is the main cause for the perpetual high rate of corruption within government circles. The most damaging aspect that has led to the continuance of our crime rate is the spitefulness and inequality displayed by our politicians when in governance of the nation.The examples they set are passed along the pipeline down to the ordinary citizens who seemingly interpret them as intentional callous acts of political spitefulness, racism or keys to open the doors of more criminal acts. Politicians from both sides of the fence need to stop the nurturing of racial division within our society and pay more attention to the needs of all of our citizens where poverty and unemployment is now at a galloping rate. Generally speaking although there have been many changes to the infrastructure of our nation the living condition of many of our citizens and improvement in the environment remains at a standstill. Those in the corridors of power, members,of the opposition and those citizens holding positions of responsibility want to make a real effort to bring about the necessary changes in their attitudes, morals, compassion, mentality and respect, and assist in curbing the expansion of unnecessary poverty and unemployment order to reduce our battle against crime.We just cannot continue as things are at present,without reaping the destructive effects on our nation ans its citizens.

Post Date: 20th Sep, 2017 - 9:26am / Post ID: #

Page 34 How Good Trinidad & Tobago Live

Name: George

Title: Lack of law reinforcement

Comments: I wish to refer to the letter in the Guardian newspaper today entitled ' What we need now is reinforcement' written by Mr Gregory Wight of Maraval Mr Gregory must be a newcomer to our country. If he is not, then it is about time he realizes that almost all of our politicians here provide well worded and thoughtful lip service, and there is where it ends. If politicians here and their law enforcement officers and justice colleagues implemented the necessary reinforcement in the severe manner needed even to some of our basic laws, then there would not be so much crime and lawlessness here. The lack of proper reinforcement to many crimes committed here is not something new. It all started over 55 years ago when we were granted independence when the seeds of falling morals, compassion and respect were planted.Now the fruit from these flourishing trees appear to have a very bitter taste indeed.However they seem to have no effect on the taste buds of our politicians who are still sowing them.

Post Date: 15th Oct, 2017 - 5:23pm / Post ID: #

How Good Trinidad & Tobago Live - Page 34

Name: George

Title: The end is nigh

Comments: It would now appear that all my negative thoughts about the internal politics, corruption,crime and other aspects of our nation that I have expressed in my letters especially those in recent months are coming to fruition as expected.Surely no small nation like ours could afford to sustain the battering of political mismanagement and daily criminal activities it is taking now,=Citizens are living under tremendous stress in fear of their lives and property, and no one in authority is doing anything NEW or meaningful to ease the pressure on the lives of especially our ordinary citizens. Something has to give.It won't be long now before the boiling point is reached, and if we are lucky we made see some draconian and new measures that are urgently needed here in our politics and everyday law enforcement to stop the decay of our society.As they say, the end is NIGH.

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