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The info here might just be what you are about to ask, so please check here first!
4th Oct, 2003 - 1:54pm / Post ID: #

FAQ - World of Medieval - Page 3

The Game Master says...

Q. Can the GM make a mistake in the story or say something that does not make sense?
A. Yes! Of course, he is only human and usually is answering these posts at early hours of the morning, so you know what that's like ;) If you see something in the story that does not make sense then please use the 'Contact' link above to let the GM know about it. he will then review it, edit the story if needs be and make an announcement in the camp thread so that everyone knows the story was changed.

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21st Oct, 2003 - 8:45pm / Post ID: #

Medieval World FAQ

The Game Master says...

Q. I once used to be an RPG group member, but I am not anymore, howcome?
A. If you joined the RPG group, started in a game and then choose to not show up to play in that game then you character will be deleted and so will your membership in the RPG group.

Q. How long do I have to be absent from a game before I am kicked out of the RPG group?
A. If by the end of the game you do not show up you are out!

Q. Can I have my RPG group membership back?
Not really, I am not too forgiving about this. Now, if you write beforehand and say that you will be away, then no problem, you can then arrange for someone to play your character.

Q. But I really want to play RPG now, I promise to be good, can I come back?
A. Make a donation if you are serious... check the 'Contribute' link.

Q. But my computer crashed, my mom banned me from the net for a week or other lame excuse that I intend to use.
Sorry, but that is no excuse. You could still send an email or something to say you will not be around. Saying nothing at all just keeps everyone guessing and frankly it gets on my nerves. Why? Hey this is a lot of work, not to mention it is free, but most importantly you make everyone else bored waiting on you!

19th Dec, 2003 - 1:41am / Post ID: #

FAQ - World of Medieval RPG PBP Medieval World

The Game Master says...

Q. Why does one player have an icon in the upper right corner of their messages?
A. This represents that the player is the leader of the group.

Q. What is Aura?
A. The type of game play you like. Each color represents the style you have so others can know what to expect from you. There is a detailed explanation in the rules thread.

Q. How do I get my character to have a face?
A. Use your FP to make the purchase via the shop.

2nd Jan, 2004 - 2:31am / Post ID: #

Page 3 Medieval World FAQ

The Game Master says...

Q. I am surprised, this is not like Dungeons & Dragons exactly, and how come characters start at level '0', isn't that the level of a villager?
A. I do not know why it should surprise you since it talks about this as part of the game setup. Also one of the key factors that you have missed... do not try to compare this gaming system with others.

The difference between you and a Villager is this... A better chance. Reason being is that a 0 level fighter has two attacks whereas a Villager will have only one. However, remember that in Medieval it is likely that most everyone knows how to use a blade, just that some will be more expert than others.

Q. Why can't magicians do more magic spells at level '0'?
A. In Medieval magic is actually frowned upon so it is likely that you will have to discover magic rather than have an automatic pass to wonderland.

Q. How do you expect magicians to survive if they have no spells?
A. Magicians should be played by an experienced player who knows how to use such characters. Of course a well protected magician also helps you to live longer, so buy some armor and remember to negotiate with the party for your safety until you get enough experience to help them out later in life.

22nd Aug, 2004 - 12:27am / Post ID: #

Medieval World FAQ

The Game Master says...

Q. I have the required 30 posts but I am told I cannot play, why is that?
A. Possibly your participation is too low - you do not participate in the forum often enough. The RPGs can be taxing, especially when people join and do not fulfill their role. To prevent this there will be an additional requirement for playing any RPG game. Your participation level MUST BE at least 75%. This should not be difficult if you are really interested in being part of the community and posting once daily (which in itself is a requirement to playing RPGs). Premium and Premium Plus accounts are not subject to this. The rules and RPG pages will be updated to reflet this. Thanks for understanding.

Q. What is participation and how do I find my participation level?
A. This is found in the FAQ in more detail, but look on the left of your posts, you will see a bar there indicating your level of participation in the community.

18th Nov, 2004 - 2:27am / Post ID: #

FAQ - World of Medieval

The Game Master says...

Q. Sometimes I have questions about game or RPGing, where can I ask it?
A. The first best place might be in the current camp! After all, there are players there who may be able to help you, plus, that is what the camp is for - to discuss, plan, ask questions. If you are not in any current camp then Contact the GM via the Contact page.

Q. Can I ask questions related to something that is not right with my user account in the camp?
A. No, you should contact the GM directly via the Contact page, after all, he is the ONLY person that can help you with your user account.

Q. I am looking at the party stats and something does not seem right, what should I do?
A. All queries with regards to your account, stats, etc. should be handled via your contacting the GM via the Contact page.

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FAQ World Medieval - Page 3

NOTE: The Medieval Related & Unrelated thread is closed and the best questions from there was moved here. There should be enough info in the FAQ, rules and the lot to answer any Villager's question, but if thou still hast a GENERAL question about something in Medieval then:

1. Make sure thou doest a search in the appropriate threads first.
2. Send an Email to the GM
3. Ask in thine intro thread (the first thread thou madest when thou became a member)

HINT: The actual RPG page has a list of popular questions too.

Q. Will characters be selling and trading? Will they be able to with other players, or just with villagers and so on?
A. Yes they can, please see the new thread called, '[Medieval] Trade Zone!' Also you can do all the necessary with villagers and the rest of Medieval so long as it is physically possible. By physically I mean your character is in the same location as the the character you wish to trade with. Try to make trading before the scenario begins so we do not have to worry about technicalities during game play.

Q. Is voting the only way a person becomes leader?
A. No, you can demand to be leader by threats, bribe, etc. It all depends on if you are powerful and persuassive enough to swing your weight with the other players. A balistic approach to leadership might land you in a coffin though.

Q. Can I change my role from magician to Thief or Warrior?
A. No. You have to create a new character with the chosen class only AFTER your current one has died of natural circumstnaces in the story... in other words do not say you want your character to commit suicide. However, doing that will mean at least a donation as the GM does not take kindly to creating characters just because you do not like your current one.

Q. How do we know if we are being followed or if someone is looking at us? Do you tell us if this happens or do we have to say we are looking for people looking at us?
A. Well just as in real life you may not know if someone is following or spying on you unless you already have some kind of sign or indication of this beforehand or during your journey. At the same time, if there is a very wise person in the group (high in Soul) then I may gesture that you know something, notice something, etc. Remember as GM I always 'try' to work in the groups favor unless they do something silly (such as not recon their environment) then I cannot help

Q. What about a first aid kit? I looked in the marketplace and didn't find one. Will we luck up on one? Or is it just not added to the marketplace yet?
A. First aid 'kit' in Medieval times? :spock: In that period mostly the local physican had a bag of tools and medicine. Herbs, cloth and special ointments were the 'first aid kits' of the day. Some myths talk about alchemists that made strange positions too. However, to make life easy for everyone I will make up a 'kit' of sorts as well as add a few other items to make life more 'comfortable'.

Q. Say I'm a Jester, I can't go into a tavern and try and earn money with this skill right? What about being a Blacksmith, like could I go make a new weapon or something?
A. You can use your secondary skills anytime it is 'possible'. In the two examples you gave you can be a jester, but if you just openly try to make people laugh they may quickly think you are crazy before they think you are funny. In the example of the blacksmith, you can create a weapon, but remember you must have both time and materials to do so. These things are all fine so long as they do not distract from the story too much. For example... while in the Village you decide that you will go off with a circus as a jester hoping to raise money over the next two weeks.

Q. Can you give a quick example of how stats work?
A. Okay, let us look at your armor if you have a body of 18...

All Default AC is 10 (you are basically 'naked' so to speak.

Your body is 18 so you get +3 bonus
Leather Armor +4
Leather Boots +1
Cloak +1

Total is: 10+3+4+1+1= 19 Your armor is rated 19 that means that in a roll of 1-20 I would need a 20 to hit you!

Q. Can I wear my clothes and another armor at the same time?
A. You don't wear clothes and your armor at the same time, but it is good to have some extra clothes on hand!

Q. There seems to be many money systems in your RPGs can you explain them?
A. GPs are for Medieval RPG
Gil is for Member Wars Board
Credits is for Future Earth RPG
Luck is for Love & Life Bytes RPG

Posting earns Gil and Forum Points or FP. FP can be converted to gold pieces only

Q. Do our characters have homes in the village? If so, can we go there to rest rather than take on the expense of an Inn? One of your posts about the World of Medieval states "after all, you grew up there" or something to that effect.
A. Yes of course you have homes, it will be a meager hut in some part of the poorer side of the Village. You always live alone. I believe scenario I or II showed a lot of interaction between the characters and their homes.

16th Apr, 2005 - 3:57pm / Post ID: #

FAQ World Medieval World Medieval PBP RPG - Page 3

The Game Master says...

Healing Related Questions

Q. When does my character need to see the doctor?
A. When your character has 2HP or less.

Q. Why do I need to see the doctor if I an 2HP or less?
A. You are in bad enough shape that it is necessary to get a professional to help you recover.

Q. What if I am on '0'HP?
A. Then you are unconscious and may even need surgery. Costs for this is located under 'Village Healer Visit'.

Q. What if I am on '-1'HP?
A. You are dead - only resurrection is possible - if at all to bring you back to life.

Q. So if I am on '1'HP and I arrive at the doctor and I pay him to heal me only until I reach '3'HP is that possible?
A. No, doctors work by diagnostic treatment - you must pay him the amount for each HP you lost. The doctor essentially gives you this cost BEFORE attempting to help your body to heal as he will know what it takes. If you are on '3'HP then you do NOT need the doctor and can essentially heal yourself through rest.

Q. Can the doctor hasten healing?
A. No, doctors do not heal, doctors essentially aide the body to do its' own healing, which takes time and you cannot rush nature.

Q. Are there faster methods of healing?
A. Not through normal means, but there are myths of potions that cure you instantly, but no one knows where to get them.

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