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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue - Page 24

Shivas becomes curious as to what caused the overflow of activity. She listens intently to the conversations around her as she enters the stables to see about accommodations for Brute. She looks for the closest inn to the stables. She makes her way slowly to the inn keep and begins her questioning. "Have you a room available for the evening? It seems that there is much going on here in Rogarstan, what's the cause of such an event?" Shivas says nonchalantly.

Trying to be observant of all that is transpiring around her she asks for a meal before retiring for the night so she can listen to the talk of the patrons of the inn. After she has eaten and feels she has gained all that she is liable to gain for the evening in her quest for information she goes to rest and recuperate from her long ride.

In the morning she meditates and prepares her spells for the day and makes haste in readying Brute for another day of riding. Wanting to make it back to Oleg's as fast as possible to share her news and prepare for the bandits coming.

Out of Character: : Perception roll; 15+3=18
Spells for the day
Level 0 Detect Magic, Light, Stabilize
Level 1 Abundant Ammunition, Cure light wounds

Fast travel hour 1: Shivas & Brute take 1 damage
Channel Energy 1

Fast travel hour 2: Shivas & Brute take 2 damage
Channel energy 6

Fast travel hour 3: Shivas & Brute take 4 damage
Channel energy 2
Cure light wounds on Brute 3
Shivas remains with 2 damage

Ride at normal speed for the remainder of travel to Oleg's

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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue
A Friend

Prologue Pathfinder Path Adventure Kingmaker ICon

Theaton looks at her. " No thank you my dear I prefer to be in my own mind when I enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. IF you need it to better enjoy yourself by all means go ahead but I will decline the Pesh." With that he will take her in his arms and enjoy the pleasures of her body.

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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue
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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue Archive Pathfinder / D&D

11 + 2 = 13 (Perception roll)

As Aliora enters the inn she is amazed at the environment, drinking, games, dancing, the room was alive with so much careless spirit. Her eyes shifted from side to side peeking at every possible corner as she walked inside. "So much for sleep" She said but her vocals were drowned by the background noise of the cheering. Never having seen such a place, nor such wild unpractised activities she was filled to the core with excitement to learn and watch.

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Page 24 Prologue Pathfinder Path Adventure Kingmaker ICon

Game Master says...


Oleg replies nonchalantly, "Oh, another explorer. Should have expected that. You're two days early."

He grunts when you mention moving to the fort.

When you complement Svetlana's cooking, she replies "Thanks! You're our guest here. Please rest, I'll get the bandages." She returns and begins to rebind your wound for you.

Oleg has softened after a swig of mead and says, "Fine, I'll tell you why I moved. All I wanted was to get out of the city... To be free of the sins of society. All the debauchery and greed and inhumanity is kept locked away behind city walls. And there it belongs! All I wanted was a simpler life.

"But no! The Swordlords decide to trample all over my decisions! They bring the city and its sins to us! See your charter, I can read between the lines. I'll help a friendly guy like you, but I urge you to keep all their plans away from this place."

He waits for your reaction to that, then later asks, "Will you wait for the other explorers? I recommend it, as dangerous as this area is."

Oh I almost forgot to give you: Reaching Oleg's 250 XP, Young Boar defeated 400 XP


The innkeeper replies "Welcome back! the rooms are only 2 gold, as before, but in three day's time, it'll be at a premium of 5. The meals are always 1 gold. As always, please pay in advance."

The merchants talk mostly of money and business, but you do note the Swordlords are planning to move much lumber and many tradesmen to four locations. The Hooktongue Slough, the Gleneborn Uplands, the Narlmarch Forest and the Nomen Heights. You also overhear that the Nomen Heights seem to have a large military force and have already commenced some kind of construction. They brush off Shivas' attempts to join the conversation, so she heads upstairs for sleep.

Sleep is uneventful, and Shivas wakes to a cock's call on the morning of the 29th. The merchants are all downstairs having breakfast, tired from their late nights. A few even swig mead to overcome their hangovers. If ever they were suggestible and talkative, it would be now. All the guards are also downstairs, but they are well rested and happy, despite their worse conditions.

Out of Character: I will remember the remaining actions for when you specifically want to leave. It's only because you join with Trake's character on the 29th at Oleg's


She giggles and says, "You're so boring. Have it your way." She mounts Theaton and goes well into the night. "I can see the colors!" She shouts as she enjoys herself "Red! Green! Blue! Yellow!" She is so loud and energetic, Theaton is quickly spent and tired. Yet she forces him to continue until he is completely drained of energy, and even then goes on to please herself. He cannot keep his eyes open on the sultry sight, and nods off to sleep, despite the noise.

Come morning, Theaton opens his eyes to an empty bed, still fatigued. The sun is well on its way across the sky and the watchtower chimes 11 times. On the upside, two soft boiled eggs and a tankard of ale sit on the desk in the room, not mentioning that it's all promised to be paid for, just the bill to be taken to the Chief Surveyor.


Aliora (I assume) approaches the dart game. The men are trying to hit a circular board split into triangles, with a bright, red dot in the center. The cheering seems to correlate to hitting the center, or a tiny rectangle on the triangle marked with a 20. As what seems to be a round ends,

One of the men remarks "Didn't think your kind would play patient games of skill. Do you reckon that freak eye helps your aim?"

The men around him chuckle and one says "Prove it, miss. Show this bastard James here that orc blood helps."

Another says, "Hold on now. If we want this to be fair, she has to take a drink. James may be the second best in the bar, but that doesn't count for $#!t if he's drunk."

Out of Character: They'll pay if you accept the mead, and the game requires a point chosen to aim at, and a ranged attack roll against a tiny-sized target with a -2 for 1 range increment. Repeat 3x3 times. Everything is only IF Aliora chooses to go along.

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Prologue Pathfinder Path Adventure Kingmaker ICon

Tarak drinks some mead with Oleg while Svetlana cares for his wounds.

"Let me assure you Oleg, I care not for the plans of the swordlords. I am here only to protect my family and their lands from the encroaching bandit threat. The charter is just a means to do that. Tell me, have you had any run-ins with the bandits in this area?"

Tarak takes a drink of mead and continues,

"I believe I will wait for other explorers to show up, and give my wounds some time to heal. You mentioned that I was 'another explorer', is there another one here now?"

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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue
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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue

Theaton gets up and checks all his gear to make sure it is ready for the journey. After sitting and eating to break his fast he gets dressed and gets all his gear together. He heads down to the main room and approaches the inn keeper. "Send the bill of my stay to the Chief Surveyor as he stated he would take care of it. I will hopefully be back after a journey to once again partake of your hospitality."

Theaton turns and heads out side. HE will start on the journey to Oleg's Trading post to meet with others to begin his journey in riding the greenbelt of creatures as he surveys it for the swordlords of Restov.

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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue - Page 24

Shivas renews her efforts to find out more about what's going on. "Morning to you all, what where you all celebrating last night? It seems as if there is something important going on. I haven't seen Rogarstan this busy." Shivas says in fairly soft tones so as not to disturb the recovery of their hangovers.

After gleaning any information she could from the merchants she brings out her Masterwork sword for their appraisal. "What do you think this might fetch me in the way of coin? Would any of you be interested in purchasing it from me?" Trying to keep them in a talkative mood she listens to their comments and their opinion of what she could get for the sword.

Out of Character:: I can find something to do until your ready for me.

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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue
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ICon Kingmaker Adventure Path Pathfinder Prologue D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 24

Out of Character: Oh dear, this is where my old Dungeon Master used to help me.. I hope I can do this right, ranged attack is [Dexterity] mod + BAB? I'm going to assume so which gives me +1 to my rolls after the -2. I also noticed that I shouldn't have deadly aim since it requires a BAB +1 which I do not have, so I will not use it and I will let you sort it out.
Rolls: [[12 - 2 + 1 = 11]], [[5 - 2 + 1 = 4]], [[17 - 2 + 1 = 16]]
[[7 - 2 + 1 = 6]], [[18 - 2 + 1 = 17]], [[14 - 2 + 1 = 13]]
[[20 - 2 + 1 = 19]], [[16 - 2 + 1 = 15]], [[8 - 2 + 1 = 7]]

In Character: Aliora accepts the beverage, downing it in three rather large gulps, clueless to the fact it was alcoholic. "Rather bitter taste this drink has, but indeed I will accept your challenge."

After a short explanation of the game she found herself standing with her wrong foot forward as she placed the tiny throwing pieces into her enormous fingertips and threw them at the board from across the room brutishly.

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