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Pathfinder Pathfinder RPG - Rules & Setting - QUESTIONS
Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords Pathfinder Rules Related Information to Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords Pathfinder Rules
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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords Pathfinder Rules

Canabusis's Rise of the RuneLords Pathfinder Role-playing Game

Canabusis's Rise of the RuneLords Pathfinder Role-playing Game Rules, Setting, & Questions Thread
Welcome to Canabusis's Rise of the RuneLords Pathfinder Role-playing Game ...

This thread is intended for reference of the Rules and Settings used for game play and any Questions players may have.

Canabusis's Rise of the RuneLords Pathfinder Role-playing Game is based on the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game. Pathfinder is a Role-Playing Game that is similar to Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition. It's Setting is on the planet Golarion, in the region of Varisia, starting in the town of Sandpoint, during the Swallowtail festival, a festival to consecrate the new temple.

My Rules!
I will try to update the game as many times as possible in a day as player participation allows. I will update the game daily with the exception of complicated encounters that may require more time. If you do not post within a 24 hours to 2 days maximum, The game WILL be updated and you will be assumed to go along with the party's actions. Please post in your introduction thread if you will not be able to post for what ever reasons you may have. If you do not state that you will be absent (In your introduction thread) from game play and do not post before 1 weeks time your character will be taken out of play or given over to another player to play.

Pathfinder Role-playing Game Reference Document can be referenced there online or for an alternative reference here

The Pathfinder's guide Rise of The RuneLords (PFD Format). It is a FREE reference download to the campaign outline, and Settings information being used in game.

Both the Pathfinder's players guide and the guide for Rise of the RuneLords are necessary for creating a character.

Pathfinder FREE Character Generator. We have no affiliation with this site.

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Rules Pathfinder Runelords The Rise Canabusis

This is a key to be used with the map of Sandpoint referenced in the Rise of the RuneLords guide. Not all characters will automatically know all this information, If you have been in Sandpoint for a while you would probably know about the:
Cathedral (1), Boneyard (2), The White Deer (3), The Way North (4), Garrison (10), Town Hall (11), Savah's Armory (12), Red Dog Smithy (15), Bottled Solutions (17), Sandpoint Savories (21), General Store (26) Grocer's Hall (29), Valdemar Fishmarket (34) Sandpoint Market (35), The Rusty Dragon (37), Goblin Squash Stables (38), The Feathered Serpent (44), Hannah's (45), Shipyard (46).

All others on the key assume you have not looked for or wandered into yet. Assume that you would know of the places you would seek out within town apon arriving, if your arrival was more then 2 days in town before the Swallowtail festival. If you are a magic user you might seek the Feathered Serpent, a fighter would seek the smithy and Savah's Armory, etc. Please try to remember your character may not have the knowledge that you do as a player.

Sandpoint town key

1. Sandpoint Cathedral - The biggest building in Sandpoint. This Cathedral is dedicated to six different dieties most common to the region. Abadar, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Gozreh, Erastil, and Desna.
2. Boneyard - Graveyard, Care taker Naffer Vosk.
3. The White Deer - Rebuilt good quality inn, owned by Garridan Viskalai.
4. The Way North - Former stable that is now Veznutt Parooh's cluttered map and chart collection.
5. Jeweler - Owner and jeweler Maver Kesk and his wife Pennae Kesk.
6. Junker's Edge - Where Gorvi's boys discard town's garbage over the cliff.
7. Gorvi's shack - The house of Gorvi the dungeon sweeper.
8. Brodert Quink - Varsian history and engineering expert and sage.
9. Locksmith - Volioker Briskaberd
10. Garrison - Sandpoints militia barracks and jail. Overseen by Sheriff Belor Hemlock
11. Town Hall - Town meetings, and acts as towns bank. Overseen by Kendra Deverin
12. Savah's Armory - Owner Savah Bevaniky
13. Risa's Place - Tavern favored by locals. Renowned for Risa's spicy potatoes and cider. Risa Magravi owner and her three children run it, Besk, Lanalee, and Vodger.
14. Rovanky Tannery - Owner / Tanner Larz Rovanky
15. Red Dog Smithy - Owner / Smith Das Korvut
16. The Pillbug's Pantry - Aliver "Pillbug" Podiker, Herbalist.
17. Bottled Solutions - Nick Tander, Alchemist.
18. Cracktooth's Tavern - Jesk "Cracktooth" Berinni, Owner.
19. House of Blue Stones - Monastery Head Sable Sorn.
20. Sandpoint Glassworks - Owned by the Kaijitsu Family.
21. Sandpoint Savories - Bakery, owned by Alma Avertin her daughters Arika and Aneka run the business.
22. The Curious Goblin - Bookshop, owned by Chask Haladan.
23. Sandpoint Theatre - Playhouse, owned by Cyrdak Drokkus.
24. Carpenter's Hall - Guildmaster Aesrick Battlehorn.
25. Lumber Mill - Banny Harker and his partner Ibor Thorn.
26. General Store - Ven Vinder is the owner He has a wife Solsta and two daughters Katrine and Shayliss.
27. Turandarok Academy - School and Orphanage. Ilsoari Gandethus is the Headmaster
28. Madame Mvashti's House - Varisian historian and seer.
29. Grocer's Hall - Olmur Danvakus Guildmaster.
30. Vernah's Fine Clothing - Owned by Rynshinn Povalli.
31. Wheen's Wagons - Bilivar Wheen
32. Scarnetti Mill - Courrin Whesterwill
33. The Hagfish - Popular fishermen and gambler tavern, owned by Jargie Quinn.
34. Valdemar Fishmarket - Turch Sterglus runs the fishmarket but it is owned by the Valdemar family.
35. Sandpoint Market - Empty lot most days, two days out of the week is filled with cheap produce and wares.
37. The Rusty Dragon - Popular Adventure Inn run by Ameiko Kaijitsu.
38. Goblin Squash Stables - Daviren Hosk.
39. Two Knight Brewery - Gaven Deverin, mayors cousin.
40. Sandpoint Mercantile League - Travel arrangements, Messenger service, Land ownership, etc. Ran by Sir Jasper Korvaski.
41. Sandpoint Boutique - Fine clothing, artwork, weapons, books, toys, and tools imported throughout the world. Hayliss Korvaski, owner.
42. Fatman's Feedbag - Town's most notorious tavern, owned by Jubrayl Vhiski, ran by Gressel Tenniwar.
43. The Pixie's Kitten - Brothel owned by Kaye Tesarani.
44. The Feathered Serpent - Magic shop, owned by Vorvashali Voon.
45. Hannah's - Midwife and healer, Hannah Velerin.
46. Shipyard - The shipyard is owned by the Valdemars, with Belven Valdemar as operator.
47. Valdemar Manor - Valdemar family home.
48. Scarnetti Manor - Scarnetti family home.
49. Kaijitsu Manoir - Kaijitsu family home.
50. Deverin Manor - Kendra Deverin's home.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords Pathfinder Rules Archive Pathfinder / D&D

In the interest if getting the game going, would you be willing to start with only two players, or let us play two characters?

13th Oct, 2013 - 5:38am / Post ID: #

Rules Pathfinder Runelords The Rise Canabusis

You can play two characters if you would like to. Just post one for approval in the character creation thread.

I would prefer not to start with only two characters, but if you would like to play a second character to give the party a third that works as well.

13th Oct, 2013 - 1:25pm / Post ID: #

Rules Pathfinder Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Awesome, I'll probably play the sorcerer I posted cause I really like him. I will get the details filled in and get a backstory posted. Thanks Canabusis!

1st Dec, 2013 - 4:38pm / Post ID: #

Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords Pathfinder Rules

I am assuming the horse we have is a light horse and it comes with a riding saddle and a bit and bridle. Is this correct?

How much XP does it take to level up?

If we want to buy new equipment, do we buy off of the equipment list or do we need to visit merchants in game?

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1st Dec, 2013 - 7:55pm / Post ID: #

Canabusis' Rise The Runelords Pathfinder Rules


Yes your assumption of the horses you all have obtained is correct.

Character Advancement can be found under Classes. We will be using the fast level advancement on the table provided. I want to keep the game exciting and interests up. The incentive for faster advancement should help me keep interest. I would like that when time comes to level up your character that you post an updated character sheet in the character approval thread until we can gain a stats window that will appear to the right of your posts in game. We have to prove to administration that the game has staying power in order to obtain such privileges.

Visit Merchants in game for the purchasing of equipment. You may assume that most of the items on the equipment list will be available through the proper merchant for purchase.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords Pathfinder Rules
A Friend

Canabusis' Rise The Runelords Pathfinder Rules D&D / Pathfinder Archive

(Sorry to butt in, I am completely lost on these forums, and am REALLY really interested in joining a Play By Post PF game and I don't know where to look..!

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