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5th Mar, 2014 - 1:40pm / Post ID: #

Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Character - Page 11

For trait: Dirty fighter, is that good?

For gold: I rolled 5d6 × 10 gp and got 130 gps

I spent 70 gps in all for the equipment I have now so I have 60 gps remaining.

Background: Pathfinder, an orphan, knew it was time for the Swallowtail Festival but she would purposely miss that being more interested in what she heard brewing... Goblins! Having a natural hatred for them because of their causing the deaths of her own family she decides to join up whomever is against the goblins. Pathfinder always had a saying, "A enemy of a goblin is a friend of mine." Of course she never took this statement literally but in theory it works well. Armed with skills and equipment she purposely seeks out anyone who will be her 'friend' in this cause.

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5th Mar, 2014 - 7:22pm / Post ID: #

Character RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis


If you read the instructions you should have three traits all together, read under traits again and see where I have you choosing the different traits from please. If you do not understand my instructions I will help you through that. And your background story is incomplete, where are you from? Who where you raised by? Where are you coming from in going to Sandpoint? How old are you?


I'll allow your bleaching trait, but I would prefer you use one of the regular animal companions. I have a hard time with all the rules and the complexity of battle scenarios. Especially sense you continually throw out complicated actions in our current battle scenes, you are probably more qualified to GM then I am, but as it is I am the GM and I ask that you help me out a little. So if you would just make it easier for me, and use one animal as opposed to a bunch of small ones I would appreciate it. Give me time enough to finish getting Pathfinder's character ready, I would like to start the two of you together, and possibly in the middle of a scenario to help you both gain experience. I also need a background story from you.

As for the healing aspect of the game, I am not going to simply give you healing potions. I will just take my character from Icon's game and use her as an npc for this one. I seriously think the party needs a cleric, but I can remedy that.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Character Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Ok I feel kind of dumb now.

Attached Image QUOTE
...where are you from? Who where you raised by? Where are you coming from in going to Sandpoint? How old are you?

Pathfinder, now 17, was on a sabbatical in the forests wondering for many weeks and living off the land. It is only upon hearing about the goblins did she decide to seek civilization. She was raised by her parents up to her early teens until they were taken by a goblin mob. She is wondering in Sandpoint trying to find something or someone to be attached to in order to fight against the goblins.

Attached Image QUOTE
If you read the instructions you should have three traits all together

Combat: Dirty Fighter
Race: Elven Reflexes
Regional: Freedom Fighter

Hope this is good enough to get me accepted.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Character
A Friend

Page 11 Character RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Here is the character background! Tell me what you think! ...

"¦ She is old. Her hair has lost its vibrant colors. White as the snow, her skin pale, reflecting the change her life has undergone. Too distant from this realm, her link to the First World was growing ever-strong. Her entire life, Erdoshanta had done almost everything there is to do for a common traveler. She had everything she ever wanted, but lacked the ability to achieve greatness. Always considered an annoying pest, the negative comments from those around her eventually affected her. Everybody called her an outsider. Outcast from all human settlements, she decided to return to her roots in a secret gnome community called Sipplerose, in Sanos Forest.

She was now 130 and slowly becoming old of age, she felt like the rest of the members of the Gnome community viewed her as a now boring character. Afflicted by depression, she wasn't viewed as such an interesting persona to begin with.

Things only got worse as time passed. For nearly 30 years she lived a life of seclusion and solitude. Despite living among all these other gnomes, her life was bland and meaningless, becoming increasingly boring to live as time went by.

The signs were easy to identify. Her skin and hair slowly started losing color"¦ and life"¦ For 15 years she suffered the terrible consequences of bleaching. She moved from being an uninteresting character, to a crazy old hag in what seemed like no time at all. Suffering from great mental issues, she was now considered an outcast even from a lot of the denizens of the Sanos Forest.

In this weak mental state, her depression only got worse over-time. Having lost her one true shelter, the feeling that the forest and the creatures living inside it would always be there for her, she grew desperate, and cursed Desna, the goddess of travel and dreams, for her dream to become a traveler of far stretched horizons was now coming to a sad end.

Desna's heralds listened to the desperate curse, and as soon as they realised that this poor gnome was suffering on its own, they sent one of Desna's emissaries to save her from her agony.

Alas, this ultimate curse was also the last thing she ever said, as she had finally succumbed to the bleaching. The lyrakien known as Novi, a faithful servant of Desna then swooped in and gave her one last blessing in her final moment, allowing her to cheat death and be born again as a Bleachling.

Erdoshanta never really understood what made her survive the horror, but now immune to bleaching, as well as boredom and depression, she felt that a new world had just opened before her. Her natural powers had grown in strength, and she was now finally able to live her dream of exploring the world, and eventually being welcomed as a friend -by anyone.

She now travels the world"¦

She has given up on all she took for granted"¦

Her voice now commanding respect, she's determined to succeed"¦

She just wants to find a place she can call home"¦

But her heart is cold as ice"¦

And nothing burns like the cold"¦

6th Mar, 2014 - 5:54am / Post ID: #

Character RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis


You choose one trait from traits listed under Campaign.(You need to choose a campaign trait.)

You choose one trait from only one of the following categories: Race, regional, or religion. (You have chosen a trait from two of the categories, you only get one from all of the categories listed in this group. You need to loose one of the traits you have chosen between race and regional, and add a Campaign trait like I stated above.)

Then choose one trait from only one of the following categories: Combat, Faith, Magic, or Social. (You've chosen one from Combat already!)

Don't feel dumb, it took me forever to catch on. You are doing WAY better then I did in the beginning, and I still struggle with some aspects of the game!

After you revise your traits I would like you to post a final draft of your character with your trait bonuses added to it. Also I still don't know where you are from originally? You're almost there, after you have been approved I need you to look over my instructions on updating your stat window. Try to make it neat and easy to read when you do add your stats to it.


I need you to choose an animal companion, make sure to list it's stats in your stat window if you can find room. You may have to shorten your skills list to the skills you have put ranks in, and the ones with trait or feat modifiers.

Thank you all for your patience, I will try to get your characters into the game as soon as possible. (Also please consider also joining Icon's game as well. I seem to be the only active player in that game at the moment.), it would be nice to have others to play with!)

6th Mar, 2014 - 12:33pm / Post ID: #

Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Character

Since I did most of my character, can I ask that you choose the rest I'm missing for me and I will add it to my character? I think that will be easier or I might continue to goof up. :-/

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6th Mar, 2014 - 1:39pm / Post ID: #

Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Character - Page 11

If I may mention two miniscule details of Pathfinder's character. The first is the Fly skill, it can only be learned if the character has access to a form of flight, such as wings or a spell.

Second, Twilek will probably confuse the name Pathfinder for the name of the organization he trained with and now works for. They are basically a group of explorers that recover history and magical items. But I won't stop the interaction that is destined to happen if you choose to keep the name.

When it comes to needing a cleric, Bards have Cure spells on their list, so Twilek could use a wand or scroll easily.

Post Date: 6th Mar, 2014 - 1:51pm / Post ID: #

Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Character
A Friend

Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Character D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 11

My animal companion selection is an axe beak. A nice creature, worth picking. It can be used both as a mount and a capable ally.

N Medium animal

Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +4

AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 11 (+3 [Dexterity], +2 natural, -1 size)
HP 11 (2d8+2)
Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +0

Speed 50 ft.
Melee bite +1 (1d6+1)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

[Strength] 10, [Dexterity] 17, Con 12, Int 2, [Wisdom] 11, [Charisma] 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 14
Feats: Run
Skills: Perception +4, Acrobatics +7
Tricks: Down (DC 15), Attack (DC 20), Aid (DC 20), Come (DC 15), Exclusive (DC 20), Heel (DC 15)

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