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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 3

Before you are allowed to leave after handing Samar two gold pieces, as he had in mind only a couple silver pieces he grabs an arm load of the toys not caring what ones they where and thrust them into your arms. "I am overly grateful you think my wood work toys are worth two gold, I am one for the children for they are the real light with in Golarion. I am but a simple old man. It may be that Folgrit has heard my prayers and has brought our paths together for I am becoming too old, you can carry on my tradition. I have never been able to do much, I can only whittle toys for the children and tell them tells of hero's. It's been said it's the little things that count." He winks once again and shoves you on your way.

The old headmaster who greets you looks shocked by all the wooden toys you give over and your request to tell the children a story. "My word young man, you have a most generous heart. I am Ilsoari Gandethus the headmaster here at Turandarok Academy. I was just schooling the children but a story sounds as good an idea right now as any, they will all be very pleased to have a break from their studies." He leads you to the room where all the children gather for their lessons and introduces you to the class.

There are many children all of varying ages, they all whisper in excitement trying to get a look at who the headmaster has brought into the class. "Children this is uh.... I'm sorry young man but what did you say your name is again?" He looks to you humbly as the children giggle at his forgetfulness. After Gorion tells him again his name the old man continues with his introduction. "Yes well Gorion is here to tell you all a story...." Ilsoari turns to you and says quietly, "I will let you give out your gifts however you see fit." He nods his head in approval indicating the floor is yours and shuffles his way to the back of the room watching you proceed with interest.

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

"Greetings children, I hope you all are ready for a good story." Said Gorion as he set up the wooden dolls. The children all cheered with excitement as he prepared to tell his story.

Gorion proceeded in great detail to tell the children about the first miraculous act of Iomedae. They all listened and watched intently as he acted out the story with the dolls.

"And the beast Nakorshor'mond took one final swipe at Iomedae with its gnarly claw. Iomedae quickly jumped out of the way and with one powerful swing, cut the beast's claw from it's body. Nakorshor'mond tried to regain balance but fell to the ground roaring in pain. Iomedae took advantage of the beast's position and jumped on it's back and quickly thrust her longsword into the back of it's head. The great beast was defeated was Iomedae's task was not finished. She quickly sliced open Nakorshor'mond's belly and pulled the still sleeping knights from the beast."

After the story was finished, the children started cheering, and acting out scenes from the tale. Then a unanimous clammor went up for another story.

"Now now" Said Gorion, "I am sure your headmaster is eager for you to return to your studies, but with permission, perhaps I could return tomorrow and tell you about Iomedae's second act. Oh, and these toys are for all of you to enjoy, but please share and play nicely."

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Ilsoari looks to you with a smile and nods his head in approval as he claps his hands wildly when you finish your story. He comes to you as the children scramble wildly to get first pick at the treasure of toys you have assembled before their hungry eyes.

"That was a very enlightening story, you may come anytime you desire for it brings such joy to the children." Turning his attention to a couple of the children fighting over who gets the one finely crafted image of Iomedae herself that you had not seen within the bunch as you put them out for the children's pleasure. It seems to you that it just manifested itself within the ranks of the wooden toys.

"Children, children, please do not squabble." A very young girl about 5 years of age releases her hold on the toy in humble defeat and lets the other child a boy of about 8 take the treasure for himself. She looks to you with shinning eyes. "Do you have another one for me? All the children have their own but me?" As you have no other toys to hand out you feel a pang of remorse for the sweet little girl.

With pleading eyes she stares at you in hopes you will produce another toy.

"Now dear Cilia, the kind man has been more then accommodating in his generous donation" Ilsoari replies to her, with a sweet demeanor she slumps slightly and nods her head. "I'm sorry Sir, thank you very much." Cilia says as she begins to take her seat as the other children play out their own heroic stories.

"Thanks you for your generosity and kindness" Ilsoari says as he shakes your hand. "Now I must regain order of my students and get back to their lessons. I hope we see you again soon."

Ilsoari accompanies you to the door and bows at your departure with a kind smile.

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Page 3 Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Seeing Cilia's disappointment and humbleness really tugged at Gorion's heartstrings. Before she reached her seat, he called to her.

"Cilia wait, I do have something special for you."

She smiled really big and ran back over to Gorion. He reached under his armor and removed his wooden symbol of Iomedae that was hanging around his neck.

"I made this when I was a boy, it is the symbol of Iomedae." Gorion explained as he placed it around the girl's neck. "It is very special, it means that if you live your life with honor then Iomedae will always bless and protect you. Wear it always and keep it close to your heart."

Cilia smiled from ear to ear as she looked up at Gorion, "Thank you, thank you, thank you sir!" She said as she gave Gorion a big hug. "I will take good care of it and cherish it always!" Cilia turned and ran back to her seat and studied the necklace intently as the other children gathered around her to see what she had gotten.

Gorion left the orphanage and walked down to the beach. He searched the sand until he found the perfect piece of wood for a new symbol of Iomedae. He returned to his room at the Rusty Dragon and spent the rest of the evening carving the holy symbol that would guide him in the coming days.

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

As you make your way into the common room before getting so far as your room Ameiko hollers at you, "Some one has left you a package, he was a very kind old man. He didn't leave a name said you would know who it was." She grabs the package bound in brown paper and twine and hands it to you with one eye brow raised with an interested expression on her face waiting to see if you will open the package in front of her.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game

Gorion was very surprised to hear that someone had left him a package. After hearing Ameiko's description of the man, he knew it had to have been Samar. 'But how did he know I was staying at the Rusty Dragon' Gorion thought to himself. Seeing Ameiko's expression, he knew that she wanted to know what was inside, and so did he. So he set the package on the bar and ripped into the paper while Ameiko looked on excitedly.

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 3

After tearing threw the paper you find a set of old small looking whittling knives three of them one has a curved blade, one has a very small blade that comes to a point and one is about the size of a small dagger. You also come to notice another figurine of Iomedae within. There is no note or correspondence with the items. Ameiko looks rather disappointed at its contents and goes back to her work shaking her head slightly as if confused.

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 3

When Gorion saw the contents of the package, he understood. Iomedae had blessed him, and the children at the orphanage, by sending her servant to intervene in their lives. He placed the items back in the box and went up to his room.

When he got to his room, Gorion set up the figurine on the nightstand and kneeled to pray. He thanked Iomedae for her kindness and asked for blessings and protection for the children at the orphanage and his family back home. When he finished his prayers, he started to work carving his new holy symbol. When he was done, he strung it with a piece of leather and placed it around his neck. He cleaned himself in the fresh wash basin that had been placed in his room, ate dinner, and went to bed with a cheerful heart.

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