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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 26


Gorion and Resfrix enter the White Deer and takea seat at the bar to get a feel of the place. The bartender greets them merrily.

"How about some ale for the two heros?."

Gorion waves his hand, "None for me the, thanks. I'll just have some water."

As the two sit at the bar and evaluate the patrons, Gorion leans into Resfrix and quietly speaks.

"Resfrix, something has been bothering me ever since we left the cemetery earlier. The Sheriff did not search the area for any clues or tracks. Perhaps he was in shock or just too tired to think to do it, but it seems odd to me that it didn't even cross his mind. I must admit that we failed to search also. I hope we didn't cover up anything usefull when we were filling in that hole. Never the less, I feel like the area should be searched. I will quietly slip over there and see what I can find while you question the people here. When you leave here, head to the cathedral and question Father Zantus and the Acolytes, I will catch up to you when I am done."

Gorion leaves the White Deer and crosses over to Tomb Street where he tries to enter the cemetery unnoticed. Once inside, he starts his search at the dug up grave, and expands the search out from there. When he is done searching the cemetery he will go back out onto Tomb Street and search along the street and around the North gate. He is searching for footprints, items that may have been dropped, or any other clues that he can find.

Out of Character:: Stealth check to enter graveyard unnoticed: 15

Perception rolls: 16, 6, 10, 12, 17
Survival (Tracking) rolls: 15, 9, 17, 20, 18

I am not sure how many checks you would need for the search so I gave you five of each. If you need more to cover the area I described just let me know.


"Greetings good sir. Today I am in the market for information. I have been tasked by Sheriff Hemlock to investigate the goblin attack, and I would like to ask you a few questions. Let me start by saying that you are in no way a suspect. Me and a few others are questioning everyone in town to see if we can find anymore clues as to why the goblins attacked.
Now, where were you when the attack started?
Did you notice anyone strange in town during the days and hours leading up to the attack?
Did you notice anyone that acted like they were expecting the attack, or unafraid while it was going on?
Has there been anyone strange in your shop recently?
If so, did they purchase anything?
If so, what and how much?
Is there anything else you could tell me that might aid in the investigation?"

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis


Twilek arrives in Sandpoint a day late for the Swallowtail Festival. Coming to the gate he notices that the town guard seem incredibly jumpy compared to the laid back and relaxed attitudes that normally accompany their greetings.

"Who are you and what.... Oh... Twilek." The nervous guard relaxes at his recognition of Twilek. Hansly Turhan wasn't a guard the last time Twilek was in Sandpoint. The young man was barely coming of age and had not filled in yet, giving him a scrawny almost sickly looking body. "Did you hear? We we're invaded by goblins last night!" Hansly says excitedly then remembering the terrible outcome of the invasion his look becomes very sad and uneasy. "Oh uh.... I probably shouldn't be the one to tell you this.... But uh... Your brother Radu... Well he uh... He didn't make it. Your family is all torn up but your brother Nicu is taking it the worst. I'm sorry Twilek I wish you where coming home to better circumstances. If it's any consolation he died bravely defending your family and the good folk of Sandpoint." Hansly gives him a consolatory look and moves out of his way so that Twilek can pass.


Gorion makes his way to the boneyard and eye's follow his every movement followed by waves and smiles of the people of Sandpoint. When Gorion comes to the fence of the graveyard an acolyte yells toward Gorion. "I'm afraid the memorial services have been moved to tomorrow Sir." Running up to Gorion the fat acolyte begins breathing hard from his effort. "Father Zantus.... Oh hi Gorion.... Father Zantus said not to allow anyone into the boneyard, with the exception of the grave diggers." The over weight acolyte points to the crew digging graves for tomorrows burial services.

Knowing that he will definitely be seen Gorion thinks that his investigation of the graveyard would be better put off until later. He begins to think that perhaps the sheriff didn't forget to search for clues but had to put them off for a better time, the rush to cover the desecrated grave was perhaps done so for the sake of the arrival of the grave digging crew.


Looking a little confused by the barrage of questions the fiery red haired man takes a step back and strokes his chin in thought. Clearing his throat Vorvashali begins answering questions. "I was at my shop during the invasion. When the goblins came I herded as many people inside for safety and bared the doors. I can't say that I've seen anything any stranger then the goblin attack itself really... No... Nothing strange other then the invasion." Vorvashali Shrugs and looks at Salius as if waiting for more questions.


Sitting comfortably at the White Deer, he's given a hot meal of venison and potatoes and a mug of ale, all free of charge. Waiting for the arrival of Gorion he asks Garridan Viskalai about anything unusual before, during, and after the invasion, not finding any information of use Resfrix relaxes and eats his meal.

Out of Character:: KNtoran,

I will still need your final decision on the sheriffs offer, please read over the material and events that have taken place in your absence.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game Archive Pathfinder / D&D

"N-n-no. No, no, no," Twilek stammers. "Hyah!" He shook the reins hard as his carriage bumped up and down the road home. "Out of the way!" He yelled in a shrill voice as tears welled up in his eyes. They hadn't seen each other in over 3 years, but his times with Radu's flashed before his eyes. It was hard to concentrate on driving, but he had to reach home. He didn't even notice the new temple.

Pulling the reins hard at Frog Street, he just left his carriage behind as he ran home. Bursting through the door he shouted between sobs, "Mum! Dad! Mum where are you?"

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game
A Friend

Page 26 Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Out of Character: Sorry about that I was out of town and did not have signal. I am back though.

Resfrix will accept the job as a way to investigate the occurrence with the goblins and hope to find out who or what has caused them to raid a village.

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis


"I understand. Thank you acolyte."

Gorion decides to put off his search of the cemetery until later, but still searches the road along Tomb Street. When he reaches the North gate he will search all around and outside of the gate for any signs of the thieves.

After conducting his searches, he will catch up to Resfrix and see if he has learned anything.

Out of Character:: perception: 7, 18, 3
Survival: 21, 11, 14


"Thank you for your time, Vorvashali. I am sorry if I disturbed you. By the way, you have a wonderful shop here, and I will return in the future as a customer."

Salius leaves the Feathered Serpent and starts making his way back to the center of town. He stops at the Two Knight Brewery to ask a few questions (And sample some ale). He then makes his way down Market Street questioning a few passers by. When he reaches The Rusty Dragon, he goes inside to check in on Ameiko, as well as question the patrons there. He will also ask Ameiko about the nobleman they saved and talk to him as well.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game


Twilek runs into the house yelling for his mom and dad to find them. At the sound of Twilek's voice Lily jumps up puffy eyed and runs to embrace her son. "Oh my dear, I'm so relieved that your home right now." Lily's eye's start to well up with tears. "I don't know if you know yet but I have some very bad news sweetheart, you may want to sit down." Jard comes rushing in the room from the kitchen, spreading his arms to embrace both Twilek and Lily for comfort. As they are all locked in a comforting embrace Irlana comes in to join the group hug. "Nicu still won't come out of his room" Irlana says with tears in her eyes.

"It was horrible my dear "¦ Radu was so brave... He saved ..." Lily tries to speak but can't stop crying. Jard comes to her rescue though and finishes for her. "Radu saved your mother and your sister from the goblins, Nicu and I where not with them at the time of the attack and we where too late by the time we where able to get to them. Radu slayed one of the goblins and seriously wounded the other. He fought bravely, he's a hero." Jard stays locked in an embrace for a moment longer and remembering Nicu hiding away in his room pulls free and looks to Twilek with deep sorrow. "Nicu won't talk to any one, he won't eat and refuses to come out of his room. I'm afraid he blames himself for not being with Radu when the invasion hit. Perhaps you can talk to him son, he just won't listen to me."


Salius finds no answers to his questions. Some people theorize that the ghost of Chopper come back to lead the goblins in revenge upon the town of Sandpoint is the leader behind the invasion, but none have any good information for the hero. Salius over hears a few rumors that Farmer Grump claims the Sandpoint Devil, a horselike monster with bat wings, once flew off with one of his prized sows, and blames the invasion on the hideous creature.

Aldern Foxglove was not in the Rusty Dragon at the time of Salius's visit but is informed by Ameiko that he was looking to contact Gorion and the rest of his party of hero's. Aldern said he would return this evening and if Ameiko where to see Salius or Gorion to please let them know. Just before Salius decides to go back to the White Deer to meet up with Gorion and Resfrix one of the towns guard comes in looking for him. "The sheriff asks for you and the others to join him. I haven't been able to inform the others as I haven't been able to find them." The guard looks rather sheepish at his admittance of failure to find Gorion and Resfrix. The town guard departs now that his task is done and heads back to his post.


Gorion can find nothing in any great detail due to the high traffic of the town. He notes that any goblin tracks appear to be moving away from town as the little beasts fled at the turn of the battle. It appears that there are tracks left by the guard who pursued the horrible creatures but Gorion is unable to track them very far from the town. At a loss Gorion heads back to the White Deer and finds that Resfrix has not moved from where he was when Gorion departed. An empty plate sitting in front of him and a mug of ale Resfrix looks to be enjoying himself.


Resfrix is happy to see Gorion return. Sitting comfortably still drinking free ale, Resfrix enjoyed his very tasty lunch compared to what he has been eating at the temple, he feels it was a feast made for a king.

Out of Character:: Resfrix add 20 gold and a document stating you have authority to investigate the goblin invasion sealed by Sheriff hemlock

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 26


Salius leaves The Rusty Dragon and goes in search of Gorion and Resfrix. He will start at the White Deer as that was where they were last heading.


"Hmm. Looks like I should have just stayed here with you. Oh what the heck. Bartender, I will have that mug of ale, and whatever he's having."

Gorion sits down next to Resfrix and enjoys the mug of ale while he waits for his food. Several minutes later, the bartender sets Gorion's food in front of him and he doesn't hesitate to dig in. As Gorion was finishing his meal, Salius walked in and told them about the Sheriff's summons.

Gorion looked excited ad he jumped up from the bar, "Maybe his scouts found something! Lets go and see!"

With that the trio exit the White Deer and head to the garrison to meet with the Sheriff.

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 26

Out of Character: In light of new information, changed the time they were separated to 3 years.

Diplomacy +2 (If needed): 8 +2 =10

In Character
"I wish we could have met again in better conditions," He says to his parents, calming down. Remember your training. Suppress the emotion now, let it out later. "I'll see what I can do."

Twilek pushes the door open and approaches his brother's hunched figure. You were taught to talk with short tempered kings, you can handle this. He puts an arm around Nicu saying, "I have some good news in all this... I'm back!"

Nicu looks up and manages a slight smile for a split second, before completely breaking down again.

"Stop it!" Twilek shouts shrilly. "Stop your whinging! Is this how you want him to see you looking down from Desna's domain? Hopelessly broken down? No! You have to man up and be independent! You have to stop this nonsense and avenge him! This is not a time for sadness, it's a time for anger and action! This is about the horrid goblins and what you can do against them! And you will do it the only way you know how, leather working! You can craft masterful armor for the guards against the goblins! You can give them the barding their horses need to hunt evil down! You can make the saps and whips and and everything else the entire town needs! We need you and you need us! Only together can we avenge Radu and the other brave souls of the town, and destroy this goblin threat once and for all! Are you with me? Are you with us all?"

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