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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 27


Nicu moves through a range of emotions, his expressions move from sadness to anger then to shock ending in a look of wonder and awe as Twilek first scolds him then inspires him. Solemnly Nicu nods his head and meekly stands and hugs Twilek. "I just feel that I should have been there. We're always together....always." Wiping the tears from his face and blowing his nose in a handkerchief to ease his over used sinuses, Nicu grasps Twilek by the shoulder. "You really think we can get revenge on the goblins?" Twilek nods his head prompting Nicu to follow and they both move into the front room with the rest of their eagerly awaiting family.

Lily moves to hug Nicu, a sad sort of happiness showing on her face. "Thank you Twilek... Thank you Desna for bringing back my son in our time of need." Jard follows up Lily's sentiment repeating her thanks to Desna. "Yes thank you Desna for all of our children and take care of our Radu."

After a few moments of sadness and happiness alike talking amongst themselves Lily stands and moves toward the kitchen. "I better make us all something to eat, make busy with yourselves because it's going to take me a little while. I'm planning on making something truly special!"

Jard speaks up excitedly, "Oh my.... Twilek, you might want to go pay Sheriff Hemlock a visit. I had asked him to send a messenger to send word to you. I don't know if it's too late but you may catch him before he does. He had said he was short on men at the moment they where out looking for signs of the goblins." At that moment Twilek remembers his abandoned carriage left in the street in his haste.

Salius, Gorion, & Resfrix,

Salius is tempted to stay as his stomach rumbles in protest at his hunger. Opting instead to just take a roll and eat it on the way the party makes for the Garrison.

They find the sheriff pacing his office. At their arrival the sheriff asks them to sit down and takes a seat himself. "Well they have found the sight of the goblin camp. It has been abandoned as far as they can tell it lies to the south of Sandpoint. I have made arrangements for a guard to show you all tomorrow at first light. Have any of you found any clues or new information?"

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Gorion and Salius,

Gorion and Salius informed the Sheriff that they have not gathered any usefull information on the attack despite questioning several people.

Gorion also tells the Sheriff, "I tried to search the cemetery but the gravediggers where there preparing graves. Perhaps you or some of your men could search it when they are done."

Salius then speaks up, "We can meet in front of the garrison at first light. I would really like to see this goblin camp, and see if there are any clues left behind as to what kind of magic we are dealing with here."

After they meet with the Sheriff, the men go to the Rusty Dragon to meet with Aldern Foxglove, and to speculate on what they might find tomorrow.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Twilek runs to the carriage and jumps on, ordering his horses forward quickly. Only then does give himself permission to cry. Tears ran like streams down his face, blurring his vision. He plodded onward slowly towards the barracks and gave himself plenty of time in an alley behind the town hall to let everything out, hiding away in his cabin.

A whole hour later, he had finally calmed down, but his face revealed his grieving and his clothes wet with tears and sweat. He knew his motivation, now he had to find the man to enable him to act on it. Moving his carriage next to the barracks and securing it he greets the guard on duty and asks to see the sheriff.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game
A Friend

Page 27 Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Resfrix will head to the temple and his room to contemplate what has been going on through the day. He will get some sleep after praying to Sarenrae for guidance in following the clues they need to uncover tomorrow.

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Salius & Gorion,

Coming in to the Rusty Dragon Salius and Gorion are met with cheers as the patrons (Including Aldern Foxglove) had been sitting around drinking and telling tales of the hero's bravery and skill. Ameiko had been rehearsing a song she put together from all the stories being told, some a little embellished. The exotic beautiful woman sings their tale as she serves them both a mug of ale and serves them a plate of spicy pork roast piled high with potatoes, garlic, carrots, and onions. The smells and the sound of Ameiko's voice are a most welcome greeting.

After the revelry of the patrons has died down some and the men have eaten Aldern Foxglove sits himself with the companions and begins anew his praise of Gorion. "With your fierceness in battle you where inspiring. I would like to give you a reward for your bravery!" Aldern hands over 150 gold pieces. "For you and your companions of course. I would also like to ask you all to come with me on a boar hunt. It would be safer in light of the current circumstances to have you accompany me. I could pay you for your added protection of course." Aldern continues to glorify Gorion and his companions, (Mostly Gorion) and continues his persuasion to gain their aid in his boar hunt two days from now. They all drink and make conversation until their bodies can no longer put off rest. Ameiko gave Gorion the same proposal of a free room for two weeks and the charge of one gold piece a night after that, and asked him to invite Resfrix to the same proposal. The hero's adjourn to their rooms given to them by Ameiko. Gorion not having the energy to try to trek back to the orphanage decides to stay and check on them before they head out to investigate the camp site.

Out of Character:: I need to know your answers to Aldern's invitation to his boar hunt.


Twilek is immediately allowed to enter to see the sheriff. He finds the sheriff mumbling to himself as he glances over a map. Belor notices Twilek as he enters the room, he looks up from his pondering and a sad smile comes over his face. "Twilek, my friend... I would like to offer you my condolences."

The sheriff stands and moves to Twilek. Kneeling down before the child sized man, the sheriff embraces Twilek and pats his back in a gentle fashion. "I didn't know you where in town." Belor rises and puts his hand upon Twilek's shoulder. "I wish that your homecoming wasn't during such a time as this, but I am glad to see you." The sheriff motions a gesture with his hands towards a chair meant to offer Twilek a seat. Belor moves to be seated himself then continues. "I was going to send a guard with a message for you come morning. I must admit I was dreading what to say, I didn't want to be the one to tell you of such tragedy." With a look of concern for his little friend Belor asks, "What can I do for you Twilek?"

Twilek tells Belor, "I want to find out who is responsible for the invasion to avenge my brothers death."
Belor looks at Twilek with sympathy, "I have assigned some men who had fought the goblins during the invasion the task of investigating who is behind it." Rubbing his chin the sheriff nods to himself. "I think that you should join them. I think that you will be a great ally to them in their investigations. They are not from here and your knowledge of the town and it's people will be a great aid to the group." Belor Hemlock rises and grabs a piece of parchment from another table near by. Warming a stick of wax the sheriff puts his seal upon the document. "Here it states that you are under the employment of myself to investigate the invasion. Also here is your first weeks pay." Belor opens a drawer to his desk and retrieves a pouch with coin in it. "I have added a little extra to you pay my friend. Don't tell the others of your pay increase." The sheriff states with a wink.

"I have them assembling here tomorrow to be guided to the goblin camp site found by the scouts I sent out this morning." Belor looks as if he has just remembered something as his face scrunches up with worry. "I have some things to tell you and none of it is good. I had interrogated some of the goblins captured during the invasion and I have learned that their leader is a human that they refer to as Longshanks, and that the reason for the invasion was to cover for a secret mission where their leader went to the boneyard." The sheriff hesitates for a moment trying to think of a kinder way to break the news, finding to good way to say it, he pushes forward. "We found that they took Father Ezakien Tobyn's remains." Pausing so that the information can sink in, Belor looks nervously at Twilek then continues. "They desecrated his grave and took his remains. I still need to go under the cover of darkness to look for any clues, I don't want anyone in town to find out about this monstrous crime. Perhaps you would care to join me. You have great eye sight in the dark, it would be a great help."

Twilek agrees to help the sheriff search the graveyard for clues. They search for anything out of the ordinary and find nothing that would help them in their investigations. Both retire for the evening to rest only to return at first light to go investigate the camp site of the goblins.

Twilek returns to a cold meal of venison and ham glazed with honey and cloves, even cold it was delicious. Exhausted from his terrible day he finds dreamless sleep.

Out of Character:: Your coin purse contains 30 gold.


After his prayers Resfrix lays down pondering what to do to gain the information needed to proceed with their investigations but is taken by sleep almost immediately. He begins dreaming of goblins and fires surrounding him, with a suddenness a bright light comes to his aid and all the chaos of his dreams recede. A voice pure and comforting begins to speak to him. "Resfrix, do not be troubled. You and your companions will find the answers you seek if you have patience. The darkness will come to light and show itself for what it is. Now go my child, I am watching you." The bright light makes way for pleasant dreams of children playing with a bright sun guarding the day.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game
A Friend

Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game

Resfrix arises early and goes to the alter of Sarenrae and spends time in meditation and prayer to Sarenrae. He will pray for his speels and ask her to guide him this day in the search for clues.

Out of Character: Spells for the day:

0 level: Detect magic, Light, Stabilize
1 level: Cure light wounds, remove fear.

If any are present when he finishes his prayers and meditation he will give them a short sermon talking about the blessings that Sarenrae has given the town by seeing that he was here for them in their time of need. He will ask those who are attending that if they had seen anything out of the ordinary before the attack to let him know so that with Sarenrae's aid he can help make sure the goblins do not attack again. Once he is done there he will head over to the barracks to meet with the others.

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 27


Gorion takes the pouch with the 150gp and counts out 50gp and gives it to Salius. He then counts out another 50gp and puts it in his own coin pouch. Leaving the remaining 50gp in the pouch for Resfrix, he puts the pouch in his pack to give to him in the morning.

"A boar hunt eh. Sounds like fun, if I am available at that time then I would most definately accompany you. What say you Salius?"

Gorion enjoys the drinks and thanks Ameiko for the beautiful song and gracious hospitality. When he can stay awake no longer, he makes his way to the room that Ameiko offered and says prayers to Iomedae, asking for her protection for the town and his companions in the coming days. He then lays down and quickly falls asleep.


As Salius puts the gold into his pouch, he gives his answer for the boar hunt.

"I would gladly attend a boar hunt if our investigation allows. Speaking of which, Aldern, did you notice anything strange during the attack?"

Salius eats and drinks until he can barely keep his eyes open. He thanks Ameiko and offers to help her clean up, but seeing the exhaustion in his eyes, she ushers him to his room. When Salius reaches his room he collapses on his bed and quickly drifts off to sleep.

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 27

Twilek enjoys breakfast the next morning with his family, and eats more than his fill knowing he may be on the road for a while. "So I decided to take a job Belor was offering. I'm going off with the out of town heroes to hunt the goblins."

Nicu immediately wanted to join him, but Twilek disagreed, "You aren't old enough, Nicu. All your work in this town will help me and the others, but you have to stay here. The training with the Pathfinders was very intense, I simply have the right skills for this job Nicu, you have the skills to help out from here."

That being said, Twilek says his goodbyes and drives his carriage to the garrison again, albeit a bit late as it was well into sunrise, all his equipment already prepared inside.

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