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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 29

As the group begins their search of the abandoned camp site a lot of pieces from broken dog slicers are found scraps of sacks and the bones of animal carcasses litter the area.

Salius finds some crude drawings made upon a rock of considerable size. It looks to be drawn with charcoaled wood from a fire. Some of the drawing is undecipherable, while most looks to be pictures of goblins. After a closer inspection there appears to be a humanoid form standing taller then the surrounding goblins with a rune hanging from its neck. It looks to be a seven pointed star.

Nothing more then trash and goblin footprints can be found. Looking for human tracks, none are found but between all the goblin mess and tracks it's not surprising.

More then anything the oddest part of the overwhelming amount of tracks is that none can be seen entering the camp, the tracks overlap within the camp and look to all be heading toward Sandpoint as they exit the camp. Unable to decipher what direction they originated from beyond this point is a mystery.

Out of Character:: Knowledge history check. Twilek would already know what the seven pointed star is however and Salius might.

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Salius calls the group over to investigate the drawing on the rock.

"Hey I found something!"

As the others gather around him, Salius studies the drawing intently.

"This star looks familiar, I think I have seen it before but I'm not sure where. Do any of you know what it is?"

Salius continues to study the star trying to remember where he saw it.

Out of Character:: Salius K(History): 12+2=14

Gorion K(History): 16+1=17

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Twilek speaks up, "It's a very crude image, I'd expect nothing more from those beasts. It's accepted as the symbol of Varisia, even though we don't have a flag. If I hadn't ditched my cart for speed, I have a better looking copy on my waffle iron... Darn it, now I'm hungry. I didn't think to pack a snack in my anger."

Twilek wonders who the man represented could be.

K(History) +7 = 16 +7 = 23

Then he looks up at the trees for any small claw marks left by climbing goblins.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game
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Page 29 Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Resfrix thinks about it all for a bit then speaks up, " If there are no tracks coming in to camp but tracks leading out did they suddenly appear here or is there a hidden entrance we are over looking? Is it possible the human that brought them here used a teleport spell?" What other ways can a large group move without showing signs?"
Out of Character:: Rolls modified

Knowledge arcana: 11
Knowledge Histroty: 8
Knowledge Religion: 14

15th Nov, 2013 - 8:12pm / Post ID: #

Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis


Twilek also knows from his studies that the star depicted is also a Sihedron Rune. A seven-pointed star which symbolized the seven virtues of rule of early Thassilon. With the decline of the empire the rune became more closely associated with the seven vices and with rune magic in general. The way it is drawn would lead you to believe that it is in fact a Sihedron Medallion. It is known that these medallions are used by followers of the runelords to identify each other, as they are generally only given out to trusted individuals.

There are very few scratch marks from climbing goblins and nothing other then scratches in the surrounding trees.

Out of Character:: Please give me another knowledge history check for more information on the medallion.


Agreal shrugs at the new information. Looking confused as to how any of it relates to the invasion. "Have you gained what knowledge you came to find? We should depart so that we may get back to Sandpoint before dark." Looking around to the group of investigators for a response Agreal prepares to leave.

Out of Character:: Using trained-only skills without ranks in them results in a maximum of 10 as a roll check. So some knowledge checks aren't as high as you may think.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game


Salius continued to stare at the picture of the rune as Twilek explained the meaning of the rune.

"I think I remember seeing this symbol in a book at the Curious Goblin. I will have to go there tomorrow and see what I can find."

Out of Character:: What does Salius know about ancient magic using runes? K(Arcana): 11+8=19


As Salius and Twilek discussed the drawing, Gorion quietly listens and soaks up the information. When Agreal announces that it is almost time to head back, he gets back on his horse and waits for the others.

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 29

"An acute observation, Resfrix!" Says Twilek. "I wonder if we're early enough to detect the residual magic of such a powerful spell."

Twilek casts Detect Magic and attempts to identify any remaining Aura.

K Arcana: 13 +3

Twilek mounts Agreal's horse as he continues to think about what he's seen and explain, "The vices were greed, envy and the like, basic motives of people. But the Runelords are long gone, some magical prodigy may have been inspired by the stories. But who would want to destroy a town to prove himself?"

About the medallion:
K History: 14 +7 = 21

About runic magic:
K Arcana: 1 +3 = 4
Spellcraft: 13 +7 = 20 (If applicable to magic items)

16th Nov, 2013 - 9:46pm / Post ID: #

Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 29

Twilek gleans nothing further about the medallion. Salius knows only that certain Varisian runes tattooed on the body can give the person a magical ability or aid in a magical ability. As the party can gain no further information or clues they start their trek back to the town of Sandpoint.

They all arrive in town as the sun sets and all feel hunger pains from their lack of nourishment. Agreal bids all farewell as he departs the Goblin Squash stables. The party of investigators are left to make their way to where ever they decide they are going.

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